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PNPC Angie Vess: Mother bear

Tonya Lang

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((Emergency shelter, USS Gorkon))

::The fear was palpable.::

::Every time the ship shook from an explosion someone cried out.  Usually it was one of the children in the room, but the adult civilians were not immune from the fear.  Even the squad of security officers stationed inside the room glanced at each other nervously.  And that was before the ship had taken it’s tumble through space…::

::Angie sat on the floor at the far back of the room, clutching her sons to her under a grimy blanket.  Both boys were whimpering, despite her nest efforts to alleviate their fears.  She was sure it was because they could sense her own fears.  Even the baby growing in her stomach seemed to sense it, as it had been moving constantly ever since they’d arrived at the shelter.  Being pregnant in this universe of war only added to her fears.  Here she was, six months along and she wasn’t even sure her boys would survive, let alone the one not even born yet.::

::She looked sadly to where Kinzey Jacobs sat rocking quietly.  She hadn’t heard her speak in months.  Her husband Joe had been one of the Gorkons security staff.  He’d been one of the first to be lost, mere months before their daughter Josephine had been born.  That had brought Kinzey out of her depression as it had given her something to live for.::

::But they’d lost Josephine, two months ago, during a hull breach and the baby’s tiny little lungs hadn’t been able to recover.  Since then Kinzey hadn’t spoken more than two words, was barely eating and sleeping even less.  Even the life had left her eyes, and on the rare occasion where Kinzey looked anywhere than the floor you saw only dull, soulless green eyes.::

::An explosion, closer than any of the others, shook the room.  Everyone cringed.::

Man: That was close.

::The door burst open and three Jem’Hadar rushed in.  The squad descended upon them, but, despite the experience they’d accrued through their numerous encounters with the Dominion, they were no match for all three and one burst through the line.  He made a beeline for Angie and the small group around her.::

::Her heart continued to pound, but her hands remained steady as she threw off the blanket.  This was what she and Alucard had been preparing for.  She put the butt of his hunting rifle to her shoulder and clicked off the safety.  She calmly took aim and fired.  The fighters head disappeared and as he fell she could see the pattern of small blood drops left on the bulkhead behind him.::

Angie: ::Quietly.::  Stay away from my babies…

::She pulled the bolt back and drove it home again, ready for the next one.  But there wasn’t a next one.  The surviving security team was dragging away the other two bodies, and the room, heck even the whole ship, was oddly quiet.  The rifle barrel slowly sagged to the floor and she began to shake from the sobs.::


PNPC Angie Vess

simmed by:

Commander Alucard Vess
USS Gorkon
Deputy Facilitator – Featured Bio Team

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