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Commander Alucard Vess & Rona'toran Erik Jansen: One must stand, one must fall

Tonya Lang

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((Corridors, USS Gorkon))

::A pale light split the darkness.::

::A lone figure materialized in a dark, disheveled corridor of the Sovereign-class ship and quickly slipped into a darkened doorway.  Erik peeked around the doorframe, disruptor in his left hand and knife in his right.  He’d left his personal guard on his ship.  As far as he was concerned, the battle was done and dusted.  His ship stood between the Gorkon and escape, and the starship wouldn’t be going anywhere anytime soon.  It was now time to take care of some personal business.::

::He was still seething.  Months ago, the Gorkon’s Captain and Walter Brunsig had used Alucard Vesses resemblance to Erik to infiltrate a Dominion base and had made off with an important prisoner and a valuable Romulan ship.  He’d faced quite a bit of backlash from his superiors and had nearly been removed from command.  Only his superior intellect had saved him from the Vorta’s wrath.::

::The ship echoed with weapons fire. Not from his battleship, that had done its job.  No, this was small weapons fire.  His boarding parties were doing a systematic sweep of the vessel with orders to eliminate all Starfleet personnel.  But they had restrictions; there were four they could not touch.::

::Two he would likely find together, one would be found in Sickbay, and the last on the Bridge.  Two he would tag and take alive, the other two would die painfully.::

::He took to the ships Jefferies Tubes. Fortunately, for him, the ship was so battered that most of it was abandoned which made travel less encumbered.  And he knew his quart well.  Walter would protect Quinn, so he just needed to find her.  There was only one place she’d be during an alert.::

((Deck 16 Corridors, USS Gorkon))
::Yes, just as he’d thought.  He spotted her at the end of a corridor making some fruitless emergency repair.  Walter wasn’t with her, but he was close.  He knew it.::

::His superior hearing heard it first.  A slight noise behind him, like fabric rustling. ::

Jansen (Alt): Hello, Walter.
Brunsig (Alt): You're going to regret coming here, Erik.
Jansen (Alt): Hmm. You talk a big game, but we both know that'll never happen.
::He spun, aimed, and flung his knife.  In the same fluid moment, he shifted his disruptor to his right hand.::
((Meanwhile, Main Sickbay))
::Alucard’s deft hands fairly flew as he performed the lifesaving burr hole procedure Lynn Mayr needed to save her life.  Quite a bit of pressure had been building up inside her cranium, more than he had initially expected.  By the time the drain had been installed and the head bandage applied the front of his scrub top had become soaked with blood and cerebrospinal fluid.::

::He stood to stretch his back, then stopped. An immense feeling of dread overcame him.::

Vess: ::Softly.:: He’s here…

Red Elk: Pardon?

Vess: ::Louder.::  Computer, where is Commander Vess?

::The computer, jury rigged like a Christmas tree, was a few moments longer in responding.::

Computer: Commander Vess is in Sickbay and on Deck 16.

::He exchanged a startled look with Red Elk before heading swiftly for the door.  There was only one way he could be in two places at once.::

Vess: Dr. Skyfire, take over!

::And then he was out the door.::
((Back on Deck 16))

::The knife arced through the air, spinning end over end like a pinwheel of death, on its way toward Quinn’s heart.  And it would have reached its target too, but for the foolish actions of another engineer.  The man leapt in front of the blade, taking it in the shoulder, saving Quinn’s life.::

::He would be sure to make him pay for his foolishness later.::
Brunsig (Alt): So what's the plan, Erik? Kill us all and exchange the Gorkon for a promotion?

::Erik smiled and spread his hands out and bowed slightly.::
Jansen (Alt): Well, of course, Walter.  You were such a thorn in the Dominion’s side for so long that they’ll probably give me a fleet. Maybe even my own planet.

::The two men eyed each other like two starving lions over one dead gazelle.  Erik raised his disruptor and was about to fire when several things happened at once.  The ship lurched and barrel rolled over and over, and out of the corner of his eye he saw a section of the wall near where his head had been disappear from a phaser blast at maximum setting.  He quickly deduced, even while tumbling about the corridor, that Walter had set himself up as bait to allow Quinn to take a shot at Erik.::
::And then there was silence.  The ship was no longer rolling, and somehow had survived the experience.  Erik groaned and pushed himself up onto his elbows.  He would have to find out what happened, later, but for now he had to get back to his feet and finish what he had come here to finish.::

::He pushed himself up further, then stumbled to his feet.  He felt wetness running down his beard.  He wiped his hand across his face and saw in the dim light a slick reflection of crimson.  The pain from his nose confirmed his nose was broken.::

::Never mind that, he was first to his feet and raised his disruptor and aimed at Walter.  It was time to end this.::
Jansen (Alt): Say goodbye, Walter
Reynolds (Alt): Erik, don't! Don't do this!

::A shadow detached itself from an open Jefferies tube.::

Vess: Yes, Erik, dunna do this…

::Where the hell had he come from?::

Jansen (Alt): Well, at least you’ve saved me from having to come find you.  Three fish, one pond.

::Alucard waved them back.  This man was his responsibility.  He’d caused them so much pain and anguish, caused so many deaths.  It was time to end this, and he was going to make sure the last thing Erik Jansen saw was his own face.::

::Erik acted first, raising his disruptor and firing at the same time.  But Alucard had expected that.  He dove and grabbed a handful of debris.  This he threw in Erik’s face.  The other Augment stumbled back and clawed at his face to clear his eyes.  Alucard didn’t give him the chance though, and was on him in a flash.::

::The disruptor clattered across the deck as both men grappled at each other.  The air was filled with the sound of fists hitting flesh.  Both men briefly noticed encountering another body as they rolled across the deck but didn’t notice *who* it was; neither had attention for anything but this final fight.::

::It seemed to go on forever, until...::


::It was unmistakable, the sound of a neck snapping.  It was too dark to tell who rose from the deck, panting from the exertion.::

Vess: It’s done…


PNPC Rona'toran Erik Jansen (deceased)
Dominion Battleship B937


Commander Alucard Vess
USS Gorkon
Deputy Facilitator – Featured Bio Team

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