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1st Lt. Kro - We have your back

Sal Taybrim

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(( Corridor, U.S.S. Albion ))
::Kro marched down the corridor with purpose. Flanked by two fellow marines, a young Ensign skirted out of the way at their approach. Even according to his service record the Tandaran was the perfect picture of a hardened marine. He came from a long line of highly decorated military officers, and by proxy spent most of his childhood growing up on military bases. While his destiny seemed obvious, the road had been long and arduous.
Growing up with the sons and daughters of soldiers had been a blessing and a curse. He had always wanted to follow in his fathers footsteps, but he had other interests as well. Interests that happened to make him the target of much scorn and ridicule by his peers. Could he not appreciate the emotion of a historic Opera? Could he not be mesmerized by the beauty of an elegant Ballet? Could he not be soothed by a classical orchestra? Music, dance, performance. They were like fuel to the fire of his spirit.
As a child he had to learn the hard way that being different was a difficult, and often painful road. It was a road he endured regardless. He was a fighter, and what was a fighter without passion? He had become almost obsessed with weight lifting. Not only to deal with bullies, but to handle the anger that often welled up within him. In the end it had hardened him, and he was not long phased by the criticism of others. Perhaps because he no longer cared, or perhaps because he had developed into a behemoth of pure muscle.
As an adult he had grown into a man with no tolerance for cruelty or the torment of the innocent, and he liked to think it made him a better marine. He understood now he was simply refined. He had tastes that were far more sophisticated than the average trench grunt.
He did not enjoy violence, but preferred to solve problems with his mind. Strategy, reason, and problem solving were how battles were won. When it came down to it though, it didn't hurt that he was strong enough to punch a mans nose through the back of his skull.::
Tatash: =/\= Tatash to Kro, status report Lieutenant.
Kro: =/\= All teams report ready, Sir. Do we have an objective?
Tatash: =/\= Mission unclear at this time, have the squads prepare for boarding and counter-boarding operations. Full load-out, drill as required.
Kro: =/\= Understood Major. ::There was a small pause as he was handed a PADD by a fellow marine.:: I'll have us armed and operational within the hour.
Tatash: =/\= Good. Tatash out.
::Gently tapping his combadge off, he stopped in his tracks and turned to the other two marines.::
Kro: Maxwell, you heard the Major. Full Load out. I want every squad equipped with Type 3 MK-9 Phaser Rifles as well as all specialty specific gear and boarding equipment.
Maxwell: What about demolitions, Sir?
Kro: Everything they need, but keep them mobile. ::He looked to Navin, handing him back the PADD:: Squads to be stationed with Sigma layout. Protect vital areas but be ready to move. I want regular reports. Double time gentlemen!
::As the two marines rushed off, Kro looked to the Ensign that had skirted their warpath a moment before and graced him with a warm smile.::
Kro: Carry on Ensign. We have your back.
1st Lieutenant Kro
Starfleet Marine
Bravo Company
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