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USS Athena leads Starfleet into Gamma Quadrant for first time in over a decade

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USS ATHENA — The newly-launched Odyssey class starship USS Athena is preparing for her first mission in the Gamma Quadrant.

The crew of the USS Doyle-A wrapped up their shore leave on DS285 and were handed keys to a brand new ship, the USS Athena. Everyone spent what little time remained prepping their new home for launch as the Captain took care of some much needed command modifications. Very little information was given to the command staff and only a handful of people know the specifics. However, what is public knowledge at this point is that the mission will entail a voyage to the Rytas Sector of the Gamma Quadrant.

So far, the Athena’s crew had much to say regarding the transfer and new mission.

“If experience has taught me anything, it’s that the universe delights in throwing all the rules away at the most unexpected times,” remarked Cmdr. Tal Tel-ar.

Others were still getting acquainted with the ship and its many facilities and provisions.

“I didn’t know the pool was there,” said Lt. John Nugra.

Position Changes

Talia Kaji was offered the position of Chief Science Officer, which she accepted with grace. Now she has to make sure her department is in tip top shape by the time the mission begins. Sabrina Holly was promoted back to Executive Officer to fill the void left by her predecessors to help the Captain run such a massive ship. Danara was promoted to Chief of Security to deal with the increased number of people aboard. Last but not least, Hakashri was transferred from Engineering back to HCO.

Special Guests3>
The USS Athena is hosting some special guests for this mission. Notably, Doctor Kavlin Basai, a specialist on ancient studies, and Commander Sundassa Faranster are joining the USS Athena on her trip to the Gamma Quadrant. They have also been joined by Commander Prendar, an Intelligence Officer who was specially selected to accompany them on this mission by Starfleet Command.

Well On Their Way3>
The USS Athena has lots of travel time between leaving DS285 and arriving in the Gamma Quadrant at their chosen destination, but with the Bajoran Wormhole and quantum slipstream drive, that travel time is ample time for the command staff to gather their bearings and adapt to running such a large vessel. No one knows exactly what surprises the Gamma Quadrant holds in store for the Athena and her crew, but it’s only a matter of time before they find out.

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