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Poll of the Week: Most awesome space battles from Voyager

StarBase 118 Staff

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This week our poll from the General Trek category takes us back to our most awesome space battles series with Star Trek: Voyager. Voyager’s seven years lost in the Delta Quadrant saw the crew facing many aggressive species and even the Borg!

A few of these encounters stand out: Voyager versus Species 8472, using nano-probe infused torpedoes to devastating effect was one. Some of the most impressive fights were when Voyager joined with others forming temporary alliances often to face a greater foe like Anarax’s timeship in the alternate time line seen in “Year of Hell.” Or to reach a greater goal like in season seven’s “The Void” even if Janeway’s alliance did inspire the raiders also trapped in the Void to form their own alliance which led to a battle. Was the cat and mouse battles between the Hazari and Voyager most impressive, especially when they turn the tables on “Think Tank”? Was it when they were turned on by the Equinox the only other Starfleet vessel trapped in the Delta Quadrant found on their voyage? Or was it anytime they engaged the Borg that had you on the edge of your seat?

Was it another battle from Voyager that you found most awesome? With so many to choose from head to the forums and tell us what you found to be the Most Awesome Battle of Star Trek Voyager?

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