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LtCmdr Chythar Skyfire: The Battlefield


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((Sickbay – USS Gorkon))

::A crew, trapped by the strangeness of the galaxy and for the pleasure of a sadistic playwright named Murphy, who wrote a law about things getting worse. A Sovereign class starship, once the pride of the Menthar Corridor, now battered with holes and breaches that looks like it's ready for the junk heap. One year, spent in hell. One battlefield, where chaos reigns supreme. All hell was breaking loose here on this vessel, and things only had gotten worse since their attack on DSX.::

::CD had read what reports came through after the attack, and knew the fragile condition of the crew. He could feel it in their emotions as they looked at him, and his meditations had done nothing to help ease his mind or their pain. In his capacity as morale officer, his jokes were falling flat. Many of them had given up trying to laugh at his jokes, and some didn't remember how to laugh anymore. He didn't know what was going on outside of Sickbay, except that alarms were going off everywhere, from what speakers still worked. Consoles flickered, equipment functioned on a good day, and not very well on a bad one. Their luck just kept getting worse.::

::The cacophony of Sickbay was a mixture of people shouting for help, nurses and docs calling out for different medications. Wounded came in a few at a time; some on stretchers, some on the shoulders of their comerades, and some just on their own.  The number of wounded meant that all those days CD had spent working part time in Sickbay were a sunny day by comparioson to this -- the latest victim of the attacking battleship as two security officers rushed in carrying a third, and shouting for help.::

::Alucard was busy with another patient when these three came in, and the Irishman's sense of urgency assumed a new height as he called out the name of the victim.::

Vess: Kael!

::Alucard, Chythar, and Marcus all converged on their friend.  Kael was the first face that CD had actually seen when he came aboard the Gorkon, and had been uneasy seated in the captain's chair during that mission.  To see a fellow teal-collar in such a state was a terrible omen, and it was things like this that made him realize how much he missed his own efficient secretary, one Gabrielle Porchevska off of the Invicta. The omen, in this case, was that when one doc went down, more would follow. He'd lived through this omen before, aboard the Excalibur when a suicide bomber on Argurtha practically blew him and Dr. MacLaren into itty bitty pieces.::
Vess: Looks like plasma burns!

Security Off: A conduit blew as he was climbing out of one of the tubes!

::The officers seemed to be panicking around him. The only thing CD could do was attempt to calm them down. His jokes weren't what was needed here. A few calming words were, as it couldn't do any harm.::

Skyfire: ::to the security officer:: Just take a few breaths and try to calm down.

Drake: You’ve done the right thing and got him to us, we’ll take it from here.

Vess: Get him on a bed.

::CD helped whomever it was get Kael onto one of the functioning beds, and silently hoped that their equipment wouldn't fail mid surgery. Their patience worn, his calm sorely damaged but still holding, much to his surprise. As the former occupant of the biobed made his way off to make way for the critical burn patient, he could make out the FO slapping his badge. From what time Chythar had spent learning the relationships of those around him, he knew that Kael and Quinn were friends at the very least. He wasn't sure to what degree, but relationships tended to solidify over time.::
Vess: =/\=Sickbay to Bridge. =/\=

::CD was doing all he could to anticipate Vess's orders and grabbed what little koltane gel they had, along with a functioning tricorder. He missed most of the conversation between Alucard and Quinn, but managed to tune in just as he heard her voice giving them a direct order.::
Reynolds: =/\= Do what you can. It won't be long, either way. =/\=

::Raw emotion was audibile in her words, as was the smooth determination he knew she had. It was one thing to express such emotions in private over coffee, but it was a completely different circus to break down mid-crisis in front of one's crew. In order to ensure their survival, that could not happen. The crew needed her to stay in one piece. He felt that he needed her to stay in one piece, to keep himself sane. If they ever got out of this mess, he'd be scheduling therapy appointments for himself. He had promised himself that time and time again.::
Vess: =/\= Understood.=/\=

Skyfire: Tricorders are fried...

::Alucard turned to his fellow doctors as the channel closed.  They didn’t have much time if they stood even a fraction of a chance to save Kael’s life.::

Vess: Let’s get to work.  Dr. Drake, start him on painkillers and antibiotics.  Oh, and throw in a sedative, Ah dunna want him waking up like this.  Chythar, those burns on his chest will make breathing difficult.  Set up fer an escharotomy.

Skyfire: Aye, sir.

::He began to set up what he could. They didn't have much time to do so, as the Trill's condition was indeed bad. CD thought back to the shuttle craft victim he first treated and recalled the procedure well enough to carry out Alucard's orders to the letter. Once the Trill was on oxygen, and in between incisions, his hands started to shake once more as the horrors of his practice returned to haunt him.::

Skyfire: oO Not now, Stripey! I'm busy! Oo

Drake: Sweet dreams. :: Marcus said under his breath as he applied the sedative and the reported that to the others:: Patient's medication applied.
::There was no answer, which implied that either CD himself was dying or that there was just too much going on in his mind for the damned striped nuisance to make an appearance. A running gun battle was heard moving toward Sickbay, and a few of the security officers left the room to intervene and prevent them from reaching the medical ward. It was the best they could hope for. The pain, panic, and fear was starting to overwhelm him.::

Drake: Shock to the nervous system looks pretty severe but not unrecoverably so.

Vess: Very good.  Check his vitals.

::Skyfire took another breath and exhaled just as slowly, forcing his hands to steady themselves in order to continue his efforts to save Kael. He gave a slow nod as his answer, not willing to risk words until he'd finished. He was calm, but nervous at the same time. Once the incisions were finished, he glanced up at Alucard for their next move.::
Lieutenant Commander Chythar Skyfire
Chief Medical Officer
USS Gorkon, NCC-82293
History Team Co-Facilitator
Medical Duty Post Facilitator
Dear Doc Columnist
Podcast Script Writer

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