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Ensign Laura Baxter: Lack of authority

Tony, aka VAiru

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((Engineering, USS Za))
:: As soon as Laura entered engineering she knew something wasn't quite right, it didn't sound right. She couldn't put her finger on it at first, then she noticed the warp core it wasn't glowing or make the usual humming sound she was accustom too. ::
:: She moved quickly towards the warp core and heard people busying around. ::
Human crewman: Ready to reactive reactor injectors
Bajoran crewman: Go ahead. I'll monitor the anti-matter flow from here.
:: Laura watched as the warp core light up, it was an impressive site. ::
Andorian crewman: Reaction is increasing steady.
Bajoran Crewman: Keep an eye on it. It takes about 30 minutes for it reach operation levels. Give me a shout if there are any problems. :: Turning to the human crewman:: Run the standard warp core initialisation diagnostic sequences. I'll be back in 20 minutes.
Human crewman: Understood, sir.
:: Laura moved to intercept the Bajoran crewman as he walked away from the warp console. ::
Baxter: Ensign Laura Baxter, nice to meet you.
Vreya: Chief Petty Officer Vreya Kima, I'm a little busy at the moment
:: He continued walked and Laura quickly followed behind. ::
Baxter: If you could just give me an update on the current situation?
Vreya: What is your role?
Baxter: Acting Chief Engineer ::Proudly::
:: Vreya stopped and turned, looking her over intently. ::
Vreya: What happened to Lieutenant T... Te..., I can't remember his name ::He said shaking his head:: and Lieutenant Phillips, I think it was his assistant?
Baxter: I don't actually know ::Honestly:: I was ordered to transfer about 2 weeks ago weren't you informed.
:: Vreya shook his head ::
Vreya: Do you know when your replacement will arrive?
:: Laura shoke her head, but she couldn't hide the surprise from her face.:: oO My replacement Oo ::She hadn't though about the fact that they may be sending someone experienced to replace her. :: oO But I am only acting Oo
Vreya: How long have you been out of the academy?
Baxter: 2 months ::Embarrassed:: oO That doesn't sound great Oo But I have lead teams during my days as a civilian engineer.
Vreya: It's a bit different being in the military. If you need any help just ask. I've taken Crewman Behl over there :: pointing to Andorian :: under my wing.
Baxter: I'll bear that in mind. ::Slightly frustrated::
Vreya: Anyway need to get back to work.
:: Kima walked away. After a few seconds Laura realised that she hadn't got the answer to her question. She considered chasing after him, but now felt very uncertain of herself and didn't want to face him again. ::
:: Laura went to hide away in the engineering office, not ready to face anyone else. She pulled up the personnel record for Vreya. He was 45, with over 25 years experience serving on starships. ::
oO No wonder he didn't respect me Oo
:: Laura read further. He had a wife and two children who were onboard and he had joined the starship during it's refit on starbase 118. She closed the record, she was getting distracted and pulled up the current status. It looked like the warpcore had been shut down due to the need to make some adjustments due to diagnostic amoralities with it's interaction with the slipstream drive. ::
Solzano: =/\= This is Fleet Captain Zalea Solzano to all Za personnel. Please board the Za at your earliest convenience. We will be departing at 1000 hours, at which point all officers should report to their Alpha Shift posts. ::beat:: Solzano, out. =/\=
:: Listening to the communication, Laura decided it would be best to stay in engineering and monitor the situation with the warp core, then once they were going steady she would report to the captain. Though she would monitor from a distance, as she was still feeling a bit uneasy about her authority after her conversation with Kima. ::
Ensign Laura Baxter
USS Za Acting Chief Engineer
ID number: E239306LB0
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