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FBC Team Needs You!

Brayden Jorey

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The Featured Bio Contest team is looking to add new members from ships currently not represented on the team. All that is required is that members are the rank Lieutenant JG or higher and have an interest in character building, backgrounds, and/or reading crewmates’ bio-pages on our wiki.

So, if you are an officer of Lieutenant JG rank or higher, currently serving on Starbase 118 Ops, the Constitution, the Darwin, the Athena, or starting on the brand new Za, and are interested in getting involved with OOC fleet operations, please reply here!

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I am on the Gorkon, but if you need help I am available.  




Mike / Cory Stoyer

Chief Engineer

U.S.S. Gorkon

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Well, The Gorkon and Za are just full of helpful people! As it stands, we have Blair and Vess from the Gorkon and Traenor from the Za. @Cory Stoyer and @Trellis Vondaryan Let me talk to some people and I will get back to you via PM/email. Thanks for stepping up! 

As it currently stands, I'd need volunteers from the Athena, Veritas, 118 Ops, and the Andaris Taskforce.

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10 hours ago, alliepan said:

I'm on Ops- and would be game to help.

Liani - Done! Email coming your way soon. :-)

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I am available for this task force.






Lt. J.G. Michelle Tonston


USS Athena -- NCC 97780

Writer ID:  D239301MT0

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