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Lt.Cmdr. Alexander Williams - The end of an era


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((USS Constitution-B Williams quarters))
::Alex was still sitting at his desk checking the local news from Earth when the door buzzer sounded. Wondering who would need to see him this early he grabbed his cup of tea from the desk and made his way to the door.::
Williams: On my way!
:: As the door opened up Alex assumed it was Snezhana to report for her extra choirs but it turned out to be Rajel. Since to two of them didn’t meet in their quarters Alex assumed bad news. Someone was sick, dead or missing, it had to be… The somewhat sad look on her face left little doubt :: 
Rajel: Alex, good morning. I'm sorry to intrude into your time off, but I need to talk with you. 
Williams: Come in… I assume this inst a social visit?
:: Alex prepared himself, names were going through his head like crazy.::
oO Father, Mom, my brother or sisters, SUN!
Rajel: Thank you. ::As Rajel took another breath Alex was prepared to grab the PADD from her and see who it was but then she spoke:: Let me get to the point since this isn't getting easier. oO Oh dear here it comes.. By the Prophets of Bajor and the God of my father, please let this sad news pass me…Oo ::He knew what was coming but he still didn’t want to hear it::  I have received transfer orders for you. 
Williams: What?! oO That’s all!? Oo
::Relieved everyone was alright Alex calmed down. He was relieved to hear no one died but as he thought about what she said he realized this wasn’t any better… He was leaving the Constitution-B! ::
Rajel: Believe me, I am not fond of it either. ::Raising the PADD she handed it to him.:: You will be Chief of Tactical and Security on the USS Za. 
Williams: The Za? 
:: Alex wondered what talented mind in Starfleet came up with a name like that but before he could ask Rajel told him there wasn’t any time for questions. ::
Rajel: Fleet Captain Solzano expects you as soon as possible. So you will have to leave right away. I know it is short notice but ... 
Williams: Right… Well uhm… that’s a lot to process captain. I thought you were here with bad news about a friend or family. So somewhat relieved it’s not that.. but this isn’t much better… I was really starting to feel at home here.
:: It had taken a year to recover from his injuries after the Excalibur and in the past few months he’d finally started to feel useful again. Sinda’s offer to make him chief tactical was certainly a step in the right direction although truth be told he was eager to take on security as well::
::Alex looked at the PADD, it was his name on the transfer order and he had to admit the position and shortly described mission of the Za seemed very promising::
oO Back where I belong, at the frontier. Oo
Williams: Well…::taking a deep breath as he looked around his quarters and thought about the unpleasant job of moving all this things:: I guess I better start packing then…
Rajel: Watch out for yourself, Alex. And if you need anything I'm just a call away. 
Williams: Yeah, I guess this is good by then… really hate to move on sedge short notice but duty calls I guess.
::He walked over to Rajel, shook her hand and wondered if she would welcome a farewell hug. They had known each other for many years but besides his time with Sundassa, Alex wasn’t really the hugging kind of man. ::
Williams: Make sure you keep her in one piece captain. She’s a fine ship.
::It took Alex about an hour to get all his stuff. It wasn’t that much. Some clothes and a few uniforms easily fitted in his travel bag. The items that took some more time to pack were his weapons, his bow in particular, and the muskets and large painting from his office. He put it all in a cargo container and made sure it would be transported to the runabout that was ready to take him to Starbase 32. When he got to the hanger he thought of all the people he couldn’t say goodbye too, Rustty, the somewhat crazy speaking man in engineering and his sidekick Sindri. There was Wyn, the man that took care of him when he was still crippled and what to think of Milsap and Dial? T’Mar, his old buddy from the Apollo who joined them again as First Officer. The list was longer when he started to think of it. The new helm officer he just met, Sinda, EsAlah, Daniels and Snezhana from his own department. There was Ch’Gabor from science who he never really understood since he talked about things he didn’t know that much about and finally the people from Intelligence. They always had fun in their sealed office and until now Alex never really understood what they did all day. And last but not least there was Zogi. The man that had been with him for almost his entire career. Somehow Alex doubted he’d seen the last of that Ferengi. As Alex made his way to the Runaboat he was welcomed by Porus, a name that hadnt come up yet but was definatly someone he didnt want to leave behind.::
Porus: Sir, we are ready to leave, bridge has cleared us for departure.
::Alex set down next to his Klingon bloodbrother at the co-pilot seat of the Runabout.::
Williams: Its nice of you to fly with me Porus but you don't have to. I'm sure i can find my way to Starbase 32.
Porus: Alone? I have swore an oath to protect you, and when commander Sinda informed me of the changes I headed straight for the captain and requested a transfer. She and captain Solzano agreed. So I'm with you on this one Sir.
Williams: Are you? That is best news i heard all day my friend. Honored to have you with me. 
::knowing the Klingon would keep this professional as always he didn't even think about shaking a hand or giving a hug. He simply smiled at him. And then the console bleeped to  signal they were cleared for departure. The last moments of the Conny were here.::
Porus: Bridge reports we are cleared for disembarking sir.
Williams: Then take us out Luitenant, full speed to starbase 32 and new adventures…
With great pleasure written as:
Lt. Cmdr. Alexander Williams
Chief Tactical/Security Officer
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