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Life, love, and loss in abundance for Darwin-A crew

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OUTPOST UNITY —  The USS Darwin-A returned to Outpost Unity for shore leave and resupply, giving its crew a much needed break following a run of taxing missions.

Several of Darwin’s crew have experienced significant trauma in the past months, such that Starfleet assigned additional counselors to cope with increased demand.

Fleet Captain Renos, who despite nir considerable Starfleet achievements remains branded a criminal deviant on nir homeworld of J’naii, was kidnapped by deviant hunters hoping to collect the sizeable bounty on nir head.  After nir return to Darwin, ne suffered an identity crisis as a result of the psychotectic treatment nir captors forced on nem.

Many crewmembers attempted to aid nir recovery.  First Officer Varaan taught meditation techniques, Assistant Security Chief Logan related to nem on a personal level, and Diplomat Lyldra and Chief Engineer Brell offered their support as longtime, concerned friends.

Elsewhere, Mission Specialist Nicu Icavoc struggled to adapt to life as an amputee, having lost his right arm in a fire.  Assistant CMO Isabel Pond and Cybernetics Specialist Merrick R’Ven began the search for options to help the Dokkaran, including creating a prosthetic device.  In a fit of frustration, Icavoc attempted to beam a piece of artwork into the recycler, but Counselor Paul Scudder intervened, causing the messy painting supplies to materialize in the counseling suite just as Scudder was meeting his superior officer, Lead Counselor and Second Officer Didrik Stennes, for the first time.

On a lighter note, love is in the air as Chief Medical Officer Graeme Cook asked the love of his life, Diplomatic Trainee Lyna Namid, to be his boyfriend, while Pond and Helm Officer Randal Shayne decided to move into shared quarters together.  At a well-attended retirement party for Chief Marquette, new and longtime crewmembers got the opportunity to meet and mingle, and Tactical Officer Emery Rhyn and Mission Specialist Nataniel Wilmer seemed to hit it off right away.

While some hearts have come together on Darwin, others have broken.  Maxwell Traenor made the difficult decision to end his budding romance with Renos after Starfleet Command voiced concerns that his feelings for Renos clouded his judgment during his command of the previous mission.  Sparing him a court-martial, Traenor was reassigned to another ship with zero notice, forcing Renos to scramble to replace him while still at the depths of his own personal crisis.

At a promotions and awards ceremony, the sombre mood lightened considerably as several officers began new chapters in their careers.  Among those honored, Varaan was promoted to Commander and First Officer, Pond to Lieutenant and Assistant Chief Medical Officer, Brell to Lt. Commander and Chief Engineer, and Science Officer John Valdivia to Lt. Commander.  Darwin’s crew enjoyed a lavish meal and a night of dancing, but the soiree was cut short by the call of duty.  Doorways into the Dyson Sphere have opened, and Darwin must send six teams into the unknown to discover what secrets lie within.


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