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How to fix your signature if the image is now broken

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Hey everyone, 

We're rolling out SSL – secure connection – across the site. You'll notice the little green lock icon in your URL bar when you're on our main site and forums. (If you don't, try logging out, clearing your cache, exiting your browser completely, and then logging back into the forums – you should now see the green lock icon.) 

One of the unfortunate side-effects is that images hosted elsewhere will now be broken. Sorry about that :(  But this new feature is good for our search engine rankings (Google gives a very small bonus to sites that use SSL) and is just better for your account security. So yay!

You can fix this issue by either uploading images directly to the forums or by fixing the link to the wiki, if you're hosting on the wiki. 

To fix your signature, go here: https://forums.starbase118.net/index.php?/settings/signature/

Delete the broken image. Now open the wiki and find your signature banner file. Click on it to get the full URL -- it should look like this: 


Make sure the URL has "https" and not "http". Paste this URL with https into your signature. It should pop correctly. 

Comment below if you have a question!

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