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Director Samantha Chang,"The Wrath Of Chang"

Hannibal Parker

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(( Bridge - USS (redacted), 2.9 hours from Duronis ))
:: Chang sat in the center seat, her face normally placid and calm, but now twisted with rage. Her ship, racing in at Warp Nine, she hoped to get there in time before the Ashoka was torn to bits::
:: She had made her case to both Starfleet Command and Starfleet Intelligence that the mission was too dangerous for one ship, even a Defiant Class, to handle alone. Chang had even worked out where they would rendezvous to give the Ashoka maximum protection. To no avail. She was told in no uncertain terms not to interfere in any way. More than once she had disobeyed orders, but this time, ignoring her gut and what her analysts were telling her, she stayed on station out near The Zone, looking through the debris and asteroid field for more clues.::
:: A beep from the Tactical station caught her attention. Her Tactical Officer, a young Trill woman, spoke::
Tactical Officer: I have five Orion ships on sensors. Two have engaged the Ashoka. Three are of a class we have not seen before, the two engaging are Orion raiders.
:: That was not good for the Ashoka. The two raiders closest to her the Ashoka could handle by herself, but it was the three bearing down on her which Chang knew would be the most trouble. Chang knew about the Devastator Class from her sifting through the information from Deka's computer the Shadow Team from the Embassy had captured. Heavily armored, two million tons each, equipped with phasers and photon torpedoes and each ship had the capacity to launch fifty fighters. Extremely formidable, the most powerful warships ever built by the Orions...but Chang knew they had help. Federation help. Chang relayed all that to Starfleet, and to SFI, but it was felt they would not engage a Defiant Class ship so close to Duronis. How wrong they were, and a good starship commander was about to pay the price for brass stupidity::
:: Chang could only watch as the Ashoka was attacked by the first two ships, which she rapidly destroyed, and she was now being besieged by the three new Orion ships::
Tactical Officer: Director...I have four ships on my sensors...three Orion...one Defiant Class.
::That meant they had not destroyed her yet...and the Orions did not have what they were looking for either::
Chang: How long till we arrive?
Helm: Twelve minutes, forty one seconds...
Chang: Battle stations, arm all weapons...
:: Chang had a ringside seat to the battle taking place..it was one of the benefits of having the longest range sensors in the fleet, and it enraged her further to see the Ashoka being systematically carved up. Her Tactical Officer gave her the grim news she could see on screen::
Tactical Officer: The Ashoka's shields are down. The Orions are boarding her Ma'am...
:: Before she had even asked, her Helm Officer chimed in::
Helm Officer: Forty five seconds, Director...
Chang: Are the Orions' shields still up?
Tactical Officer: Yes...
Chang: Slow to full impulse. Be ready to open fire at all ships once we close to fifty thousand kilometers...
Helm/Tactical Officers: Aye...
:: The three Orion ships were bracketing the Ashoka, one off her port bow, one off her starboard bow, one dead ahead::
Chang: Damage to the Orion ships?
Tactical Officer: The one nearest us is most damaged, Director..
Chang: We focus on her first...
Tactical Officer: All weapons ready and locked on target...
Chang: Distance?
Tactical Officer: Eighty thousand......seventy....sixty...fifty...
:: Those were her magic words::
:: Chang had never unleashed her entire battery of quantum torpedoes, phaser burst cannons and heavy phasers all at once before, the drain of power so great the lights dimmed to near darkness with the output of power. The results were spactacular. All three ships were hit as Changs' helmsman ducked underneath them and the Ashoka before coming around for another pass. Surprisingly, the Orion ships had not yet moved. Seizing the situation, Chang spoke::
Chang: FIRE AT WILL!!!!
:: Nothing in the fleet could out turn a Miranda Class at full impulse, and a very angry starship spit another volley of quantum torpedoes and withering phaser fire before turning again, the panicked Orion ships firing blindly into the void, seeking a target. One was visibly leaking plasma, another was bleeding oxygen...one other was afire, the flickering flame seen through her portholes::
Chang: Damage report on those ships!
Tactical Officer: The closest one has heavy damage to her engine spaces, weapons offline, shields holding at sixty percent. The second one has shields at sixty two percent, heavy damage amidships and to life support...
Chang: And the third?
Tactical Officer: Damage to her impulse engines, aft and midship phaser arrays and torpedo launchers..
:: On the screen, they could see the three Orion starships turning away from the Ashoka::
Tactical Officer: They're running, Director....
Chang: The Ashoka?
Tactical Officer: Damaged but stable. They are holding the boarding parties in check....also, I'm picking up the USS Thunder, Director...
:: That was good. The Thunder could take station near the Ashoka and help them eradicate the Orion boarding team. It made her next decision easy::
Chang: Helm...lay in a pursuit course. We'll pick off the most crippled one and make them run all the way back to Orion...
Helm: Gladly, Director...course laid in...
Chang: Good...go get 'em.....
::As Chang watched her ship jump into warp to chase the Orions, she hoped that Zhao had been able to see the almost invisible Miranda Class on her viewscreens..she knew she would not see her on sensors, but hopefully, Zhao knew she was not alone and rescue was indeed on its way::
:: The stars streaked by the viewscreen, Chang in hot pursuit. The three Orion ships were three bright dots in the center of her viewscreen. Inside, her rage burned as hot as the plasma which continued to leak from one of the Orion ships. She did not know how far she would chase them..perhaps, long enough for them to think they were out of danger, and Chang would be right there to put them down like the dogs they were::
Tactical Officer: Director...one of the vessels is slowing down...the one with the plasma leak. We're gaining on them..
:: Finally, some good news::
Chang: Stay on them, Mister Carroll....
:: The helmsman nodded::
Carroll: I'm on him, Director....
::Suddenly, a flash of light dead ahead of them caught Changs' attention::
Tactical Officer: Director! They're dropped out of warp!
::Indeed they had. The stop was so quick it was all Carroll could do to keep from overrunning their target. Chang hung onto her chair as the (redacted) came to a stop directly astern of the beleagured Orion ship::
Tactical Officer: She's firing torpedoes!!!
:: Before Chang could order the helmsman to evade, he was already doing so, bringing the ship hard over and escaping all but one of the torpedoes, the hit shaking the ship::
Chang: Damage report!
Tactical Officer: Direct hit on port nacelle. Slight damage.
::They could see the ship firing again, blindly. One shot came close, rocking the ship::
Chang: Fire phasers!
::The pulse phasers ripped open a hole in the Orion ship amidships, obliterating the starboard weapons array, the hole erupting in a gusher of flame and armor as the Orion ship heeled to port under the hit. Chang swung her ship around, now lined up to pour another salvo into her::
Tactical Officer: She's dead in the water,Director. Engines offline. Shields down. She still has thrusters..and she is turning towards us...
::Chang knew the Orions could not see them, but they were going to try to fire one last salvo before they were done..or self destruct where they thought they were::
Chang: Mister Carroll...match her turn..Tactical..stand by with quantum torpedoes....
Carroll: Aye, Director.....
Tactical Officer: Torpedoes locked on target...
::The Orion ship was burning almost bow to stern, but she was not done fighting yet. Chang knew it was a delay tactic, knowing that it allowed who ever commanded the fleet to escape. Looking into the viewscreen, Chang spoke::
Chang: Fire.....
:: Twin torpedoes lanced out from the (redacted), one impacting just aft of the bridge, the other into her engine room. The ship mushroomed into a yellow white ball of flame and plasma...the Orion ship was gone, converted into superheated gases and shredded metal::
Chang: The other two ships?
Tactical Officer: Still running at Warp Eight, Director.....
Chang: Allright...set course back to the Ashoka,maximum warp..
Carroll: Aye, Director....
:: Chang settled back into her command chair, watching the warp distorted star field flow around her ship. She hoped she had done enough to save the Ashoka, and the Vulcan official who was on board her. Her fury still burned at the Orions, and the situation Starfleet Intelligence had put her in. There would be a reckoning one day with those who had put her in this position, and if she lived through what was coming, it would be sweet justice to deal with them in her own, personal way::
Samantha Chang
Director- Starfleet Intelligence
USS (redacted)
As simmed by:
Major Hannibal Tiberious Parker
Marine CO
Acting Chief Of Security
USS Thunder-A/ Duronis II Embassy
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