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Cmdr. T'Mar- On thoughts of relationships


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((First Officer's Quarters, USS Constitution-B))
T'Mar: Commander...
::T'Mar was alone. The bowling event had ended and she was preparing herself to meditate and get some rest. The reality of the situation had sunk in as she looked at the pip on her desk. She had made it to Commander. FULL Commander! There was a part of her that told her excitement was illogical. Earning a new rank was inevitable if she was performing at top efficiency and consistently so. But another part-- one that was much larger than T'Mar would ever admit to -- was overwhelmingly excited. And she yearned to tell someone!::
::But who was there to tell? Liam was off who knows where. She hadn't spoken to him since they all left the Gemini. Jaxx? She had only really opened up to him once and she had never really formed a relationship with him. Besides, the life of being an Admiral was a busy one and it had taken him far away. Jalana already knew, and presumably Sun had heard as well. And then there was her former lover.. Bolani. ::
::The Vulcan/Betazoid's woman ached when she thought about Zage. The man she had chosen to love instead of the man she had been bonded to. Their relationship just couldn't withstand the distance that occurred when she transferred off the Apollo. She had heard from him every now and again, but nothing in so long that she had decided to end what was already over.::
::She lit a candle and closed her eyes, absorbing what her emotions were telling her. Today had been a first great step for her. She was starting to open up and possibly make more friends. Something she had always struggled with, but no longer. But now, she wondered.. was it time to be open to the idea of another relationship? There was nobody in particular and she was not yet due for Pon Farr, but there was something distinct about being open to it. She had trusted Zage with so much of her. Opened up to him with her deepest feelings and connected with him like nobody else. And he so easily threw that away. Was she really ready for that?::
::Not yet.. but maybe one day...::


Commander T'Mar

First Officer

USS Constitution-B

Community History Team Co-Facilitator/Training Officer



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