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Captain Tyr Waltas - Showdown

Oddas Aria

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((Parker Residence, Duronis II Embassy))
::Tyr's battle cry could be heard all over the grounds as he rushed full speed at the Zalkonians and Orions, who were rushing full speed at him. When they were nearly in melee range he skidded to a halt, leveling his phaser rifle and shooting one soldier dead on the spot. As the lines closed there was no more room for rifles, so he swung it with blunt force trauma in mind, catching a soldier in the side of the head and breaking the rifle along with the man's jaw. The rifle went to the ground and he simultaneously drew his hand phaser with his left hand and katana with his right. Rushing headlong into the ground he became a whirling dance of death, phaser blasts searing off the arm of one of the Zalkonians while the katana slashed open the neck of another. Realizing the threat the long-haired Ba'ku represented, the soldiers chose to attack his Marine cohorts, leaving the Captain to deal with Terek.::
::The two eyed each other as the battle raged around them and closed on each other. Sheathing his phaser he saw the broadsword Terek wielded. His experienced eyes surveyed the weapon, modeled after the English broadsword from Earth.::
o O Means it's weak at the hilt near the quillions. O o
::Sweeping his katana over his head, Tyr circled Terek, his eyes never leaving Terek. The man was a monster, presiding over a death camp that would make the Nazis of earth ill if they could have seen it. He had to die, here and now. Watching closely, he noticed Terek was watching Tyr's deadly blade, instead of looking at him directly. Smiling slightly, he had his plan. Stepping forward, he raised the sword menacingly and rushed forward. As expected, Terek moved to block the blade, and Tyr swept it out of range and kicked out hard at Terek's knee. A satisfying crunch signaled his boot had found its target, and Terek cried out in rage and pain. Looking to end the fight quickly, he brought the blade up for a decapitating blow, only to be tackled from behind by a Zalkonian who saw his leader fall. Quickly rolling with the momentum he grabbed the Zalkonian by the neck and somersaulted, ending up with the Zalkonian hanging precariously by his chin on Tyr's back. Tyr twisted hard and snapped the man's neck, then dropped the body to the ground. Returning to his feet, he spun just in time to find Terek charging him, sword held high.::
:: Terek was happy to turn the battle into a melee...he had more men to thrust into the battle, and the Orions who were joining in were stronger than the Ba’ku’s overall who they were fighting. As the battle moved towards the Marines and his people, a vertiable scrum slashing weapons and firing guns moved aside, leaving a few stragglers...then it was Terek and Long Hair, both a part of and separate from the battle taking place mere footsteps away::
::Terek watched as the man called Waltas swung his katana over his head, the man circling him. Watching the Starfleet officers' blade, Terek held his quiet and steady, daring not to betray his move when he made it. Too late,he realized his mistake as the man moved forward , Terek tried to block the blade, but the cursed Ba’ku was quicker, and to make things worse, the Ba’ku caught his knee..the crunch and instant pain told him not only was his kneecap dislocated, but the ligaments holding it in place were badly damaged. Ignoring the pain, Terek stood up to face his attacker::
:: Fortunately, one of his men had seen him fall, and had now engaged the Starfleet officer, saving him from a fatal strike, the closeness of which gave him the boost of adrenaline he needed to stand up and charge the Ba’ku just as he had killed the Zalkonian soldier who had given him precious seconds to reorganize and engage Long Hair::
::Tyr eyed his opponent as the burning from the wound in his chest subsided. Terek’s men and the Orions were merciless killers, and the unlucky few that were wounded were killed in the most gory and horrid method possible. His men were falling. So were the Orions and the Zalkonians, but they had more to spare then he did. And, little by little, they were drawing close to the underground structure. Tye and Daisha were down there. Garth was down there. The Doctor and the wounded were down there.::
::The hopelessness of the situation along with the pain of the wound ignited a fury within the Ba’ku. With a feral snarl, Tyr charged, aiming to cut Terek in half at the waist. He brought his broadsword down to block the stroke and did so, but as his katana slid along the broadsword’s blade, he decked Terek with his free hand, sending him stumbling backward. He brought his boot down on the tip of the broadsword and stepped forward, slamming his other foot down on the blade just above the hilt. This dug the blade deeply into the ground. Tyr brought his back foot forward, using the blade as a launching point and unleashed a vicious kick to the recovering Terek, sending him sprawling to the ground. Tyr picked up the broadsword with his left hand, wielding the katana in his right.::
WALTAS: You won’t reach them.
:: Terek laughed at the long haired man::
TEREK: You are a fool! I have more ships, more men! 
WALTAS: If I have to go through you and every one of your lackeys, you still won’t reach them.
TEREK: I will kill you with your own sword, Starfleet...before I take your head....
WALTAS::Looking at the broadsword, he smiled wickedly:: Then come and take it.
::Terek unexpectedly drew a hidden weapon and Tyr rolled to avoid the blast, bringing him in range, and with a sharp upward stroke from the katana he sliced off Terek’s artificial hand, sending it still clutching the phaser dropping to the ground with a thud.::
:: Terek felt no pain as Long Hair cleanly took off his metal appendange,...a terrible rage boiled within him...he had once again fallen victim to this Starfleet "hun' doc' fir":...Zalkonian for animal excrement::
TEREK: I have played with you long enough! I...
:: Before Terek could finish his tirade, he caught the sight of a shock of yellow, then a collision as a female Marine slammed him to the ground. Rolling over, he caught the young woman under the chin, driving her head back. Using his good hand, he slammed her to the ground, even after she had kneed him in the crotch, the pain making him see spots before his eyes. Pinning her with his arm, he took his good hand and ripped out her trachea, then as she lay gurgling on the ground, Terek snapped her neck. The young Marine was dead, the joy of the brutality clearly written on Terek's face:: 
::Before either could attack again, a Marine assailed Terek, and Tyr watched in horror as an enraged Terek butchered the young woman with his bare hands::
TEREK:: Equaling his opponents' roar:: NOT BY YOUR HAND, STARFLEET!!!!!
::The two approached each other slowly, menacingly. The dual-wielding Ba’ku was seething, murder on his mind. Terek's knee was screaming in protest as the two men waited for an opening. Terek spoke::
Terek: You are going to die, Long Hair. The augment will die. Your woman...his woman...will be given to my men. Your childrens' blood will be dripping from the blades of my men. Too bad you will not be here to see what fun we are going to have...
::No, it was not Terek's mission. Soon, his men would be breaching the doors and infiltrate the underground shelters, take the women, then slaughter everyone at the Embassy, save for a precious few. His open comms were telling him that although his losses were great, they were beating back the Starfleet forces. Victory would be his. But first, we pulled a daggar from his boot, and before the Starfleet officer could react, he threw it, catching Long Hair in the thigh::
WALTAS::The pain feeding his anger:: You’re just full of surprises.
:: With a menacing smile, Terek spoke::
TEREK: And more to come......
WALTAS::Ripping the dagger from his thigh and throwing it aside:: You’ll have to drain every last drop from me before you get past me.
:: Terek knew the daggar had gone bone deep into his adversary, and by removing it would only make it bleed worse...fool::
TEREK::seething:: To be it, Long Hair........
::Done talking, Tyr charged, spinning in a whirling dance of both blades that sent everyone stepping backward. He knew that Terek was looking for an opening, and he purposefully gave him one. Grimacing in pain, he stumbled, deliberately, and drove the broadsword into the ground and knelt with his back to the Zalkonian. Terek took the bait, drawing closer, and when Tyr could feel the heat of the man’s body from the proximity, he struck. Striking backward with his elbow he caught Terek in the gut, knocking the wind out of him. Standing and ignoring the screaming pain in his thigh, he grabbed Terek’s broadsword and ripped it from the ground, driving it under his arm and backward, and felt the sword slide into Terek’s chest. He stood and turned, driving it deep, up to the hilt, so the blade was protruding from his back. Rising with the katana still in his right, he leaned close.::
::Terek, in his quest for revenge, saw the opening and took it, but a nanosecond later he recognized his mistake as he felt the crunch of cartilage and bone as his own sword slipped into him. The blade was sharp, and Terek gasped, and blood formed on his lips. He was impaled on his own blade, looking into the eyes of his enemy, still defiant although he knew the end was coming..yet he chose to embrace his death, and not give Starfleet the satisfaction of of seeing the fear now wracking his body::
WALTAS: You’d better hope they can replace this like they did your hand, you son of a ----.
::With all of his strength he swung, the katana arcing toward Terek’s neck. He decapitated the Zalkonian, sending the body sprawling to the ground and the head rolling off to the side, his own sword still embedded in his chest. Dropping to his knees in pain, Tyr turned to survey the battle. Most of the Marines with himself and Martinez had fallen, and Martinez didn’t look so good herself. And there were at least 6 Zalkonians left, with more on the way in the distance. Tyr’s breaths came in ragged gasps as he forced himself to his feet and turned wearily to face the onslaught. He prepared for death.
WALTAS::Touching his communicator:: =/\= Waltas to…to…anyone..need help..now..being overrun. =/\=
::He could spare no more breath. Martinez leveled her rifle and he did too. They were coming.::
Captain Tyr Waltas
Acting CO
Duronis II Embassy
MSPNPC Captain Toral Terek (deceased)
ZSC Supreme Vigilance II
As simmed by: 
Major Hannibal Tiberious Parker
Marine CO
Acting Chief Of Security
USS Thunder-A/ Duronis II Embassy
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