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Lt. Mirra Ezo & Lady Shadonna - Missing pieces

Sal Taybrim

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(( Theo Whittaker's Apartment - New York District, Starbase 118 Commercial Sector ))
(( Time Index: 'The Event' +5 Hours ))

::Having hobbled her way from the hallway to the little island in the kitchen, Mirra had laid her head against to cool marble in a failed attempt to quite the pounding. oO So cold...cold is good...Oo bits and pieces of the night prior tried to float to the surface of her memory, only to be banished back again by the pounding.::

Whittaker: What on earth happened last night? 

Tatash: I.. I don't know. ::he paused, letting out a belch followed by a broad wince on his snout. That was dangerously close to the mark::

Ezo: ::glancing up, her head still firmly against the cool marble:: I have no idea...anyone know why I'm dressed like this...?

Whittaker: The last thing I remember was.... :: he looked at Tatash :: the blue stuff. What in the name of all that is holy was that?

Tatash: Romulan Ale, the very, very illegal kind. I think I'd take a court martial over this hangover.

::She was never drinking again. Blue stuff, green stuff, any stuff. This was horrific.::

Ezo: ::groaning loudly:: It should be illegal to be in this much pain....

Whittaker: :: giving a voice to the other thought, as he pointed towards the ceiling :: And what is Lady Shadonna doing in my bed?

::Still slightly inebriated it seemed, Mirra couldn't help the bemused snicker that escaped her::

Ezo: I don't know Theo...shouldn't you be telling US why a diva is in your bed...?

Whittaker: Oh don't be so ridiculous. :: beat :: We were sleeping fully clothed. :: And it then it hit him, the reason why he was drinking. Baylen was gone. :: Besides... Baylen...

::Mirra let out a pained moan, that's right. Baylen. This was entirely his fault. If she ever laid eyes on him again she was going to flick him seriously hard in the nose.::

Whittaker: So... what did happen last night?

Tatash: I remember... something about needing a new outfit, so.... ::he paused, eyes widening, looking at the assorted carrier bags dotted around the floor mingling with the discarded takeaway cartons as they moved into the other room. All of them bore the names of the designers shops near his apartment. There was a good chance all of them were a lot poorer this morning:: We got changed at.. my place? I think? Then went out... You might want to check your bank accounts.

::Sitting up gingerly, she clutched the bar as the room spun momentarily. Once the extra rotations stopped, she glanced over at Tatash, who appeared to be wearing the remains of a new outfit oO Wait...did he always only have one shoe..? Oo

Ezo: ::grumbles:: Explains why I'm dressed like a Dabo showgirl...I guess...

::Watching Theo hobble with his cane, she got a flash of memory of her having it at some point in the night. oO Oh no...did I steal his cane?? Oo She managed to slip off the bar-stool and not fall to the floor as she slunk after Theo, who carried the precious coffee.::

Whittaker: Somebody was dancing to Klingon Electro Music.....

Tatash: Mirra... oh no, sweetheart it was us...::He paused, cringing so hard internally he could have exploded into a mess of embarrassment and self loathing:: Wait, I think we -met- Shadonna at the club.

::She was mid-pouring cream into her coffee when she froze. The memory came slamming back with near enough force to knock her back into the cushions of the couch. She, atop Tatash's shoulders, having somehow procured Theo's cane and thrusting it out wildly while shouting "Onward!! Into battle noble steed!!!"::

Ezo: ::squeaking:: Oh...dear Gods...what have we done...? H-how did we get home...?

Tatash: I have no idea, I think that was the last part of our collective sanity. Everything after that is just a blur, a noisy blur. Evidently we really, really wanted a Klingon kebab.

::So mortified by the recollection, she hadn't noticed the cream having overflowed from her cup and into her lap. Glancing down she quickly set down the creamer and her now sloshing coffee cup, standing in a flash. The wave of nausea nearly bringing her down to her knees.::

Whittaker: Response?

Ezo: ::covering her face with her hands:: Did...I try and knight you both...? ::peaking between her fingers, she tried to inspect both of them for busing around their neck or shoulders as she was certain her aim with the "walking saber" would be less than ideal. Thankfully, she found none.::

Tatash: No one has a meeting with Sal today I hope?

Whittaker: Response?

::If she did, it was a meeting to resign her commission, change her name, move back to Betazed and become and Uttaberry farmer. She could never show her face on this station ever again, as memories of last night's encounter began to slowly trickle in.::

Tatash: Can't you just magic this away Mirra?
Ezo: ::glaring, and snapping in irritation:: I'm a doctor, not a magician!

Whittaker/Tatash: Response?
::While Mirra curled up on the mammoth couch, clutching her head in an attempt to banishing the angry buzzing of the seriously [...]ed off space bees trapped in her skull, she became aware of the lyrical humming coming from the direction of Theo's bedroom. It appeared, the 4th member of their little pity-party turned chaos-crew was about to join them. Peeking through her fingers, she grimaced in unabashed jealously as Lady Shadonna came flouncing down the hall, humming cheerily. She looked perfectly polished and well rested, even if wearing a pair of men's pajamas. Stepping into the room with a wide grin, she clapped her multi-digited hands merrily.::
Shadonna: Good Morning Sunshines!! ::pausing, she got a playful smirk on her face while making a deep bow:: My sincerest apologies to you, your royal highness's, How dare I address the royal family of Sass-katchewan in such an informal manner...
Whittaker/Tatash: Response? 
::Staring in blank confusion, Mirra had sat up, leaning back heavily on the couch for support and stared.::
Ezo: The...uh...what now?
Shadonna: ::batting her lashes innocently:: Oh? Don't you recall? You informed myself, and everyone else that you, my dear were the ruling queen of Sass-Katchewan, Capital city of planet Sass in Quadrant of Shade and dear Theo was your crowned King...::bowing deeply towards Tatash:: And we cannot forget, your noble brother in arms, King of the warriors, Tatash the mighty. ::giggles softly::
Ezo: ::blinking slowly:: We...did...that?
Whittaker/Tatash: Response?
Shadonna: ::nodding emphatically:: Oh yes my loves, Mirra dear, you attempted to "knight" half the patrons of the club before King Theo managed to regain control of his "Walking Scepter"
Whittaker/Tatash: Response?
::Shadonna laughed merrily. Having found herself a security detail, she had made her way towards the hopping nightclubs that the base had to offer, only to run into none other than the debonair Theo, being escorted by the flame haired doctor and her rather dashing Gorn soldier. They had all been several sheets to every proverbial wind imaginable, and having rediscovered her newfound sense of empathy towards others, decided keeping the trio out of harms way was far more important, (and entertaining), than any club scene. Thankfully, she had managed to talk both Mirra and Tatash OUT of heading to the Qo'noS district to sign up for tag-team cage fighting at the bar called "The Bat'leth". It had been a most diverting evening. 
Realizing the time, she had another engagement she was about to be late for. With a heavy sigh, she began to make her farewells, Stepping over to Tatash, holding on the his reclining chair as if his life depended upon it, ran a finger down the side of his face with a sassy wink::
Shadonna: My wild man...if you should ever find yourself...bored with this whole...Starfleet life, do give me a call. I would absolutely love to have you as an addition to my security team.
Tatash: Response?
::Making her way towards the crumpled form of the flame haired doctor, she bent and spoke low::
Shadonna: Mirra my love, your dancing, while not atop my dear wild man, was certainly divine. I'll be keeping you in mind for my holo-video for the next single.
::Looking up with horrified wonder, what the Diva said barely registered as Mirra was already planning her resignation and what new name she'd pick when she fled the station for home oO Sally. Sally is a good name, doesn't sound a thing like Mirra...Oo
Shadonna: ::picking up Duchess and turning towards Theo:: Theo, my dearest love, escort me to the door, won't you?
Whittaker: Response?
::Sashaying her way out of the spacious living room towards the door, she turned and faced the disheveled looking officer. She fixed him with a kind smile and began adjusting the collar of his rumpled shirt.::
Shadonna: ::whispering conspiratorially:: Don't worry, not a thing happened last night other than sleep, ::giving a saucy smirk:: not that I would have complained if it had...
Whittaker: Response?
Shadonna: ::laughing, she placed a hand on his cheek tenderly:: Thank you, Commander Theo Whittaker. For saving my life...and in doing so...helping me find myself again...who I was...before the diva. I missed her. And I look forward to reacquainting myself. ::she leaned forward and gave him a sweet kiss on the forehead.:: You are a great man, and a fine officer. I expect to hear great things from you. ::sighing reluctantly:: Now, if you'll excuse me, I have an appointment at an exclusive spa I simply cannot miss.
Whittaker: Response?
::Catching his somewhat dubious look at her remark, she laughed merrily and slapped him playfully on the shoulder:: 
Shadonna: Oh no my darling, it's not for me, ::holding up Duchess:: It's for her! Turns out she's the real diva...
::With a wink and a blown kiss, she flounces gracefully out of the Sky Palace. Having missed their little exchange at the door, it appeared Mirra had lost interest in waiting, and had somehow crawled over the couch and into Tatash's lap, curling up like a small child, and promptly passed out.::
Lady Shadonna
Lieutenant Mirra Ezo, MD
Chief Medical Officer 
Starbase 118 Ops
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