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Welcome to the 2024 Awards Ceremony!


Welcome to the 2024 Awards Ceremony!

  • July 1st, Monday: PRESENTATION: Introduction, General Awards
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  • July 3rd, Wednesday: PRESENTATION: Staff Awards
  • July 4th, Thursday: PRESENTATION: Duty Post Awards
  • July 5th, Friday: Finale/Acknowledgments
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Ensign Na'Lae Mandak - First Contact


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(( Shuttle Tyderion, Perimeter of Starbase 11))
:: Na'Lae folded her arms across her chest and sat back in her seat. The journey from Earth seemed to take forever. She was anxious... excited... and slightly scared. This was no freighter she'd been assigned to. A Galaxy class starship was for her a huge undertaking. It wasn't so much the technical aspects of flying such a large vessel. It was the responsibility that came with it. Once the flagship of the federation, the galaxy class's crew compliment was enormous. She wasn't used to carting that much luggage around at a time. And coupled with the fact that she would need to learn the faces, the procedures, and the customs of her new crew, she was a tiny bit out of her league thus far. ::
:: She pulled out her PADD from her sea bag, and pulled up a few pictures of Johan. Mostly of him commanding his freighter; they always seemed to bring confidence to her mind, watching her father do what he was born for. It made her spirit lift back to it's usual position. She smiled, putting the PADD back into the bag. She pulled her hair back into a messy tail, and stood up. ::
Pilot: We'll be arriving shortly ma'am.
Mandak: Perfect... It's been a while since we left... Is that...
:: She smiled as she leaned forward through the [...]pit area. She found herself instinctively sitting down in the second seat next to the pilot, watching in awe as the Starbase came into view. It wasn't the base that caught her attention though... It was the Constitution, and her massive glory. All 42 decks were calling her name. She felt a rush of energy all at once, knowing that she needed to be on that ship; that her life was about to begin. ::
Mandak: We going to the Constitution I hope?
Pilot: Well I'd orders to set down on the Starbase ma'am...
:: She pulled up the comm stack before letting him talk further. ::
Mandak: USS Constitution, this is Shuttle Tyderion, requesting to land... :: she mouthed the words sorry to the shuttle pilot...::
Conny: Tyderion, cleared to bay Two High. Slow approach pattern advised.
Mandak: May I? :: looking to the pilot, who was still figuring what to do...::
Pilot: I mean, you basically already are so... :: He sort of put his hands up in desperation, signaling his transfer of control to her. ::
:: She Rubbed her hands together, and got her bearings about the control panel. oO You could just be appropriate, just this once... NAH...Oo. Lae wasn't a hotshot by any means, but there was the random occasion where she'd run outside the lines a bit. This was one of those occasions. She took control, and moved the speed indicator up a bit. ::
Pilot: I'm pretty sure they advised low speed approach ma'am...
Mandak: They did? Hmm...
:: They were making their way pretty quickly to the suggested bay, and noted that the door was opening. She moved the speed up even higher, moving quicker and quicker towards the bay. her eyes widened a bit as she waited for the right moment. The proximity alarm began to go off, sending the pilot into a panic. ::
Pilot: Ma'am, give ME CONTROL! NOW!
Mandak: Live a little will you?
:: She punched in a 180 maneuver, turning the shuttle about face as they continued to move backwards at a ridiculous speed for landing. The rear of the shuttle breached the force field, and she threw on the rear maneuvering thrusters, just long enough to stop the shuttle, having her land ever so gingerly on the deck. She looked at the console with a satisfied look, then having forgot about him for a second, over to the pilot... ::
Pilot: Get out...
Mandak: Alright, alright... Sorry...
:: The rear hatch opened, and she began to step out. ::
Pilot: You forgot something... :: he launched her bag out the rear door onto the floor at her feet. ::
Mandak: I said Sorry! :: The door closed as the words came out. This was why she typically chose the more reserved moments in life. ::
:: for now though, she would need to find her quarters and get settled. Word around the ship was that the senior crew was enjoying some much needed time off from their most recent adventure, at something called a "bowling alley". She wasn't entirely sure what that all meant, but she was eager to find out. More so eager to meet her fellow shipmates, and see what new horizons awaited her. She dressed down in her quarters, wearing a simply skirt and top. She let her hair out for the evening, being that the occasion wasn't to be neat and tidy as typical duty might call for. She breathed deep, took one last look at the PADD with her father on it sitting on the table, and walked through the doors into the corridor.
((Short while Later, Starbase 11 Bowling Alley))
:: Lae made her way to where she'd asked about the Conny Crew. The folks at the Starbase were quite accommodating to her questions, and seemed to know all about this famed crew. Just from that alone, she felt like she was walking into an adventure already. She breached the doors to the Alley, and could see that the place was packed, with people eating and drinking, and throwing things. She found it quite peculiar, but at the same time fun. throwing large balls at objects down range. Seemed similar to a game they would play back home, but the lights, music and everything else about the place seemed to have any down home experiment beat. She asked around, and was soon pointed over to where the Conny crew was playing. ::
:: She spied about for a moment, picking out the first officer from the manifest she'd reviewed. She was intertwined with other members of the crew, but now was as good a time as any to get involved. She made her way over. Giving a light tap on the arm, she introduced herself.::
Mandak: Ma'am, Ensign Na'Lae Mandak, reporting.
T'Mar/Anyone Else nearby?: [Tag]
Ensign Na'Lae Mandak
HCO Officer
USS Constitution-B
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