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MSNPC Lady Shadonna - Lessons learned

Sal Taybrim

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(( F.M.S. Krayvat - Corridor ))

::Mr. Whittaker had clearly stated they were leaving Ms. Trel'lis behind, despite all of their protests. She badly wished to protest further, but she came to the realization that this was another thing that she, as a civillian, just wouldn't understand. And this Starfleet Commander was clearly more prepared to handle situations such as this, and besides a minor run in with an electrical current, she'd been kept out of harm..::

Shadonna: We're coming back for her...right? We're not just going to leave her here forever?...::She glanced around.:: Wait...::In her panic, her voice rose:: WHERE IS DUCHESS?!

::In the chaos, she had somehow lost hold of her beloved pet, but where could she be? She was never far from her at any given time. She wasn't a fan of walking like a common pet...oO Oh why didn't I place her in her carrier?? Oo she began to frantically search around her feet, becoming more distraught at each passing moment.::

Hobbs: Lady Shadonna. ::beat:: We have to go. Duchess will try to follow us.

::In full panic mode, she had momentarily forgotten their rather precarious situation, and any previous hopes of a stealthy retreat were certainly dashed.::

Shadonna: ::panicked:: Hobbs! We can't leave her! She's so tiny, and innocent, and delicate! ::fretting:: Oh my...my little baby..::near tears:: 

Hobbs: Lady Shadonna, look at these people around you. ::He waited a moment before continuing.:: These officers are risking their lives to keep us safe. We can’t go back for Duchess. ::He adopted a look of deep sympathy. It was no mystery how much she cared for her tiny pet.:: We have to go.

Falcon: Assuming it’s not already too-

Puhn-Lon: You little!
::The grunt of pain and exclamation from the guard brought Shadonna crash landing back into the present. If that wasn't enough, the squealy, airborne form of her beloved little pet sailing towards Ensign Taelon's face with a surprisingly high velocity was sure to to have done it. Letting out a little shriek in a mixture of relief and alarm, Shadonna watched as both Taelon and Duchess struggled to gain control of the "out of control" situation. 

With her arms outstretched impatiently for her precious pet, she was suddenly shoved to the ground as a barrage of blaster fire erupted around them. Terrified for her life, she covered her head with her arms protectively, but did manage to see a little pink tuft scampering angrily down the corridor away from the eminent danger.::

Falcon: Down!

Shadonna: oO Oh Duchess be careful!! I'll find you my little one! Oo
::Cowering on the floor, she began to shake as the lights suddenly cut out and the sound of heavy boots hitting the deck-plates came closer. Surely they were done for now...no way they were going to get out of this...::

Puhn-Lonb: Mir, Huun- back me up!

Whittaker: ::Whittaker’s voice strained from the agony.:: Help!

Zinna: ::softly:: Commander!

::Instinctively, her eyes sought out the cry for help. There was a time...although it seemed eons ago, that she would have dove in front of the severely injured Commander, offering herself as additional protection...but now? She was so terrified she could barely move, despite the heavy form of who she assumed was Hobbs, shielding her. She felt helpless, and selfish, and she hated herself for it. Not a single fiber of her being would allow her to move and offer assistance. When had she allowed this to happen...? Had she really lost every shred of who she used to be, to become who she was now? oO What a time for an epiphany...Manu protect him...Oo

Puhn-Lon: You will not escape! You should have surrendered!

::Tears filled her eyes and began to spill over. They should have surrendered, surrendered and begged for mercy. What had fighting back gotten them? Their current death sentence about to brought down upon them. She head the unmistakable crack of metal against bone and prayed for the Gods to comfort and make all of their deaths quick...::

Falcon: No! YOU should have surrendered.
::Shadonna's eyes shot up, she knew that voice, and it was one of theirs. And it was [...]ed! She watched in unabashed awe as Commander Falcon delivered a swift and brutal hit, taking out a guard with brutal efficiency. oO I so want to be just like her when I grow up...Oo

They weren't quite out of danger yet, taking out the one had just angered the others, and made the fiery haired killing machine a nice, pretty target. Phaser blasts once again started in a series of angry blasts. Luckily, a few of the other crew had managed to get their hands on a few weapons of their own, and were returning in kind. Things seemed to be pretty evenly matched. Well...mostly...::

Whittaker: Please tell me you know how to fire that thing?!
Taelon: I - 
::Shadonna watched as a blast ricochet off the bulkhead above them before landing...somewhere.::

Taelon: N-n-not really, sir.

Zinna: ::still on the floor:: oO Then put it down before you hurt one of us! Oo
Whittaker: ::He called out into the gloom:: Trel'lis? Where are you?!
Trel'lis: ::Her voice was a whisper:: Over here, about a half-meter from your location. I did a tuck-and-roll, when they opened fire.
Whittaker: Good to know you're still with us! :: beat, attempting to boost morale :: And everyone else?

Taelon: Alive. ::He paused.:: I think.

Zinna: ::finally getting up from the deck:: I'm fine commander...
::Still prostrate on the floor, she gave a little multi-digit finger wave::
Shadonna: ::slightly muffled:: I'm ok too...::whispering directly to Hobbs:: I think you can get off me now...

Hobbs: Response?
Whittaker: We may yet get out of this yet!
Trel’lis: Let’s not breathe too easy yet. ::beat:: I can guarantee you there will be *more* guards, drawn by the weapons fire.

Zinna: ::sarcastically:: Terrific...

Taelon: Oh. Good. ::The fire seemed to have stopped. Had they managed to shoot everyone? That couldn’t be all of them…::
Trel’lis: Let’s get outta here, before anyone *else* shows up!

Zinna: ::Walking away from the group to take a breath:: oO You can say that again... Oo
::Hopping up, she unconsciously held her non burned hand out for Hobbs, not even realizing she was offering him assistance. Once he was up, she brushed herself off and looked warily down the hazy corridor.::
Shadonna: Great plan...I have no desire to be the welcome entertainment for the reinforcements...
Trel’lis: I’m just glad my little ‘ploy’ worked and allowed for a countermeasure.
Taelon: ::He managed a smile, however brief.:: I’m just glad you’re alright, honestly. Um - to the core, then? 
::The Core? What was that again? She knew of a club she used to play at when she first started, but she highly doubted they were heading towards a disco...::

Zinna: ::nodding:: Ready...

Shadonna: ::glancing around:: Wait where is- 
::She felt a hand slap over her mouth. Right. Not this again. Giving an apologetic look towards Hobbs, she gave a swift nod in understanding and decided Duchess seemed to handle her little targ self well enough...::

Taelon: Oh - ::Taelon looked from Whittaker to Falcon, and abruptly shoved the gun he was holding towards Falcon, offering it with a note of desperation.:: You should probably take this, sir. Before I shoot someone. Again...

::Her eyes widened, oO That blast was him ?? Oo, she slid a little farther away just to be on the safe side...::

Taelon: Sir, with all due respect, you kind of look like you lost a fight with a Gorn. ::He paused, and muttered.:: S-sorry, it’s a regional phrase - but - it might be best if I carry you? Having the others drag you might make things worse?

::Sobering, Shadonna got a better look at the broken looking Mr. Whittaker. Shame washed through her, hadn't she just been cowering on the floor, and here he was...obviously torn to shreds, but not yet giving up...::

Zinna: I may not be a medical officer anymore, sir, but as the only one with current medical experience, I second Taelon's suggestion. You've been terribly injured, multiple times. The last thing we need is a supervising officer who can't lead us.

Whittaker: :: holding out a hand :: Thankyou Ensign.

::Standing back, she winced right along with everyone when the battered officer let out a groan of pain. This man needed a physician, immediately. She'd buy him 10 as soon as they got out of here...:: 

Whittaker: Ensign, it occurs to me how much help you have been today. You've helped keep us all safe where you can and you've managed to do your duty despite being injured. :: beat :: I am hereby giving you a field promotion to Lieutenant, junior grade until we get escape this mess.

Taelon: Response?

Whittaker: Now, you mentioned a computer core?

Taelon: Response?

Whittaker: :: nodding :: Agreed. :: beat :: Lead on. :: looking to Trel'lis :: Lieutenant, grab one of the Orion's disruptors and bring up the rear.

Shadonna: ::bouncing happily on the balls of her feet:: Oooh promotions!! I love promotions! 

Whittaker: Find the targ and then take point. with Taelon. :: turning to Zinna :: Counselor, can I borrow you a moment?
Zinna: Response?
::While Commander Whittaker had a private word with Zinna, Shadonna clapped merrily, doing happy little dance and making her way to Taelon. Grasping his newly promoted officer's face in both her hands, she laid a big kiss right against his lips. Pulling back she beamed happily.::

Shadonna: Congratulations Lieutenant JG Taelon! You have been ever so brave...::batting her lashes:: 
Falcon/Zinna/Taelon/Whittaker/Hobbs: Response?

::Hearing the throat clearing, Shadonna casually released the captured Taelon and caught the look Hobbs was giving her.::
Shadonna: ::looking confused, whispering directly to Hobbs:: What..?

Whittaker: Is everybody ready to go?
Shadonna: ::turning her attention back to Theo, raising her hand slightly:: I'm ready!

Whittaker: In that case: move out!

MSNPC Lady Shadonna
As simmed by...
Lieutenant Mirra Ezo, MD
Chief Medical Officer 
Starbase 118 Ops
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