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Best reboot portrayal?


Best reboot portrayal?  

25 members have voted

  1. 1. Best Portrayed Reboot Character?

    • James T. Kirk - Chris Pine
    • Spock - Zachary Quinto
    • Noyta Uhura - Zoe Saldana
    • Leonard McCoy - Karl Urban
    • Montgomery Scott - Simon Pegg
    • Hikaru Sulu - John Cho
    • Pavel Chekov - Anton Yelchin

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With the close arrival of Star Trek: Beyond (closer in some places than others), we wanted to do a special dedicated poll to be able to discuss it. The reboot Star Trek (2009), Into Darkness, and Beyond movies have caused a great deal of controversy in the realm of our fandom. We know we could easily list off everything that is not liked about the reboot series, but what about the changes you enjoyed? 

Whether you liked the reboot or not, we think it has a great cast, and some great portrayals of the characters we already loved. So we wanted to ask you, what do you think? Who do you think is the best portrayed character in the reboot universe? Share your reasons after answering!

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Karl Urban was probably the single best part of Trek 09 and Into Darkness... his portrayal of Bones has been the one thing Ive enjoyed from JJ-Trek...

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I'm another Bones vote.

I also like Simon Pegg's Scotty; but Urban's bones just oozes DeForest Kelley.  The fact that Beyond had a LOT more Bones/Spock and a lot less Uhura/Spock (and a lot more Uhura getting to do cool things by herself without random Khan interruptions) was 110% to its credit.

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May not be keen on JJ Trek myself, but I do love the actors from any and all series and movies. (Even ENT.)

As you all have stated, Urban's McCoy is so spot-on and wonderful throughout each film. Pegg's my geek hero and I'm glad he helped write Beyond, but his Scotty has just been...whiny? Or is that just me. And not in the good Taysider way. :P 

On a different note I'm sad to know Yelchin is gone. Would have liked to seen him do more in the role.

My two credits. I'll go hide again. Interesting poll.

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