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LtC Hael and LtC Foster - On Love and X-Men


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((Dr. Foster’s Quarters - USS Constitution-B))
(Time index: Sometime after the Bowling Party)

::Wyn was not having a good shore leave.  The sudden transfer of Nate Wilmer weighed heavy on his mind, over and above his resurfacing mental problems.  His not-quite-spat with Sinda had unearthed more emotional damage than he cared to admit and he had fallen into full on hiding mode after the bowling party in an effort to stave off panic attacks.  Or, more realistically to simply be in a position to deal with them somewhere dark, quiet and isolated.

For a while he had been in his office, staying away from Ozameen as to not bother the poor kid more.  But Oz was taking the sudden leaving of Kael pretty hard, giving Wyn a little breathing room for his own troubles.  He was being good tonight, just sitting and relaxing, trying to work up the courage to call his father before leave was over and maybe tell him the truth of what all was going on.

Wyn’s whole quarters were very dim, very cool and very quiet.  Just the way he liked them when he was being antisocial.  Which was why the knocking on the door and the slash of bright light that followed it was such a jarring change from his quiet meditation::

Foster: ::Grumbling, but not really grumbling:: Who in the fresh pits is it…?

::Rustyy wasn't the brightest fella on board, but at times he was the most crafty when it came to things along the lines of fixing ship and making up a still that made his family brew... If he was ever busted it would be the end of his career. But until then - he was going to be a good friend... This would make him a good friend right? He was terrible, and he hoped it wouldn't scare the Andorian off. Here he was like a fool, with an untested bottle of fresh brew. He banged on the door and helped himself in... Was that to much? Dang it - too late.::

Hael: I's'a gots good news, eh! ::standing at Wyns door.:: wanna sip ::holds up bottle of booze.:: fresh from the ... Wells reckon it be fresh booze… Is I botherin’ ya? ::he noticed the dimmed lights as he stood in the doorway.::

::His antennae perked upwards, sapphire eyes shining.  There were many people who, if they randomly knocked on his door, would get a very swift ‘go away’ - then again those people didn’t tend to actually knock on his door.  However Rustyy was one of the people Wyn trusted, one of them that he not only would not chase away, but immediately invite inside because the truth was he loved companionship.::

Foster: No, no… not bothering me.  I was just… resting.  ::He stepped backwards, brightening the lights somewhat.::  Did you say fresh booze?

Hael: ::childish, boyish grin spreading like wildfire across his face.:: Oh yea’s we done gots us a still… ::paused. It was Wyn, he trusted him.:: In engineerin’ just a small thing real’y. This be the first batch dones an’ ready for drinkin’!

::Rustyy stepped fully into Wyns quarters to let the door close behind him… Probably should have thought about that before opening his mouth about the still. ::

Foster: ::Both snowy eyebrows raised:: Did you say still?  ::He grinned slowly, offering a deep chuckle:: Why am I not surprised…? 

::He walked inside, waving Rustyy with him.  Wyn’s quarters were very clean, with a main central area and two wings - one for Oz and Mark, the other for him.  It was also notable that most of Wyn’s furniture, especially the stuff on his side of the room, lacked legs.  There was a fluffy couch that lay on the ground, a pile of furs and pillows that served as a chair and a very low table that accommodated both.::

Foster: Welcome to my humble home. 

::Wyn paused as Rustyy offered over the bottle and he hesitated,  He had been a very good boy lately, not drinking a lick in fear that Sinda would come knocking and write him up.  Or call him stupid.  Or do the thing that she threatened to do, which make his skin want to crawl.

Then again, if one was quiet, no one cared.  And this was Rustyy.  And Rustyy was Rustyy.  That had to count for something.::

Foster: ::Thoughtfully, carefully.::  Should I get glasses?  Or plastic cups?  ::He smirked::

::He looked around with wide eyes. It was a lot bigger and a heck of a lot cleaner than his room was… Ever. A warm feeling made him smile. He had barged in and was still being welcomed. He cradled the bottle as he followed Wyn.::

Hael: Oh, well’s I don’ be needin’ anythin’ fancy.. Plastic be just fine

Foster: I got that.  ::he bounded over to the cupboard and returned with two plastic goblets, the sort that bounced when dropped.::

Hael: I hear’s you was dealin’ with some fun stuff up here’s durin’ that there last mission.

::The mission.  Yes, let’s talk about the mission.  Not the shore leave.  That was infinitely less fun.::

Foster: ::he shrugged:: Not so much.  A autopsy and some computer eating virus.  I heard you got ambushed by crazy people?

Hael: Always somethin’ try’n’a eat the computer ::he grumbled.:: An I tell’ya’s wha’... All them folks was crazy… But I didn’ get no one killed, so all is good.

::He put the cups on the table and flopped into the low cushioned chair, stretching out and gesturing for Rustyy to pour::

::Rustyy smirked and filled the glasses to the brim with shaky hands and pursed lips all in focus. He plopped down and grabbed the glasses, handing one to Wyn. It took everything he had to not spill the overflowing goblets. He fidgeted a little, not use to the lack of supports when he sat, but boy it was nice.::

Foster: Hey, no one dying is a good thing!  I’ll drink to that.  ::Yep, that was a massive hint there.::

Hael: Here, here! ::he clinked the cups together.::

Foster: hear hear!  :: a toast!  To being alive!  Which was as good of a reason to toast as any!:: 
::Wyn took a sip of the stuff, considering and then a bit more before he coughed a bit::

Foster: That’s good.  It’s strong.  It’s good.

::Rustyy nodded and took a hefty gulp. Not the smartest thing for the first batch, but what the heck, he was drinking with a doctor. Him and one other working on the still had argued over what they should make first. He had won, with a blueberry mash. Something told him it would be liked by someone.. He regretting downing so much at once as he lost his breath and felt the burn down his throat.::

Hael: You taste that there .. ::cough… Taste.. Cough.:: Hint of them blue-berries? Blue - brandy… 

Foster: I taste the blue.  ::he nodded, taking another drink.:: I do.  I’m blue…  ::Looking into the cup:: How strong is this?

Hael: ::very innocent shrug.:: Fig’r ‘bout… 70 proof… ::he picked up the bottle and shook it.::: see dem bubblies? Lots means ::he smiled.:: gettin’ drunk faster. ::he took another gulp, coughed and blinked a few time.::

::So not *quite* as strong as Romulan ale.  Good to know.::

Foster: Well then this should be a fun trip.  ::He grinned, his teeth looking very white against his blue skin in the dimmed light of his quarters:: So… what do you want to talk about?  ::Drinking::

Hael: ::paused.:: I called one them fellas on the planet, Rumplestiltskin… He didn’ get it. Do you gets it? ::he had to make sure it wasn't just him… Sip.::

Foster: I know the reference… but I grew up on Earth so that doesn’t say much for my reference getting abilities.  ::he shrugged, taking another sip:: What was he?  A noxious little troll?

Hael: ::curious.:: No…. Big ol’ built mister actually. ::chuckled.:: His shoulders was as wide as I is tall… well’s, just ‘bout. ::sip::

Foster: ::Perking both brows:: Ohhh, I see.  ::a chuckle:: Tell me how you managed to not get anyone killed again?

Hael: With me charmin’ personality I reckon’s ::he laughed, a real laugh that seemed to need some dusting off.:: Could be a cap’in or somethin’. ::he chuckled and shook his head then finished the rest of his cup..::

Foster: ::He shook his head slowly:: Wouldn’t want to be a Captain.  I’m better at doing my job.  No time for posing on a bridge. ::He took a drink to that:: How about you?

::It took far more effort than normal, to sit up and refill his glass. The sensation of being not in contact with his body, yet heavy as a rock told him he should have eaten before chugging high proof booze. With bug eyes, he did his best to not jerk and spill the clear, yet slightly tinted liquor into his glass. He offered Wyn a topper.::

Hael: ::slightly beat.:: Oh hells, not me. I ain’ cut out fer that role, none. ::sip… gulp.::

::Wyn nodded in agreement.  There was a part of him that was honestly shocked that someone saw fit to make him a chief medical officer.  Then again he ran a tight ship in sickbay; but it was what he was good at.  Other leadership roles?  Not so much.::

Foster: Me neither.  ::He grinned, swishing the alcohol around in his glass::  Remember those command classes in the academy?  ::He smirked:: I ended up skipping them for extra credits in xenopharmacology.

Hael: ::he stared blankly at Wyn… that was a big boy word!::  Nah, I took them classes at school, just like ev’rone else… But I only done it ‘cause of this cute gal… spoke some crazy thing ::he waved his hand.:: I done had to learn, to just say ::rednecked.:: “Hi”

::That prompted a long sigh from the Andorian as he rolled off the chair and headed to the replicator.  Doctor sense was kicking in and he replicated two non-alcoholic drinks to compliment the alcohol, pressing one in front of Rustyy.::

Foster: Ahh, I remember the days of in class dating ::a chuckle::  Those days are long gone.

Hael: Yea’ they is. ::he took the offered drink and wet his whistle… .Paused with a coy smile.:: But them was easier than on ships, eh? 

::Wyn shook his head very slowly::

Foster: Shipside dating is a baaaaaad idea.  I think people who get stationed on ships are forever doomed to be bachelors and bachelorettes.

Hael: Oh? I dunno ‘bout all tha’ ::his optimism shined best when he had a good buzz.:: So long as you ain’ ‘fraid to fight. My mama and pa’ an’ seven kiddies all locked up toge’er fer three months at’a time, ‘bout like bein’ on a ship. 

Foster: ::he shook his head and spoke with the voice of heavy experience:: No.  When you date a co-worker it gets weird.  It goes from romance to tragedy at warp speed…

Hael: ::Sheepishly.:: sleepin’ with someone ain’ like datin’ right?

Foster: ::He hiked one snowy brow sky high:: Rustyy!  Sleeping with someone is exactly like dating someone, unless said second sleeper is a pet or under the age of three… ::cough cough:: I mean platonic relationships are few and far between, but yeah… usually sleeping means biology, yanno? 

Hael: Oh… ::he turned several shades redder.::

Foster: ::Leaning forward with a curious expression::  Who are you sleeping with…?

Hael: Uh… Wells… ::his lips danced over his teeth.:: One them gals that work fer me… I think…

Foster: You think!?  ::Both antennae raised in alarm:: Rustyy! Either you slept with her or you didn’t - and how do you forget sleeping with someone?  How do you think and now know?!

Hael: ::shrugged.:: I don’ ‘member none. ::chuckled.:: Was drinkin then too. ::he held up the drink proudly.:: But she ain’ said nothin’ none either, so I’m’a thinkin’ I didn’t…. ::he kind of pouted. He was no ladies man for sure..::

Foster: Well, you could go through the checklist - ::he started ticking off on his spindly blue fingers::  Did you wake up in the same bed?  Was she wearing clothing?  Were you wearing clothing?  Did you have any itching or burning sensations in the groin area afterwards?

Hael: ::he couldn’t turn redder. He mumbled and squirmed a little.:: No itching or burning….

Foster: ::Shrugs:  Well, then you’re probably safe.  Probably.

Hael: Even still, though… I’s’a don’ why it ain’ a thang. ::facepalm… Fantastic, now he was sounding like his mama.:: 

Foster: Because girls are weird and they get crazy once you start dating.  ::he shrugged.  Wyn - the ever eloquent, and arguably completely clueless person when it came to women.::

Hael: But… People needs people and gals are people… Right?

Foster:  ::He shrugged:: Of course people need people.  ::pause:: But people will also tear out your heart and destroy it if you let them.  My advice is to be careful.

::Rustyy turned his head a little and took a hefty drink of the real alcohol, then chased it with a gulp from the non-alcoholic one. He knew people like that. Children could be so cruel with such little regard for how it affected others in the long run… It hadn’t been since then that he had even took this much time to spend with someone else. He felt the head coming off his face.::

Hael: ::clearing his throat.:: Yea’ no kiddin’, eh. ::he shook his head and that goldfish brian did the work for him.:: I’s’a ain’ worried none… I got this thang - no one ever calls back. ::he snorted.::

Foster:  I know how that feels.  ::He muttered a little.:: 

Hael: So you ain’ seein’ no one? Even pla- plo... plo-ton-i-cally? ::he eked out.::

Foster: ::He snorted, nearly spitting out his drink::  [...], Rustyy, beyond Mark you’re the only person who comes to call.  ::He shook his head:: After I left Atlantis I haven’t seen jack and crap as far as action.

Hael: ::sitting up.:: Who’s Jack?

Foster: ::He twitched one antennae in irritation::  It’s a saying.  It means nothing, barren, dry, nope, less than zero.

Hael: ::he nodded, then sighed:: I don’ get it none, either…. I mean, I like you. ::he pointed at him.:: You like’s me… Why don’ others?

::Wyn opened his mouth, and then stopped.  What he was about to say was: ‘Well, because you’re weird and I have a terrible personality…’ But he figured that didn’t reflect well on either one of them::

Foster: I… uh… I don’t know, Rustyy… I don’t know.  I guess they’re all too normal for us?

Hael: ::He smiled.:: I’d buy tha’... An’ I think tha’ calls fer more drinkin’ ::he held up his half emptied glass.:: ‘Cause tha’ there is just ev’ryone else loss.

::Wyn smiled, refilling the glasses.  And this was why he liked Rustyy.::

Foster: True, that.  ::He toasted the engineer.:: And they don’t have ‘shine - and we do.

Hael: So… Who’d you have a crush on, on tha’ there other ship, eh? ::he asked innocently.::

Foster: ::He coughed a little:: It wasn’t so much a crush…  ::Coughing more… did he drink something wrong, or was he directly trying to avoid something?::

Hael: Oh? ::he asked and wiggled like a high school girl chatting up her bestie about the latest gossip… Or crush.::

Foster:  ::he shook his head:: She was the chief engineer  ::Irony.  Right there.::  There was a holodeck program that went wrong, way wrong.  ::He paused, taking a very long drink:: And afterwards she wanted to have kids.  ::Shrug, as if that was the most normal relationship progression, ever.::

Hael: ::blankest stare ever.:: Was she … Sounds like… Is that crazy? ::that little description only described his mom… He scratched his head. He was hesitant to admit that though.:: My folks met once an’ started havin’ kids right ‘way… Tha’ ain’ to crazy is it?

Foster: ::With surety:: She was crazy.  Though the entire ship was crazy.  ::He gave a long low sigh.::

Hael: ::wry chuckle.:: Aww, she couldn’ be- ::he cut himself off.:: The whole ship, eh? I’s’a be takin’ it righ’ to say, not in the good way.

::Wyn shook his head slowly.  This was something he hadn’t talked about - really hadn’t even dealt with in his mind in a year and a half.

He really must be drunk.::

Foster: No, not in the good way.  Not at all.  ::he shook his head.:: Either that or they were sane and I was crazy.  But I prefer to believe it was the other way around.

Hael: Eh. ::he shrugged and winked.:: I reckon tha’ there be dependin’ on who yer askin’. ::he propped his head up on a fist a looked at Wyn, big brown eyes - mostly watching the antennae, but with a sincere expression of interest..::

Foster:Well, lets see.. I was the one kicked off the ship, so that probably means I was the asshole, right.  ::He shook his head.  It was one of the things he didn’t like to talk about.::  So, yeah, my luck in so-called love is abysmal.

::he looked down at his boots. He got the feeling he was lurking in an undesirable area for Wyn. He chewed on his bottom lip. He picked up on vibes, though never fully understood them. He got the feeling things needed to be vented but weren’t ready yet. So he would talk about something else! That always worked.:: 

Hael: Means you jus’ ain’ found tha’ there righ’ one yet!.. You know wha’ we need?

Foster: ::He turned his somewhat bleary sapphire gaze towards Rustyy:: What do we need?

Hael: Beer! You ev’r had tha’? We only ev’r had it imported, but I bet’cha we could replicate it. Mighty tasty, an’ ain’ nothin’ like whisky, bourbon, or brandy. 

Foster: We need… beer?  ::He shook his head a little, not following that logic.:: OK, first, of course I had beer.  And second… how does beer tie into bad love stories?

Hael: Well’s… It don’, real’y. ::deer caught in the headlights.:: I’s’a jus’ thought it sounded good… ::he [...]ed his head..:: 

Foster: Well…  ::he offered a nod of agreement:: It does sound good.  Though I think tonight it might put us on the puke train.  That said, I do rather like beer...

Hael: ::he clapped his hands.:: Well’s it’s’a good thang I knows this fella who’s a doctor, make yer tummy feel fine. ::he smiled proudly at Wyn.:: You. ::just incase he didn’t get it. Had to make it obvious, more for Rustyy than Wyn.::

Foster: ::He tinged a bit darker blue:: Yep, that’s me.  I’m a doctor.  But please, let’s not become emergency beam ins.  ::he decided to get them a second round of water…::

Hael: Nah… ::out of the blue.:: Wha’ be tha’ there gal’s name? From tha’ ship?

::Stop, pause, the glass nearly slipped from his hand.::

Foster: Gwen.  Gwen Gardener.  ::He drank the rest of his drink.::

Hael: ::he snorted, not realizing the nerve he had touched by asking.:: Terrible name… No wonder she was crazy. 

Foster: ::Pause.  Pause.  He put his head back and started to laugh.  He laughed and laughed until tears rolled down his cheeks.::  I never… never knew… a name… made ya crazy…

::He stumbled up to stand near Wyn. Big eyes looking at the Andorian like he had grown tentacles or something. Well… Quick look to the antenna.. He thought he had broken the doctor. How would he explain that to the boss ladies?!? He sounded like he was laughing - but there were obviously tears.::

Hael: Well’s yea’ ::he started unsure.:: Ain’ ya ever heard the song “A Boy Name Sue” ? ::he brought his face close to Wyn.:: Why is’ya cryin’?

Foster: Cause it’s… funny?  ::He pause, coughed and wiped his face, trying to compose himself.::  Anyways, the song… sorta.  I mean I grew up on Earth, but didn’t listen to every song, yanno.  ::Pause, drink:: I know Sue’s a girl’s name.  But so is Gwen.

Hael: Song be ‘bout a name tha’ wasn’ no good fer the person. ::he moved back a little.:: Just a thing I guess. ::smirking.:: Makes sense to me.

Foster: ::He raised his glass in a toast:: Well then that’s good enough for me.

Hael: Was she yer only one? ::that goldfish brain was in overdrive as the booze made the room hazzy.::

Foster: Oh, hell no.  I had plenty of girls at the Academy.  ::he shrugged:: It was easier back then, we were young and frisky and stupid.

Hael: ::plopped down in his seat with a huff.:: Easy, eh?

Foster: ::A shrug:: You know - help them with their homework and then they say “thank you!’ and you get pizza and snog. 

Hael: Pft! Ya’know, I got turned down by just ‘bout ev’ry one, try’na find them ones. And the ones I *did* get with, I nev’r finished. ::he snorted and shook his head.::

Foster: ::He tipped his head a little:: Seriously?  But you’re a nice guy… thought you’d be a shoe-in.  ::pause:: Why did you never finish?

Hael ::he was feeling a lot more open than normal.: Cause I passed out or they had a third leg, which I weren’t expectin’ an it weren’t like what you and I - ::he paused. He had no idea if they were similar below the waist. He said it a little more gently.:: Like wha’ I had. ::he looked at Wyn coyly.:: Like I’m pretty sure there was teeth or somethin’ down there. So I would leave… To keep myself safe.

Foster: ::That prompted both snowy brows to drunkenly hike upwards:: Teeth?!  Who were you dating?!

Hael: ::shrugged.:: Good question… :: he bobbed his head.:: I’s gots zero idea. ::deadpan.::

Foster: ::He waggled a finger at Rustyy:: And this is why Biology 101 is an important class for everyone.

Hael: Eh, tha’ be wha’ yer fer. ::gulp, the closer to the bottom of the bottle the more the burn.:: Plus, wha’ few things I did take fer ::he waved his hands.:: stuff I didn’ understand none. Ya’ll have a lingo that goes ::he made a swishing motion over his head.:: clear over me head. 

Foster: Well, lesson one: Teeth are bad, unless they’re in a mouth…  ::he smirked wildly::

Hael: ::both eyebrows, straight up.:: Yeah….

Foster: ::He leaned over and poked Rustyy with a finger:: So you’re telling me you never had a girl??  Fer serious?  ::Oh, great now he was drunk enough to talk like Rustyy…::

Hael: Uh… ::fifty shades of red.:: I don’ … None’s I ‘member.. But I had to see a doc a time or two so I know’s somethin’ happened. ::duckface. He recovered best he could.::

::Wyn looked incredulous, both antennae curled forward, he palmed his face::

Foster: Rustyy! You’re supposed to remember things like this!  How could you forget?!

::He froze. Usually he wasn’t so bad about things. But in his more intoxicated funk, he was worse than normal. He stared at the moving things on top Wyn’s head like a dog did a squirrel::

Hael: ::Utterly serious.:: Can I’s’a touch’em? ::he leaned in close to Wyn’s face, rather fixated on the top of Wyn’s head.::

::Wyn was rather drunk so it took him a half a second to realize what Rustyy was talking about.  Unfortunately the second he did realize the reaction was immediate and dramatic.::

Foster: No!  ::The word ripped from his throat like a raw curse as he pulled back like a man bitten, eyes wide, pressing himself in the far corner against the cushions.::

Hael: ::turning instantly pale and regretting what he had just ask. He put his hands up.:: Sorry! I,::he jumped up and stepped back, but the lower table caught him just enough to send him toppling over onto his bum.::  uh… I -I -I didn’ mean nuffin’ by it…  I’s’a sorry! 

::Wyn stopped, dead, and suddenly pitched forward, as if realizing where he was and what was going on.::

Foster: Oh crap... Are you OK?  You didn’t break anything did you?  ::He took in a shallow breath:: I mean, I’m sorry, it’s fine… I mean it’s not, but it is…  ::He shook his head, words failed.::

Hael: ::keeping some distance between them.:: I’m fine. ::he sat on the floor rather than continue to be sprawled out.:: I didn’ mean ::his bottom jutted out slightly. He chewed his own butt for being the way he was. Not that he knew how to be anyone else.:; I shouldn’ have done asked tha’ ::shrugged.:: I’m’a really sorry’s. ::he looked at the floor.:: Now I’s’a buzz kill. ::he huffed a chuckle.::

::Wyn frowned, his shoulders collapsing into his chest, shrinking away a little.::

Foster: No, you’re not… I’m sorry…  ::He waffled in his words, pain and drunkenness swirling together in a fuzzy mixture.::  It’s just… I had one ripped off in a fight once.  It’s… it’s hard to not panic… I mean…  ::he sighed, it wasn’t making much sense.:: 

::Don’t panic.  Breathe.  Don’t panic.

Wyn admitted if it was anyone else in his room he would be panicking far more; but the puppy dog eyes Rustyy kept making were talking Wyn down from a full on attack.

The booze was helping, too.  He hated to admit it, but being drunk made the attacks go away.  That was a dangerous seductress lingering around his brain, one he didn’t want to dwell on too heavily.::

Hael: ::as honest as he could be through slightly gritted teeth.:: I’s’a know’s… ::he looked at when through glazed over eyes.:: I ain’ called someone friend since I was lil’... So I know I ain’ no good with this. It done been a while. But i really likes ya, an’ I don’ wanna… ::he stared at the floor.:: Can we’s backtrack to *before’s* I asked?

Foster: You don’t need to.  ::He spoke gently, in the way one who was a good listener would speak.  It was one of those hidden talents that he had - one that made him a good doctor, but one he usually hid under a calloused exterior:: I mean… I’m not mad, because it’s you.  You’re not the people from the past, you’re Rustyy.  And I like Rustyy.  He’s my friend.  ::A small shrug:: Besides, I’m not really one much for regrets.

Hael: ::sheepish smile.:: I is yer friend. ::it was only then he realized that he had spilled all down his front, on his shirt and pants..:: Uh-oh… ::boyish smile.:: I’s’a wasted perfectly good booze. Can I’s’a gets a towel?

Foster: ::He perked one snowy brow:: I think that’s called alcohol abuse…  ::Staggering upwards to fish for a towel.  How long had it been since they started drinking?  How much had they drank?  Ugh, it was all blurring together.::  Here…

::He tossed the towel haphazardly at Rustyy, which landed like a sheet half covering his head.::

Hael: ::he fought between smirking and trying to be serious.:: How’s I look?

Foster: ::laughing a little:: Looks, uh… good on you.

Hael: ::he pulled the towel off and began dabbing himself off.:: You don’ think the booze will sue, do ya’s?

Foster: ::sounds oh-so-academic about it:: Probably not.  I think you’re safe.
Hael: ::standing up.:: ‘Nutter round?

::Both antennae flickered upwards::

Foster: If we’ve already talked about this much stuff, what on earth will we talk about if we drink another round.  ::he asked skeptically.  They were getting dangerously into the ‘drunk enough to share the things one usually didn’t talk about’ stage.  Heck they had already reached it.::

Hael: Well’s, could always get’s worse chats ::he smirked as he took a seat closer to Wyn.:: Or weirds 

Foster: Really?  ::he canted his head to one side like a confused puppy dog:: Like how?

Hael: Could talk ‘bout *love* which be kin’a different than datin’... ::huffing.:: ~Love~ 

Foster: Love… ::He scoffed a little:: I don’t know about love…  ::Both antennae waggled a bit::  I mean… love is tough, right?  Love is a big step…  ::yep, now he was babbling.::

Hael: ::both eyebrows raised up slightly as he eyed his friend.:: Yea’ it is.... Maybe… I fell’s in love with an actress once… ::nodded assuredly.:: but I was just a kiddie. ::he smirked.::

Foster: Really?  ::both snowy brows perked before the most natural question ever slipped out:: Who?

Hael: ::without missing a beat.:: Audrey Hepburn. ::smile innocently.:: Purdy sure she was me first. ::wink.:: at least that there one I ‘member. ::smirk.:: 

Foster: ::he snickered into his cup:: She’s not real!  She’s been dead for like centuries!  So i’m not sure that’s love.  ::He shook his head slowly:: More like a crush.  ::Pause, he looked up:: How’d you find Audrey Hepburn anyways? 

Hael: Well’s tha’n be wha’ I get fer watchin’ all them ol’ movies.. ::snicker.:: Wha’ ‘bout you?

Foster: Kinda  ::he shrugged, leaning back, his eyes gazing far off out the window.::

Hael: Ah come’ons, i’s’a told’ya mine. ::he pleaded.::

Foster:  ::He gave a sigh, turning slightly navy:: Oh, fine.  So before I went to Earth with dad, we were on a starship.  The USS Augury - it was a big ship.  ::Thinking, one antennae [...]ed downwards::  Akira class - big well armed sucker.  And, well, my Dad’s boss was the first officer - who was a former medical officer.  I guess they had a long history together,  anyways, he was the scariest guy I ever met…

Hael: Oh’s? Big ol’ cat, eh? ::he smirked leaning in to the story.::

Foster: ::He took a long drink, leaning over:: No, he was small - like only a few centimeters taller than me; and thin… but he had this way of staring you down with eyes that looked like they had seen hell and come through swinging…  ::he shuddered a little, even now, thinking about it.:: Anyways, he was an Andorian.  One of the few I ever met who would talk to me.  Super soft spoken guy, and again - you would think that wouldn’t be scary but it was.  ::Another drink, he shook his head:: But he has this daughter.  Who is way older than me… and hot.  Man was she hot.  ::Thinking:: I’m pretty sure she’s still hot.

Hael: ::winking.:: Well’s you ev’r get with her? 

Foster: Well for one ::He ticked off on his spindly fingers:: She’s about ten years older than me and two, as I said, her Dad is suuuuper scary.  And three, she thought I was a jerk.  ::Thinking:: Probably still does.

Hael: Aww, ::he lightly pawed at Wyns shoulder.:: Was you the type to pull girlies hairs ‘cause you liked’em?

Foster: ::A thoroughly impish look crossed his face:: Maaaybe…  ::A dreamy look crossed his face:: She had this long wavy white hair, and big sapphire eyes…  ::Leaning back.  His childhood friend was about as opposite to Liani as possible - and Liani was the only other female Andorian who had ever given him the time of day.  Other humanoid ladies were lovely, but he admitted he dreamt in shades of blue and white.::  And pale blue skin.  Northerner… so she said.  ::He shrugged:: Never been to the northern plains of Andor, but man, if her family was representative I’d have to say they have scary guys and lovely girls.

Hael: She must’a been purdy special to have you lookin’ like a newborn babe on a summer morn’n… ::he flashed a wide smile.:: You ain’ *never* tried to get with her? Even later on.. ::he pried.::

Foster: Eh… I went to Earth, she stayed on the Augury, and I was an awkward high school kid when she was in the academy.  I didn’t have a chance.  And once I was well on my way to becoming a smooth medical genius, she was already halfway across the stars.  Operations and Command division.  ::he shrugged:: Last I checked she was on the USS Armstrong-C.  ::He looked over with a gaze of innocence that clearly said ‘not that I ever check this or anything.::

Hael: Ah, well. ::shaking his head. He looked at his nearly empty glass:: Women’s, for all we love’em, ::sigh.::  they don’ seem to notice… 

::That prompted Wyn to chuckle a little.::

Foster: In my experience, man or woman - few people notice.  That’s why when you find someone who does care you cherish them forever.

::Did he just admit that? Whoops… he must really be drunk.:: 

Hael: ::raising his glass.:: To the folks, friends or lovers, let’em be good fer each other. ::or something like that… He was so drunk, he was having slight issue understanding himself. He patted Wyn on the leg, it was a ways away from his head.::

Foster: I’ll drink to that.  ::He raised his glass, toasted, and then some brilliance of higher brainpower decided that, yes. He should be the responsible person and cork the alcohol and get another round of water…::

Hael: ::he watched the bottle being closed off.:: Aww. ::he pouted.:: Should I’s’a take it I’m’a gettin’da boot too’s? ::he'd seen it enough times to get the hint.::

Foster: No!  ::Said a bit too fast::  I never said you had to leave… just that I don’t want you to puke is all.  ::Big wide innocent eyes.  It could happen.  Actually he was startlingly good at the so-called ‘puppy dog eyes’ when he put his mind to it.::

Hael: ::nodding.:: Make’s’s sense’s… ::looking into Wyn’s eyes.:: You’ve’s got’s them bluest eyes I’ves ever done seen, you know’s that. ::he said leaning in further.:: Like them’s lakes’s durin’ first thaw. ::he pulled at his shirt some, was it just him or was it warm. Of course he was pretty convinced StarFleet uniforms were self heaters.::

::Wyn stopped.  He just… froze.  Even his antennae froze eyes going a bit wider.  How drunk was Rustyy?  How drunk was Wyn?  Did he mishear that?  That was usually the sort of things that he said to girls because he wanted them to come home with him.  Or at least he used to say to girls when he was young(er) and stupid(er).

Then again it usually worked with the ladies he had tried it on and now he knew why.  Flattery was somehow enticing.  Warming.  It fluffed the ego that lay deep inside one’s chest and made the heart flutter a little. 

Wait.  Rustyy.  Drunk Rustyy. 

Then again drunk Rustyy was pretty adorable.  And Andorians traditionally married in groups of four.  He started wondering is Rustyy would be amenable to finding two women… did he really just think that about Rustyy?!  How drunk was he?::

Foster: ::Flushing deeply navy:: Uhm, thanks…  ::A pause, and finally his laughter broke the silence:: You’re drunk!

Hael: ::He said what he meant, and he meant what he said… At least he thought so. He liked this moment, this time spent. Now he just wished it would be more than a blurry memory.:: Uhh… So’s is you’s! ::he pointed and chuckled.::

Foster: Well, at least you’re poetic when you’re drunk!

Hael: Ahhh… Pft… ::maroon colored.:: Wha’ i say’s don’ rhyme none. ::he grinned and shook his head, watching the blue hues darken. Blues was always a pleasing color to look at. It was that, white or black back home.:: Jus’ how many’s shades’s of blue can you’s turn?

Foster: ::He narrowed his brows, and in the next second he quickly proved that alcohol could not dull his ability to quip:: Not as many shades of red as you can turn...

Hael: ::he could feel the heat emanating from his cheeks.:: I’m’a not red. ::he duckfaced pouted. He tried to take sip of water to cool down.::

Foster: And wet targs smell like roses.  ::He chuckled, reaching for his own glass of water:: 

Hael: ::submitting.:: Wha’ ev’rs… ::even more blood to his head..:: It done jus’ go’ real’y hot’s in ‘ere… Tha’s all… Tha’n be why I red… ish.

Foster: Hot?!  ::He sputtered in his glass a little before waving his arms and antennae in unison:: You realize you’re in my quarters?!  Quarters of someone who is from a planet that is a ball of ice?!  Quarters that others constantly complain are too cold…  I mean I could turn the heat down further if you fancy it … but hot?  ::Blink blink…::

Hael: ::puppy dog innocence.:: Well’s… I feel’s warm… ::he pulled at his collar:: My’s room ain’ no better’s ::he chuckled.:: Alway’s’s to cold fer others… ::thoughtfully.:: Maybe’s tha’n be why no one ev’r stays…

Foster: I’d stay.  ::he nodded in drunken assent.::

::That came out wrong.  Or right.  This conversation was going downhill and Wyn was not only incapable of stopping it - he was pretty sure he didn’t want to stop it either.::

Hael: ::hopeful smile.:: Would’ya’s? ::playfully.:: Even’s sober? 

::Because it, he, would be nice to remember. Even if it was just once. He could feel his face turn flush yet again… But just as others before - this would be just another chance for him to face plant. Even drunk he hoped not.::

Foster: Well, depends on what we were doing…  ::Those antennae waggled back and forth in a quite interesting manner.::

Hael: I’d take ya’s fer ‘ride ‘course. :: He meant the car he had gotten from the past. Right? His brain was getting more fuzzy and not only from the booze. All he could do was smile sheepishly.:: ‘Course you’s could’s drive too’s if’n ya wanna.

::Blink blink.  Blink blink blink.  Did ride and drive mean what he think they meant?  Was that drunken innuendo?  Then again Rustyy was a gear head…::

Foster: … ride?  ::Both snowy brows perked, his cheek flushing navy without his brain’s permission.::  Like… what kind of ride?

Hael: ::perking up.:: in me auto-mobile from 1912 ‘course! I’s’a just put’in a new carb. So she’s’a purry mighty nicely… ::he looked eagerly at Wyn.::

Foster: ::Flushing darker navy:: Ooooohhhhh!  ::Pause.:: Well, I’m sorta drunk right now and I think I would puke.  But maybe tomorrow after a greasy breakfast?

::Rustyy bobbed his head repeatedly and regretted it instantly when he turned from red to green in a matter of precious few seconds. He set his drinks down so’s not to spill - again - and tried to stabilize himself.::

Hael: ::frowning.:: Wha’ time be’s? ::he looked around for a clock.::

Foster: I dunno... it’s late enough that I’m sleepy, and the delicious booze didn’t help, but I’m too wound up from conversating ::great grammar there, Wyn:: to sleep.  ::he shrugged:: In my academy days we’d play stupid games or watch dumb holovids.

Hael: ::[...]ing his head at Wyn.:: I’m’a throw’ups if’n we play games. ::apologetic smile.::

Foster: Ok, ok, no games!  ::he put his hands up as if to prevent any unnecessary upchucking.:: Holovids it is!

Hael: ::smirking.:: We’s’a can watch “Breakfast at Tiff’s”. ::he stuck his tongue out slightly and bit down on it, trying not to laugh. Innocently enough.:: Wha’? ::broad smile.::

Foster:  ::both snowy brows hiked sky high:: Isn’t that a girly-film?

Hael: Uh… Well… oO Yea’. Oo I’s’a guess it - I mean’s it’s purdy macho.

::Wyn shook his head.  He didn’t rightly know what constituted a ‘macho’ film since he had never been in the ‘macho’ crowd.  He had always been an outsider.  He wondered if there was a movie for that.::
Foster: Ok, what about films for weirdos?  Not chick-flicks, not testosterone and muscles.  Films for people like us…

Hael: ::[...]ing his head and looking over his shoulder.:: X-Men. ::serious as a clam.::

Foster: What-men?  That sounds like a porno…  ::He remarked with his usually crassness::  What’s it about?

Hael: Well’s… There blue folks in’it… An’ them an’ others fight crime ev’n though no one thanks them fer it. ::he smiled, knowing that was something they both dealt with. A lot of people appreciated it and some overlooked all the work put into keep machines and people in one piece.:: 

Foster: Huh.  ::He canted his head to one side, thinking about that.  Sounded, actually, like something he’s be into.:: No crap, huh?  ::Taking another long drink.::  I would watch it.

Hael: ::eager.:: Real’y? ::sliding down to sit on the floor. Sitting in the soft beanbag like seat was too much work.:: You be thinkin’ we gonna be able to see’s it all?

Foster: No, with as much stuff as we just drank we’ll probably get about ten minutes in and fall asleep.  But I’m OK with that, too.

Hael: You know’s how long it been since I done did a sleep ov’r? ::smirking.:: Ferever, an’ we built a fort. ::his brown eyes pleaded.::

Foster: A... sleep… over?  ::He blinked.  How drunk was he?::  What’s that?

::Rustyy opened his mouth... Closed it... And mentally reached for the fuzziness that was once his happy, loopy, ridiculous drunken stupor. He was rather fond of that state. It made the universe seem less feeble, happy go lucky rainbow and unicorn lands. 

Though words continued to evade him. How to explain a sleep over. Well... It's what kids did! Not that the two were classifiable children, but they could act it all they wanted. Instead of the hazy booze thoughts, it was a blurry, tear ridden long forgotten memories pushing forward. 

Nope, he wasn't okay with that. The hiccup in his breath and the puffy eyes took more than a slight shake of the head to get under control.::

Hael: Um… ::murmuring.:: What kiddies do when they be hangin’ out late with friends… Just, ::he looked up and shrugged.:: This.

Foster: In my experience a sleep-over either meant grade schoolers or ::cough:: ladyfolk.  ::cough.::

Hael: ::boyish smirk.:: Well’s ::groaning as he attempted to stand up.:: If’n’a ya ain’ alrighty with’it, I’s’a better be - 

Foster: ::Drunkenly fast, that sort of odd desperation one has when they don’t want to lose their company:: No, no!  I’m OK with it…

Hael: ::sigh of relief for two reasons. One he didn't have the strength to get up.:: Well I’s’a been told I snore like a caveman. ::two, he was worried if he left, he would wake up and it all would have been a dream, trick of the mind that made him deal with the past..:: 

Foster: You snore?  ::His antennae twitched.  His Dad snored, too.  He remembered listening for it late at night when they were on Earth.::

Hael: ::he gave a genuine laugh.:: Well you can always hit me till i’s’a shuts up.

Foster: ::A ghost of some sort of strange fear clouded his vision.:: No.  I would never hit you.  ::Said all too fast.::

Hael: It ain’ no thang. ::he smirked, remembering all the stories from when he was younger.:: Not like it’a hurt me none.

Foster: ::He shrugged, passing it off:: I mean, why hit you?  What good would that do?  Besides, I’m a medical genius.  I could figure something out.

Hael: ::shrug.:: eh, my mama and pa use ya do it, wakes me up ‘nough to make me stops. ::his brain rewound slightly.:: I’s’a don’ think fig’r’in’ somethin’ this late be such a good idea. ::chucked.::

Foster: No… ::He shook his head, as if clearing away cobwebs… or ghosts:: I don’t hit people unless they absolutely deserve it.  I’m sure we can find another way.

Hael: I’s’a guess ::long big yawn.:: we’s can deal with it when we gets there. Let's get that there movie started, eh. ::he smirked. He would be passed out before the previews were over at this rate.::

::Right.  Wyn offered a light nod, wandering towards the computer which compliantly flashed a nice menu up on the blank wall.  He honestly had never tried this before.  Watching movies was a curiously old fashioned thing.  But, sure enough, the computer was all too happy to comply.::

Foster: Right.  ::He blinked:: You know there’s like twenty of these things - and about half a dozen cartoons.  How big was this?

Hael: ::childish, geeky grin as he bobbed his head.:: Yuppers, only the best a finest. ::he wiggled down to rest his head on the pillow like seat and face the screen, his eyelids got very heavy suddenly.::

Foster: Figures.  ::He chose the one that seemed to be the first and tapped play.:: I admit I’m not sure how long I’ll stay awake for.

Hael: Mmmhmm. ::he wrapped his arms across his chest and crossed his legs. His head jerking up ever few seconds…. Blink blink. He patted the floor next to him.:: com’on’dow’s’ere…

::Wyn paused, freezing for a few seconds before sliding down beside Rustyy in the way brothers snuggle up to one another on a cold night where the heater’s broken.  Man he was drunk.

Didn’t matter.  Felt good.  Like some sort of home he didn’t have.::

Foster: Hmmm, ok.  ::Relaxing into a cat-like puddle:: How many brothers you say you had?

Hael: ::grunt.:: Four’of’em… An’ ::he held up two fingers.:: two sissies. ::sleeping close to someone was like home, snuggling to stay warm in the living room of their house.:.

Foster: Thats… that’s a lotta ‘em.

Hael: Yep… You’d like’em, should meet’em ::he eyed Wyn from the corner of a drooping eye.:: Though, you’s migh’ not like bein’trap’d with’em all. 

Foster: Don’t know.  ::He shrugged lightly, head drooping::  Guess Andorians have big families, too… never tried it.  Might like it.

Hael: ::nodding, he turned on his side and hid his face, the movie long forgotten.:: Mmm, g’nigh’. 

Foster:  ::Movie?  What movie?  Mmmm, sleep.  He hadn’t slept well in days, but finally tonight sleep was coming easily.::  Good night…

::Who knew what tomorrow would bring, but for the night, sleep was sweet…::


A JP by:

Lieutenant Commander Rustyy Hael
Chief Engineer
USS Constitution


Lt Commander Shar’Wyn Foster
Chief Medical Officer
USS Constitution-B

Edited by Jalana
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