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PNPC Kael Wilmer - The Delta Quadrant


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((Chez Georgio, USS Constitution-B))
Georgio: ::grinning brightly:: Oh, him! Red hair, beard, ugly uniform. I'd love to get my hands on that one. So many possibilities!
::Truth be told, Kael thought it was an ugly beard, too. But she didn't feeling ripping on her dad today. She simply smiled.::

 Wilmer: So is there anything special I have to do to maintain this look?

Georgio: You can do this yourself at home. Use some mousse spread it in both palms and then just run your fingers through it and play around. You can have it as wild or tame as you like. The gloriousness is that it looks high maintenance while it is really simple. ::He winked at her.:: 

Wilmer. Awesome!

Georgio: Magnificent. You're only missing some sparkles and you'd be visited by dozens of leprechauns a day looking for their gold. ::He had heard about that from another crew-member during his make over and found that quite charming.:: Look look. ::He gestured to the big mirror on the wall::  
::Kael walked over to the giant reflection panel and took herself in. The hologram did good work. She was impressed.::

Wilmer: Kickin'!

:: She giggled in childlike glee. It was something that she rarely did, but when she did it, it was always genuine.::

Georgio: Now listen, darling. This is a work of art. Georgio is possessive of his work and no other should lay hand on it. So when you want to refresh the colors, you come to auntie Georgio. Clear? 
::She saluted him.::

 Wilmer: Yes ma'am~!

Georgio: Fabulous. Now hop on, little dumpling and show your dad. He'll fall in love with it, I'm sure. 
::Kael was about to respond, when her commbadge went off.::
N. Wilmer: =/\= Cmdr. Wilmer to Cadet Wilmer, come in please. =/\=
::Kael was confused, but tapped her badge.::
oO How could he already know about my hair? Oo ::She wondered.::
Wilmer: =/\= Go ahead, dad.... =/\=
N. Wilmer: =/\= Could you report to our quarters? I have something very important to tell you. =/\=
::She couldn't even respond before he closed the comm. That was a bad sign. Her father only forgot pleasantries when the news was bad. Kael looked concerned as she made double time to their quarters.::
((TImeskip, exactly one hour, outside the academy classroom))
::It was horrible, it was terrible. The Delta Quadrant? What was he thinking? Why had he accepted that post aboard the Darwin?? She would have to leave everyone again. First her mother disappeared and she had to leave the Morningstar. Then the Apollo was decommissioned. Now they were leaving the Constitution for the Darwin??::
::She wondered if she would ever have a home that was permanent.::
::But before she left she had one more person to see, one last goodbye. She ran at breakneck speed from her quarters. She had to do something, had to say something before leaving. It felt like she was always leaving without saying proper goodbyes. But not this time. This time she was going to do it right. This time she was going to say how she felt.::
::Before long she was waiting outside the instruction room for academy training. She was the first one there, as she had hoped. She needed to catch him, but make time back to the shuttle bay before they were to depart. Her father had given her just enough time to say what she had to say. She didn't want him to have to call and remind her.::
::It was then that Oz walked up.::
::Kael sprinted over to him, as he came from half way down the empty corridor. She placed her index finger on his lips and stopped him from asking the next obvious question.::
Wilmer: Look Oz. Don't talk. Listen....
::She paused, somewhat out of breath.::
Wilmer: I swear if you say anything I'll lose my never, y'dig? ::She removed her finger.:: My dad accepted a new job in the Delta Quadrant. I guess he's mission specialist or something, on the USS Darwin. And I have to go with him. I don't want to, I want to stay. I love everybody on the Constitution. I love...
::She stopped herself. Edited herself, and then continued.::
Wilmer: You come and see me if you have a free semester between academy years, okay? And there's always subspace communication through the MIDAS array. That's better than nothing.....
::She leaned in, jumping up on tippy toes and kissed him full on the lips. It was her first. She had no boyfriend, ever. She often expressed no affection. But Oz deserved to know that he was less annoying than all the other boys.::
::She blushed in total embarrassment. And then, in true Kael fashion, she placed her favorite mask of boredom back on her face, and gave a two fingered twitch of the hand.::
Wilmer: C'ya round, dork...
::And she punched him in the shoulder. She would leave him no time to say goodbye. That would have been too hard. But that was the way she did things. That was the way she liked it. Anything else would have been not her, somehow.::
::She would see that boy again. She knew it.::
~Not the End~
((OOC - this will be my last sim aboard the Constitution. I have really enjoyed simming with everyone. And I will miss your writing Jess. You have been an awesome Captain, and I owe my growth as a writer to your excellent examples. See you all around the galaxy!))
Cadet Kael Wilmer

As simmed by the lovely

Lt. Cmdr. Nate Wilmer


USS Constitution-B


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