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Trained by the best: Rustyy Hael

StarBase 118 Staff

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Each month we interview a member of the Academy Training Team for insight on how our training works, and as recognition for all the hard work that goes into training new members each and every week of the year!

This month, we’re sitting down with Rustyy Hael, who joined the team as a Lieutenant, which is impressive! The minimum rank required to join the team is normally Lt. Commander, but Lieutenants can be proffered by their commanding officers if they show extraordinary promise.

WOLF: Hello, lieutenant! Can you tell us a little about yourself for the folks who may not know you?

Hael: Oh, there isn’t anything really too special to say. My name is Noelle and I am from Michigan, USA – where the weather can’t make up its mind, 90F one day 40F the next. In between SB and work I cook, doodle, farm, garden and play with animals. I race thoroughbred race horses and hope that it takes off one day to make a career out of it.

I have been a huge fan of Star Trek for as long as I can remember and then some. The original series will always have the top spot for me and my collect of Star Trek paraphernalia is spread out over an entire state because my husband won’t let me bring it all home from my parents’ house… One day!!

How did you learn about UFOP: SB118 in the first place, and what drew you to join our community?

GOOGLE! It was my first and only click, one and done. When I snooped around I found I really liked all the wiki pages. Like everyone had their own special page that added their uniqueness to the game as a whole. It also showed how dimensional and involved the game would be like.

I was also drawn in by everything that we do and how much interaction there is. It isn’t some dictatorship with a script, it’s way more involved than that and everyone is such a pinnacle piece, it really makes you feel useful and appreciated. That was the home run for me.

How long ago did you get involved with the Academy Training Team, and what was it like getting started?

It was, a while ago… And nerve racking!!! Every new position or task put a million butterflies into my stomach. But everything is laid out so clearly, that with some help and a few people pointing things out, I’ve grown rather comfortable and confident in being on the front lines for those joining us.

The best bit of advice I could have for anyone just joining this team is to take a deep breath and just be you. The rest is laid out step by step. But you are the key piece to bring in the newbies and making them feel warm and welcomed, and that goes a long way. I know it did for me!

What’s been your favorite part about training so far?

Everything! Being able to write with a variety of people I wouldn’t have otherwise had a chance too is pretty sweet. Meeting new people and making new friends every chance I can is awesome. Being that person that can watch new cadets turn into ensigns and grown, improve and shine, I enjoy that and being one who helped make that possible. That the top of the cake right there.

Are you working toward command?

That’s the general direction I am slinking towards. But not in a huge rush. I’ve found this adventure to be more enjoyable on the ride than the destination. Though the destination is pretty shiny.

Besides the Training Team, where else are you involved in the fleet, OOC?

Let’s see… I lend a hand in the History club – logging all of the history of SB and her past ships. From the people to their adventures. The top sims club – where I get to read sneak peeks into everyone’s ships. And recently took on dabbling with the species guild club – working on the wiki and forums… I’m pretty sure that’s it. 🙂

Thank you so much for your time — we’ll let you get back to training!

You can read more about Lt. Hael on the wiki, and learn more about joining the Academy Training Team on this page.

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