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Kidnapped Starfleet Fleet Captain rescued

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POUIYEOG REGION — After repelling a Numiri attack on Outpost Unity, the USS Darwin-A have rescued Fleet Captain Renos from the clutches of a traitorous former crewmember.

With the USS Darwin (NCC-99312-A) effecting hasty repairs after a tense battle in the defense of Outpost Unity against the Numiri, the Darwin crew was ready to start their search for the missing commanding officer, Flt. Capt. Renos. Retrieving the stranded senior officers that had helped to thwart a terrorist attack by a Numiri agent in disguise, the Darwin rendezvoused with the USS Endeavour, where they received an influx of new officers, including Ensign Christopher Lambert, some much needed material for ongoing repairs, and an exciting tip for their search. A merchant vessel had made contact with the ship believed to have Renos aboard, and the Darwin’s cat and mouse QSD chase was able to be shortened drastically.

Upon intercepting the strange ship that departed weeks earlier from Outpost Unity with Renos board, the Darwin was met with a firefight as the ship attempted to flee. The small ship seemed outgunned and overpowered by the larger Horizon class vessel until the Darwin’s shields mysteriously dropped and entered a locked diagnostic mode, leaving the Darwin defenseless. The intercept had happened in a system with degrading binary neutron stars, dumping gamma radiation and gravitic waves throughout the system. Without shields, radiation poisoning was a serious concern, and the effects of the burgeoning black hole precluded the use of transporters and tractor beams to capture the ship and retrieve Renos.

“We are sitting in a binary star system that, given time will become a black hole. At the moment it is putting out intense radiation. With no shielding we are being bombarded with it with only Darwin’s hull to protect us. We will need to find a way to protect ourselves more fully or else we will not be in any position to help the captain,” remarked Lieutenant Merrick R’Ven at the time.

Without the use of transporters, first officer Lt. Cmdr. Maxwell Traenor ordered a retrieval team to attempt to locate Renos via force, using a shuttle to board the other ship. Led by Lt. Cmdr. Varaan, the team managed to breach the ship after the Darwin pummeled the other ship to the point of shield failure.

Meanwhile, on the other ship, the two deviant hunters who had kidnapped Renos and were trying to break nem under psychotectic therapy were at odds over their situation. Iy, the traitor who had been ingratiated nemself to the Darwin crew for the past year, had been responsible for the sabotage on the Darwin that had caused its shields to fail. Zorel, who mistrusted Iy’s true loyalties from the start, accused Iy of purposefully failing in disabling the Darwin to allow Renos to escape. With Zorel threatening to kill Renos rather than allow nem to escape the clutches of the J’naii government, Iy was forced to kill nir fellow deviant hunter to save Renos’s life.

Finding the ship sparsely manned, the rescue team discovered an emaciated, tortured, and incoherent Renos next to the corpse of a deviant hunter and fled the J’naii vessel with nem before it was bombarded with a lethal level of gamma radiation. Iy, unknowing of this event but unable to save nir ship from the effects of the radiation and gravitic waves, was doomed as nir ship was drawn into the binary star’s gravity well with no hope of escape. With Renos rescued and nir abductors beyond justice, the Darwin limped home to Outpost Unity with its crew dejected over the state of their commanding officer and the betrayal by one they had called their own.

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