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StarBase 118 opens new commercial joint venture

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TRINITY SECTOR — Following the successful clean-up operation of a derelict area of StarBase 118, the Federation have entered an unusual external regeneration contract for the popular frontier station with the Lurtz Corporation.

Until recently, an area of StarBase 118 known as “The Below” had been little more than a rumour, with tales of shady deals and a darkened past with all access officially sealed off and classified. However, recent criminal activity pushed the area back into the light of day following a brief and extremely successful raid by a combination of the 292nd Marine Regiment and local law enforcement officers.

With the area now devoid of criminality, it seems that the Federation have decided to take a new approach when it comes to deciding what to do with the ill-fated area by reaching out to an external investor and contractor. Madame Lurtz, the Kobheerian who lists highly on the richest investors and traders of the quadrant, has won a tender to develop the large area of the station as prime real estate, promising a transformation into a “Venice of ancient Earth”-like area replete with canals and “traditional” architecture.

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