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Doyle crew in recovery as most wake from nightmare

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DEEP SPACE 285 — Now freed from a dream world, the crew of the USS Doyle have taken to Deep Space 285 for much needed morale restoration

There is still some mystery surrounding what happened on the USS Doyle that caused all of its crew to go to sleep. Reports have come in from various sources that during the time that the Doyle was out of communication, they were all engaged in a rather intense dream about the Old West era on Earth.

“It was strange,” said Karolina Cranford of the Starfleet Marines, who reported that people went missing in the dream. “I vaguely remember in one part of the dream Commander Cody being Sheriff, but I clearly remember reporting to Sheriff Danara.”

“But it was just a dream,” she added.

However, not everyone was as forthcoming about their experience.

“If you are looking for what happened on our latest mission, then you will have to talk to Starfleet Command,” said Lieutenant Commander Alexander Bishop. “I have something more important to do.”

“I guess you could say we’ve been living the dream,” joked Ensign Horatio Caine.

Yet not all was harmless in the dream. The crew of the Doyle is currently mourning the loss of one of their own. Colonel Nugra, the Gorn CO of the Doyle’s Marine Contingent sacrificed himself to orchestrate the crew’s safe exit from the overpowering dream world.

Nugra’s death is being mourned the only way his friends see fit and is being hosted on DS285 to allow the crew of the Doyle some space while those from all over the Federation come and pay their respects.

Since the crew’s return from the dream, there have been a few new faces, but one stood out more than most, a human male who calls himself John Nugra. This investigative reporter was unable to find out any information on the man other than he returned with the Doyle and was repeatedly blocked by JAG, but we won’t stop until we find out his connection with what happened on the ship the he arrived on.

Meanwhile, answers regarding what happened at the disastrous ball on Deep Space 285 have finally come to light. As was reported earlier, one of the patrons on the ball was suspected of drugging another officer. During the course of the interrogation, the suspect died. His interrogator Lieutenant Commander Lan Riel was taken into custody and at the request of Captain Selene Faranfey, held on the Doyle during the investigation. Last we heard there were charges pending regarding misuse of telepathy, manslaughter, and conduct unbecoming. There was talk from our source in JAG that they were looking at additional charges, including murder.

Through the course of their investigation, while the Doyle was out on their latest mission, JAG reviewed the case, examined the evidence and spoke to character witnesses for the officer. At the end of the day, the death was ruled in self-defense. Although there are some questions as to why, when released, the officer had been demoted to Lieutenant JG. We’ll keep you updated with what we uncover as to the cause of this demotion.

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