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MSPNPC Xoren - The Prize Awaits

Brayden Jorey

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(( Bridge- United Orion Starship Orion Glory, 2.9 hours from Duronis ))
:: Xoren looked out at the viewscreen, the faint dot reprsenting the USS Ashoka soon resolving itself into the image of a Defiant Class starship. Although still outside weapons range, Xoren knew the Defiant Class she was facing would be a formidable challenge, one she and her sister ship, the Orion Pride, would be more than willing to take on::
:: The tall Orion woman, thinner than most, with long brunette hair down her back, with piercing green eyes to match her green skin, had been more than happy to take on this last minute mission. Originally, her job was to rendezvous with the ship carrying the assassins, but that plan was now shelved due to their failure to complete their mission. Unlike Orions, those fools did not choose to kill themselves for their failure...instead, they were captured, and most likely now being interrogated. Xoren had been busy , her fleet raiding dilithium ships and stealing their cargo, stealing so much of it over the quadrant that there was now an acute shortage..and the Orions had cornered the market. Her exploits had made her rich, but not as rich as the commander of the three Orion ships now racing towards her prize::
::Her orders were to either kill or capture a Vulcan named Varaal, who was making his way to Duronis Two. She was also well aware that this was Quiana's territory, but The Council tasked her to deal with this threat. Hers was not to ask why...following orders had been very lucrative for her in the past, and she saw no reason for that to change.::
:: Closing on her target, her Communications Officer spoke::
Comm Officer: Commander...I am receiving a hail from the Federation starship...
Xoren: Put it on the speaker....
::The next voice she heard was that of the commander of the USS Ashoka::
Zhao:=/\= Orion vessels, this is Captain Marina Zhao of the USS Ashoka. We are on an emergency mission to the Federation Embassy at Duronis II.=/\=
:: Standard Starfleet claptrap...they always want to talk before fighting. Before her Coomm Officer could ask the next question, Xoren responded:
Xoren: Do not respond. Let them choke on silence....Tactical...charge weapons and go to battle alert...that will be our answer...
Tactical Officer: Yes, Commander....weapons charged...
:: Once again, the Federation starship hailed them::
Zhao:=/\= Orion vessels, we have detected that your weapons systems have already been activated. Stand down immediately or we will open fire upon reaching weapons range. You have been warned.=/\=
:: That was key. This Starfleet captain was going to open fire as soon as she had an opportunity. Her ships did not have the range of Starfleet weaponry..they were never meant to combat Starfleet vessels. It meant surviving the extra 50,000 kilometers range the Ashoka had on them, which meant the Ashoka would get off the first salvo. It meant a knife fight at extremely close range. Turning to her First Officer, a smaller Orion male named Seron, Xoren spoke::
Xoren: Order the Orion Pride to hold course and open fire when in range. 
Seron: Yes, Commander...
Xoren: Helm...put us on a parabolic course...increase speed to emergency...
Helm: Yes, Commander...
Seron: Your plan, Commander?
Xoren: As they engage the Pride,we will be swinging around and will fire directly into her amidships with all weapons. Then the two of us will swing around and make another pass. Once her shields are down, we will batter her into submission, then board her and take what we came for..
:: The First Officer pursed his lips. He was uncertain if the plan would work. He had seen the specs for the Defiant Class vessel they had once managed to have delivered into their hands, the USS Avenger. The ship was subsequently stolen back by Starfleet forces, but not before the Orions managed to build their own copy, which was destroyed during the 2389 invasion. He knew what the Defiant Class was capable of, and he was dubious that such a plan would work. Quietly, he spoke to his commander::
Seron: Commander..the initial assault must be flawless. That class of ship is extremely formidable. We will not get a second chance to effect an affirmative attack...
:: Feeling the deckplates slightly heel beneath her as the starship began its turn, Xoren spoke::
Xoren: Noted. Prepare your boarding forces. Do it quickly....
::Seeing that she was in no mood for contradiction, the Orion male nodded::
Seron: It shall be done....
::As Seron left the bridge, her Comm Officer spoke::
Comm Officer: Commander...the Ashoka is sending out a distress signal to the Embassy...
::Xoren snorted::
Xoren: The battle will be long over by the time help comes. Let them beg......
Tactical Officer: Twenty seconds before the Pride is in weapons range...
Xoren. All weapons ready...drop from warp in five seconds...three...two...one...
:: The starfield abruptly shifted to see the bulk of the Defiant Class showing Xoren her broadside. However, her tactical officer called out a warning::
Tactical Officer: Commander! They are firing on the Pride!
:: Inwardly, Xoren  cursed the heavens. When the Pride dropped from warp she should have been firing. Instead, the Ashoka got off the first shots, a white hot flash emanating from the Pride's engineering section:: 
::The Glory shuddered as she fired a full spread of photon torpedoes and raked the Ashoka with phaser fire::
United Orion Starship Orion Glory
As simmed by:
Major Hannibal Tiberious Parker
Marine CO
Acting Chief Of Security
USS Thunder-A/ Duronis II Embassy
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