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PNPC LtJG Loleh Rejock- There is a season...


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((Restaurant, Starbase 11))

::Loleh sat alone at a tiny table located in the corner of the restaurant. The whole place had a quaint feel to it. There was a mixture of different cultures, which made sense as the restaurant specialized in serving famous dishes from different Federation worlds. Surprisingly, she had found a traditional Al-Leyan dish on the menu. Despite her instinct telling her not to try it, she couldn't help but get a taste of home. She specifically requested that they make it for a native. Similar to the Thai dishes on Earth, she found that most places replicated Al-Leyan dishes at a much lower spice level for non-natives.

::Before her, she held a PADD with an old book called "Night". It was dark and sad, but she found herself intrigued in learning more about Earth's dark history. The fact was most species had their own dark histories. Her own still lived in the idea of conformity. Of course, there was always their history with the Klingons as well. She took a sip of water and read as she waited for her food to arrive.::

Waitress: Excuse me, miss. Your food is ready!

::Loleh had not even noticed the woman approaching. She couldn't even smell the food before her, but she smiled just the same. Clearing her area for the dish, Loleh nodded to the woman.::

Rejock: Thank you. Is this made for my tastes?

Waitress: Yes, they assured me it was much stronger than usual.

Rejock: Thank you so much!

::As she took the first taste, she was happy to have it be almost exactly how she remembered it. Of course, her mind wandered back to the time that Lan had tried her food. ::

Rejock: oO Oh Lan.. Oo

::It was then that it struck her. It couldn't possibly be! Was it her season? Already?! She had no desire to procreate, but if it was her season, it would only get worse. The problem was mating outside her species was frowned upon. Loleh never gave it much thought because she didn't see the need in mating. There were many others out there having children, why should she? But maybe that was about to change...::
PNPC Lieutenant junior grade Loleh Rejock
Science Officer- Astrophysicist
USS Constitution-B
as played by:


Lieutenant Commander T'Mar

First Officer

USS Constitution-B

Community History Team Co-Facilitator/Training Officer

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