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Starbase 118 Operations on leave following dangerous mission

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STARBASE 118 — Following continued efforts to rid the Trinity Sector of a dangerous criminal element, the senior staff of Starbase 118 took a well-earned shore leave.

For the last several months, the senior staff of Starbase 118’s famed Operations Tower have been attempting to combat a rise in criminal elements within the station and its surrounding space, chiefly a cartel known as the Jenatris Confederation and a wanted fugitive by the name of Chennel. Last month these efforts resulted in the death of Marine Captain Raymond Hughes who gave his life so that Chennel’s associates, the Orion Oma-Saan and a Pelian by the name of Janker, could be brought to justice.

Following the two’s capture and subsequent transfer into Federation custody, life aboard the station has slowly returned to normal. In a stunning display of unity, the station’s Starfleet crew came together to mourn the loss of their fallen comrade in a moving service led by the station’s Marine CO Major Tatash. The following evening took a different tone when the senior staff attended the housewarming party of the station’s CAG Lieutenant Antero Flynn, who has moved into a beachfront house on the Little Risa island in the station’s Commercial Sector. The station also played host to Captain Jalana Rajel, who surprised station CO Sal Taybrim with a promotion to the rank of Captain.

“Captain Taybrim’s promotion is well earned, overdue and sends a clear message to the criminal elements in local space that Starfleet is taking the threat they posed very seriously,” said station press liaison AJ Craig. “We have routed the station of the Jenatris Confederation’s influence, and we will continue to come down hard on them wherever they appear.”

When asked whether the Operations Tower had any leads on where the fugitive Chennel is, Craig simply replied with “no comment.”

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