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Federation Achievement Assessment achieving very little

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EARTH — With the 80th anniversary of the Federation Achievement Assessment, some now are questioning the usefulness of the standardized test taken by billions of Federation children.

Created by the Federation Curriculum and Assessment Authority, the Federation Achievement Assessment (FAA) is described by its creators as “simply” a general achievement test that lasts a maximum of five hours long and involves two written tasks and 100 multiple choice questions, assessing students’ general knowledge and skills in written communication, mathematics, science, technology, the arts, and social sciences. The FAA is included in the derived scores for university entry assessment processes, though not directly. The test is also used frequently in individual school assessment and has been described as an “insurance policy” for students.

Students will participate in the required assessment this time next week, and while not all schools in the Federation participate in the FAA testing program, 70% are involved in the testing and subsequent scoring.

Despite the test’s longevity, concerns parents and teachers alike have about the FAA seem to be growing in scale to when it was first introduced eighty years ago.

“We’re using an outdated scoring system. Bajoran schools who have only just involved themselves in the Federation’s education system wouldn’t even know where to start,” says council member Barshek Veiar of the Bolian Plus Education schools. “We’re far past actually using it to determine entry to additional learning.”

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