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Lieutenant John Valdivia: Unexpected visit


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((Holodeck 1, USS Darwin-A))

:: Valdivia had initially meant to come back to Camelot, check how the population was doing against the dragon. He knew the creature was programmed not to attack the city itself, so they were mostly safe, but the simulation could have interesting points for every character involved. The city would go on. But would Lancelot or Gawain? Would any of the knights decide to take on the dragon? He wanted to know, but he would also feel bad going in without at least telling Varaan, whether he decided to join or not. Also, although that would be easily solvable, there was the matter of his knee. He didn't want to strain it, and while it wouldn't be necessary for his role as Merlin, it was certainly a risk. ::

:: So he ended opening a normal program, just a random mountain setting, where he could don his modding gauntlet to enjoy the environment. He summoned a platform, stood on it, and used the developer commands of the program to make it fly, so he could move around the recreated environment freely to find nice spots. He flew around, thinking on all that had happened recently. The captain's situation, and specially Iy's betrayal, hit hard on everyone onboard, and yet they had to move on with little opportunity for healing. For wasn't it a bit selfish to demand time for healing for everyone else when the captain had to still make nir process, yet ne personally brought the Darwin back home? ::

:: But everyone had their own processes. Valdivia was not a sentimental one. He was not hiding and crying over what had happened, nor was he even wanting to and resisting the urge. But it affected him in more subtle ways. He had seen three people he had never met onboard the Darwin already, possibly engineers on repairs, and he had had to resist the urge to scan them and confirm they were their apparent races and not J'naii hunters in hiding. ::

COMPUTER: You have a request for holodeck access.

Valdivia: Uh? From whom?

:: With a movement of his hand he stopped his movement and turned the platform towards where he came. Which was actually a rather foolish movement as the computer would place the holodeck archway in a closer position and possibly orientation, too. The fact was he ahd no idea where it was. ::

COMPUTER: Martha Williams, civilian.

Valdivia: WHAT??? Granted.

:: Martha Williams? She was here? She was the engineer that took the Mainardi project after Valdivia had rejoined Starfleet. But she was much more than that. While they had worked together, they had had a very involved relationship. He loved her deeply. Not in a forming a family and growing old together kind of way, but more in a local, passionate and burning way. Like a comet, passing each others lives from time to time, and enjoying every moment of it, and then saying goodbye, or more precisely 'until next time'. They both knew they could not be together for too long. He wanted to travel and explore. She resented the fact he had joined the military to do that. And she preferred to stay put and build new things, while Valdivia had spend his years in a static office looking out at the stars and checking the fleet news.. ::

:: The archway appeared in a plain and the doors hissed open. Valdivia slowly descended the platform, with his mouth open in surprise, not knowing what to do or say. ::

Williams: Hey! Glad to see you.

Valdivia: Glad to... yes, yes. Welcome aboard the Darwin! What are you...?

Williams: Doing here? Just passing by.

:: She laughed. He loved when she laughed, she was beautiful. And, of course, there was the humor on the answer. Passing by? The Darwin was not even in the same quadrant, there was literally nowhere in federation space that she could be going that had her passing by Outpost Unity. And yet, there she was. ::

Williams: Are you still there? 

:: Valdivia finally snapped out of his surprise. ::

Valdivia: Yes! Yes. But I'm still surprised. You could have told me.

Williams: And missed this moment? No way!

:: She towards the forest for a bit, and summoned her own modding gauntlet. Although with different focuses, one of the hobbies that joined them at the start was holoprogramming. He smiled seeing her violet bright one. ::

Williams: A race?

:: One thing Valdivia enjoyed, and had showed Martha back on Regulus III, was real time modding. He had the program running, and used modding tools and admin privileges on the fly to modify it. Just run around a forest, and then use a programmed motion to extend a tree, or move a branch into reach, create steps in front of him, move a body of water... on Regulus III they used to run freely through holodecks using this. ::

Valdivia: I met an engineer used to run, and we designed a game where jhe would run through the forest and I tried to catch her. But jhe left some time ago... Well, anyway, not this time. I got hurt on the last mission.

Williams: What happened?

:: Valdivia sighed, and started walking towards the forest slowly. ::

Valdivia: A lot...

:: Valdivia proceeded to explain the mission. At least the non-confidential parts. And having to withhold information from her was a bit uncomfortable for him. But other than that, he opened to her again, after more than a year of just talking through subspace channels, and occcasionaly at that. ::

Valdivia: But bottom line is, no running for a few days.

((Flashback - CSO's office))

R'Ven: Thank you. However there is another matter. . . . 

:: They had been discussing the officer situation onboard the Darwin, since after the events related to the Machine, R'Ven was uncomfortably thinking his position might be in doubt. Valdivia assured him that was not the case, and the Rodulan seemed to accept that. But if there was another matter, maybe not so much. ::

R’Ven: . . . You have injured your knee. Have you sought medical attention?

:: The question disconcerted Valdivia for a moment. What had the knee to do with anything? It took him a couple of seconds to realize he was only showing his worry for a fellow officer. ::

Valdivia: Yes, and yes. I dislocated it when we were hit. And I had Doctor Pond tend to it.

:: When the Rodulan looked back into his eyes Valdivia realized he had been looking at the injured knee. Did his transformation (for lack of a better word) give him better senses? It was worth studying, at some point. But, excited as he was to study him, Valdivia wanted to make an effort to avoid having R'Ven feeling like a lab specimen. :: 

R’Ven: I would expect that you have been given the requisite pain relievers for your injuries?::

Valdivia: Yes, indeed.

R’Ven: Excellent. Under Doctor Pond's ministrations I am sure that you will have a short recovery time. 

:: Valdivia offered a warm smile. Lately R'Ven had been a bit distant, one could say even hostile towards Lambert at first. Now he knew why, and R'Ven was even approaching again. Valdivia, as the Chief Science Officer, felt a weight being lifted off the department's shoulders. ::

Valdivia: Yes. Relative rest during this Shore Leave and it should be good. Thanks for asking.

:: That gave the conversation for closed, and R'Ven stood, ready to leave. ::

R’Ven: Well sir, unless you have something else for me I will take my leave.

Valdivia: Not, that will be all. And thanks for coming to me with this. Enjoy the shore leave.
((End Flashback))
Valdivia: So... maybe a quieter plan? Computer, set simulation to night time.

Williams: I think I like where this is going... 
Lieutenant John Valdivia Chief Science Officer - USS Darwin NCC-99312-A
PotW facilitator
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