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Lieutenant Jg Logan – PADDs … Thou Scourge of Yonder Never-ending


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((Deck 11, Security offices, USS Darwin – A, On route to Outpost Unity))


::The mission was over.. well the ‘recover the Captain’ one was anyway, it was something that was always a little awkward for the Assistant Security Chief, trained as he had been to view everything he did as almost a mission in its self. His Boot Camp Sargent always maintained that there was only ever one mission, and that was ‘Yourself’. If you worked that mission to your full ability then wherever you were or whatever you were tasked to do made little difference, as ‘Your’ mission meant the rest would fall into place. So as it was they had returned from the ‘Rescue the Captain’, then had become involved in the de-booby trapping of the Darwin, all the explosives had been returned to the Armory and all of theirs and the borrowed ones from the Outpost had been accounted for. In addition the extra cargo netting and wires and buckets, along with the small bulkhead magnets were placed back into the cargo manifests… which brought a chuckle to him at the expense of Karami the Bactrican quartermaster::


Logan oO I wonder how she’s managing to record them, mono filament wire, cargo netting,…buckets…!!!! ….. ha ha ha. Good job we didn’t tell her it’s for dumping water on an enemy boarder Oo


::As traps went … it was a little primate more along the lines of a child’s prank, but when stopping or slowing an enemy soldier any advantage is a good one …. Especially if it also had soap in it wonderful for stinging the eyes::


Logan ::Picking up a PADD and making a note::  oO Must remember to get some more when on Unity, Fulp the Lurian merchant has some good ones that sting well Oo it brought another chuckle to him thinking of Karami logging them as …. Liquid soap ???? Oo


::The irony was that Kurt hated pranks, he had had his fair share directed his way before ……. An understanding was reached … to leave him out of it, he considered them somewhat unfunny and a complete waste of time, still he liked to hear of as many as he could to add to his collection in case such things could be adapted for a better use::


Logan ::Tapping his Comm badge:: oO Now that the ship is clear, I’d better inform the Engineering before I have Engineers battering Security for taking its time Oo =/\=Lieutenant Logan to Commander Varaan =/\=


Varaan =/\= Go ahead, lieutenant. =/\=


::The background noise indicated the Darwin’s Chief Engineer was in main engineering right next to the warp core::


Logan =/\= Sir, just to inform you Security has swept the Darwin and it’s all clear, your Engineers can work unhindered =/\=


::In reality this Conversation wasn’t strictly necessary as the Vulcans Engineering teams had moved into the areas as the Security had cleared the section’s, but ‘The mission is Yourself’, he had said he would let the Commander Know so he would let him know plus if he didn’t then he would have him contacting Security instead::


Logan oO Much easier this way Oo


Varaan =/\= Thank you, lieutenant. =/\=


Logan =/\= Pleasure Commander, and the Security Officers are on standby by if you require extra maintenance personnel =/\=


::Kurt had made the offer while they were both in sickbay Commander Varaan had indicated that they probably not needed, but he offered again to indicate they were there if needed::


Varaan =/\= Again, thank you, Mr. Logan. However, that will not be necessary. =/\=


Logan =/\= Understood Sir, Logan out =/\=


::Picking up one of the myriad PADD’s on his desk Kurt deleted the first line of the to do list, the list extended several pages::


Logan oO Wonderful, oh yes here’s your new rank and position, you’ll find rank has it’s privilege…. Yeah the privilege of knowing how to write a report that’s more than two paragraphs long … oh yes some privilege …. So what’s next on the list..Oo


 Logan: Talk to Ensign Watkins , and Petty Officer Cardin re Commander Icavoc … what ???


::Checking the entry, as he didn’t remember putting that down at all, Kurt found that it was a request filed to him by the two named. The Commanders injury was no secret, the ins and outs of it were, but the fact he had no hand wasn’t difficult to find out as he had talked to each member of the Security and Tactical department before their confrontation with the J’naii ship, but what could they want. The Computer verified that they were both still at their desks within the reception area of the Security section. Picking up several PADD’s Kurt headed for the door::


Logan oO I have to head elsewhere anyway so I’ll talk to them outside Oo


::The reception area was empty other than Ensign Watkins who was the first port of call for anyone walking into the section who could then be directed to whoever they wished to see, the medium build five foot eight dark haired Ensign looked up as Kurt walked into his field of vision::


Watkins: Sir


::Like Kurt he had grown up on a colony world, unlike Kurt it had not been cut off from the rest of the federation due to oversight and lack of records but had remained a part of the ever expanding Federation canvas of space. The faintest hint of a dialect sounded through his words, not as pronounced as when Dr Cook got excited and his Scottish heritage made every words different while simultaneously gargling with nails::


Cardin: Sir


::The Petty Officers voice also acknowledged his presence, the Ops Seconded personal assistant come proof reader, alarm clock, diary and walking knowledge bank of protocols was sat at a desk in the corner, well in truth any place would have been in the corner given the shape of the area. The reception area had not been designed to accommodate two people for any length of time, so at least for now she would have to make do. Today she had her dark brown hair loose which being just longer than shoulder length framed her face as she looked up. It had been good to know that she hadn’t been injured in any of the confrontations they had had recently she was……::


Logan oO ….. To good an Officer to loose yes that was it too good to loose Oo


Watkins: Can we help Sir?


Logan: urm… Yes, yes this message that you sent regarding Commander Icavoc’s injury ?


::Officer Cardin stood from behind her desk and walked over to stand beside the Ensign::


Watkins: Well sir, we heard of the Commanders injury, and after looking up … well … that he… is …


Cardin: Basically a tree


::It was a thing he liked about the Petty Officer, she was smart, singularly brilliant at what she did, good looking and straight forward with the ability to say things as they were without them sounding offensive::


Cardin: So the whole team put their heads together to get the Commander a present so to speak


Watkins: Nodding he bent down and retrieved a small box from the desk draw and placed it on the desk top, lifting the lid off it revealed a pair of mid forearm type gloves:: Their fire resistant sir while still retaining full tactile use, consoles… PADD’s etc


::Kurt picked one of the gloves up feeling how lightweight it was::


Cardin: The team thought it would help bring him back sir


Logan:: A broad smile crossed his face:: These are a brilliant idea, only one thing missing ::Looking at the two now puzzled faces looking at him :: Get everyone from both sections to put their names on a card the Commander deserves to know how everyone feels, once that’s done then we shall present it to him.


::Leaving the two Officers to arrange that Kurt headed out towards the Turbolift and his next item the Shuttlecraft Cristobal::


((Deck 8, Main Shuttle Bay))


::Despite the damage to the ship the Main Shuttle bay had remained pretty much undamaged, leading to the bay being also used as a small storage area for equipment to be used both inside the ship but also readied to be ferried outside once the ship dropped out of slipstream drive and arrived back at the Outpost. As an almost nod to Commander Icavoc’s injury several wall mounted screens had blown out which also made the undamaged bay feel a little surreal. Laying his hand a bulkhead just inside the door Kurt looked around the bay::


Logan: I bet you’d like to get back to what your built for wouldn’t you where the only danger comes from binary stars, and the only damage is me trying to punch hole in a bulkhead…. You and me both…..


::Giving the wall a small pat headed of towards one of the two type 11 Shuttle’s they had on board, the Cristobal other than being moved from where it had landed after returning with the Captain, and having the extra weapons and equipment removed, was untouched. Activating the door Kurt stepped inside and sat on the pilot’s seat placing his PADD’s onto the co-pilots seat in the unlit cockpit, the light from the Shuttlebay was sufficient to see by but Kurt wasn’t here to sit and admire the view, running his hands over the console in front of him he powered up the internal systems. Shuttles were a ubiquitous part of federation life and as such there were few people who couldn’t fly one as the basic controls were the same for starship runabouts, Shuttlecraft, civilian shuttle craft even starships themselves, however that’s where the similarities ended the basic controls maybe the same, idiot proof was how one instructor had mentioned,  there was a big difference between being able to fly one from A to B to just get there and do a Shayne or Varaan with one. Kurt was the former,  yes he had flown Marine drop ships, but after being told that although they had the name of drop ships didn’t mean that you flew them as such and dropped them to the ground from any height he had tried as a combat pilot for close in fight support….. and the less said about his Commanding Officers missing top floor of his house the better::


::Operating the internal systems of the Shuttle had little chance of doing anything quite as drastic as that, as the consoles came to life and began to light up the internal lights flicked on. Knowing that they would be seen from the control booth and any power activation whether visible or not would show on the booth’s control panels Kurt reached over and activated the Comm circuit::


Logan =/\= Lieutenant Logan, Shuttle craft Cristobal to Shuttlebay control =/\=


Control =/\= Control Here Lieutenant, you’re on the order list for a shuttle  Sir =/\=


::Kurt could almost see the concentration as the control officer tried to find the words to tell a senior officer that he wasn’t due for that shuttle, not letting the duty officer wait Kurt signalled back::


Logan =/\=Correct control, I’m not taking the Shuttle out but downloading logs from the internal systems, will inform you when I’ve finished and powered down the shuttle =/\=


Control =/\= Understood Lieutenant, Control out =/\=


::Pulling up the logs Kurt found the only activation was there’s which made things easier, the internal records only started from when they were already seated in the Shuttle and he had given Dr Pond the screamer for her to use. Copying everything from the internal computer storage Kurt moved to the back where the seating was a little more comfy and finalised his away team report adding the internal and external sensor data to it. Re reading it to verify he had left nothing out Kurt uploaded it to the Main Computer and sent it to Commander Icavoc for his operational reviews, he had no doubt that it would be returned needing alterations and amendments but at least for now that was another thing of his to do list, but as soon as he did that another thing went on it… personnel reviews as his Department Chief was still off duty the after action performance reviews would also need to be done by him. Between his to do list and the investigation of the death of Lieutenant Janel Tarna Kurt wasn’t sure how much shore leave would be have::


Lieutenant Jg Kurt Logan - Assistant Security Chief
USS Darwin, NCC - 99312 - A

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