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Invicta recuperates after Nygelian possessions

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NYGEL II — The crew of the USS Invicta have taken a well-deserved breath after the possessions, damage, and injuries caused to the vessel, no thanks to an ancient civilization known as the Nygelians.

With a relic known as the Repository returned to the planet and the memories and experiences of the aliens with it, the Invicta had all but returned to normal. Engineering crews are working to repair the damage to the vessel, and the crew are recuperating.

“Repairs should be completed fairly soon. We’re a bit delayed at the moment. Most of the staff were affected with memory loss, so we’re all handling it in various ways,” said Petty Officer Angeline Loupaz, an engineer aboard Invicta.

Meanwhile, Counselor Raissa Moonsong and her department have had their hands full with back-to-back appointments from those needing counseling sessions to deal with the aftermath of the ordeal.

However, a Nygelian entity, referring to herself as “Lohti,” was somehow transferred from chief engineer Lt. Cmdr. Luna Walker’s mind into the matrix of the Invicta’s holodecks, now equipped with a holographic body. After a lengthy discussion among the senior staff, the crew decided it would be best to transfer Lohti back to the planet with her own holodeck systems while Starfleet Command and the Federation Science Council continue to assess the situation.

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