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TOS characters in future ST series

Brayden Jorey

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So I'm finally getting around to watching the TOS and just had my mind blown watching LtCmdr Ann Muhall (TOS) senior most female character in TOS. I knew that voice! The actress Diana Muldaur then goes on to play Dr. Pulaski on the TNG. So now I'm curious, anyone pick up any other TOS secondary characters going on to play roles in other ST series?




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Well, I know of a couple...

First, we have the three original Klingons- Kor, Koloth and Kang- reprise their roles in Star Trek Deep Space 9: "Blood Oath." Kor would be seen in one or two episodes after this.



We also have Mark Lenard, who played both Spock's father, Sarak, and an unnamed Romulan commander in "Balance of Terror". He was seen in Star Trek TNG, in the episode "Unification". I believe it was Part 1.

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Majel Barrett Roddenberry also springs to mind. While I'm more familiar with her in the role of Lwaxana Troi (or lending her voice to Starfleet computers far and wide), she also played Christine Chapel and Christopher Pike's unnamed Number One in TOS before that. 

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