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Doctor Alexander Bishop - Broken

Dizmim ChNilmani

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(( Doctor's Office, Reverie Rock ))
:: Bam Bam had left and Alex sat in his office trying to see what he could and could not control. He also went over the details he could remember of the last 3 days. Time didn't move quite right and his realization that he was in a dream intrigued him. He had tried to wake up, but for some reason, he couldn't. ::
Faranfey: Alex, darling. :: She said as she entered the office, putting the rifle carefully on the table. ::
:: Alex turned to see Selene, her clothing changed and the signs of pregnancy gone. His heart sank, but he kept the appearance of everything being alright with his emotions. He smiled at her. He needed to keep up the ruse. It was only a matter of time before they all figured it out. It was getting dangerous. ::
Bishop: Hello sweetie, I trust all is well.
Faranfey: We're in a dream world, this is all fantasy. You are my Chief Medical Officer on a Federation starship.
Bishop: Of course I am.
:: As Selene drew close to him, Alex also wrapped his arms around her and returned her kiss. ::
Faranfey: You are also my fiance, having proposed to me at a big celebration. Please say you remember that?
Bishop: It's all coming back to me. :: Alex lied. ::
Faranfey: I need to remind the rest of the crew of who they are, so we can work on a way to get home and plan our wedding... that way we can remember all the fun details.
Bishop: oO These were the fun details. Oo You go and be yourself. Just don't leave me in here when it's time to finally leave.
:: Alex waited for Selene to leave before he cried. He knew that it wasn't possible for him to get her pregnant, but he would spend eternity here if it meant having that life with her. But he knew he could never let anyone know. ::
Dr Alexander Bishop
Town Doctor
Reverie Rock
As written by:
Lt Commander Alexander Bishop - C239112AB0
Chief Medical Officer
USS Doyle-A, NCC-90221-A
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