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Col Nugra & MSNPC Lucky - Beginning of the End

Dizmim ChNilmani

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(( Saloon - Reverie Rock ))

:: The parasite’s avatar, Scorpion walked into the saloon with a face of sheer triumph. Nugra knew the thing realized he found the source of the dreamworld and the moment of truth had arrived.

Scorpion: After all these eons, I have finally found you. Hiding as a simple drunk. How ingenious.

Lucky: We all knew this day was coming.

:: Nugra glared from the dirty drunk to the bandit who stood in the doorway of the saloon. The energy in the room had intensified and an imaginary heat could be felt basking on his face. It was clear now that Scorpion was the embodiment of the parasite while this entity that the parasites were attacking had Lucky as the host whose immune system was fighting them. ::

Nugra: If I take him out, we can go home, yes?

Lucky: Yes.

:: Was it instinct? Was it irritation? Was it even heroic and selfless? All Nugra knew was that Lucky had told him that Scorpion was the man standing in the way of Talia and her son. There was only one thing he could do. Nugra turned and began to walk determined towards Scorpion. The man raised an eyebrow in surprise. ::

Scorpion: And what do you think you're doing?

Nugra: Removing you.

:: Nugra looked at his captain. The woman he had known for so many years as Sundassa Faranster, who had become the haunted Selene Faranfey. They had been through a lot together and the understanding that what had to be done would protect her and the crew she loved so much. There was also Kaji who stared at him with her large, beautiful eyes. ::

Nugra: ::smiling:: Go find Ben. I'll be fine.

:: It was a lie. He knew that and Talia would know that. It didn't matter as her life was now more important than anything. ::

Nugra: Alright you [...]. Time for you to die.

:: Scorpion laughed as Nugra picked up his pace striding across the floor. ::

Scorpion: I can't die you fool.

:: From a walk to a charge, Nugra caught Scorpion by surprise in the chest and carried him through the door and on to the ground in front of saloon. Scorpion swung and connected to the lizard's face. To the Gorn's surprise, it took him off the man and across the street. Scorpion hopped up with irritated sigh and brushed himself off. ::

Scorpion: There is no way you can defeat me.

:: He was right. The parasite was an energy creature that was feeding off of another. The only reason the lizard could even see him was because they were trapped in the REM world created by the Dream Master. They were feeding off his memories. ::

oO Memories. Oo

:: That was it. The parasites were focusing their energy on consuming the Dream Master and it was what was keeping the entity from shaking off and getting away. Nugra knew what he had to do. ::

Nugra: I don't need to defeat you. I just need to distract you.

:: Focusing the will of his entire species on the thought of Scorpion, he summoned the memories of those who inhabited him. He thought deep of the alternate Nugra whose memories were imprinted on him when the USS Thunder broke through a singularity, he focused on the nightmares of Krr'Sakk the Admiral of Skulls, a horrible split personality he developed while trapped in the singularity. He touched the memories of the being that lived inside of him since 2381. The Gorn took it all and mentally threw it at Scorpion. ::

:: At first, the Gorn did not know if anything was happening, but then he saw the shock and stumble of the parasite's avatar. The memories had hit hard. ::

oO Come on. Take a nibble! O

Scorpion: Fine! If you're going to waste your life, then so be it. Your memories are going to be mine!

:: The world around Nugra changed as Scorpion changed into a nightmarish creature of phantom shadows and teeth. The Gorn felt the terror of the entity as it lunged at him and he felt the cold, icy, fangs sink into his mind. It was done. Now it was time to allow the rest of his body to do its job. What Scorpion did not know was that when Nugra first joined the Gorn Space Navy in 2369, he had been attacked by a mind sucking probe and the doctor figure a way to freeze his engrams in place. Scorpion realized this as Nugra felt the being impact on unmovable memories. Nugra felt the creature shatter into a million pieces while his own thoughts and consciousness broke along with it. It was like two pieces of crystal being collided together. ::

:: Falling to his knees and looking up towards the sky,  the Gorn saw a figure beckoning him forward. He recognized her from the writings of his religion, the Pale Goddess that defended the gates of oblivion from being opened. Nugra knew that death had finally found him and that she saw him worthy to join the ranks of those who fought by her side. Peace filling his mind, he saw his friends of old Korvek, Merida, Tallis Rhul, and even his young brother Morg waiting for him along the alabaster roads. For a second, he thought about the beautiful woman he left behind, but he was happy she was now safe. He had achieved what he wanted. To keep her safe and now he was home. ::

:: For the first time in 364 years, Nugra was at peace. ::

~The End~

Colonel Nugra
Marine Commanding Officer
USS Doyle-A, NCC-80221-B
Podcast Team Facilitator
Deputy Commandant
Captain's Council Magistrate
Provisional Fleet JAG Officer

Dream Master
Reverie Rock

as simmed by

LtCmdr Talia Kaji
First Officer
USS Doyle-A, NCC-80221-A


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