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Cpt Jalana Laxyn - Sending a 'letter'


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"To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart."
~ Phyllis Theroux

(( Trill - Laxyn Residence )) 

:: While being in space it was easy to forget about time. Boardtime did not replace the sight of dawn and sunsets, the biological clock used to find its rhythm. On a starship that clock took a while to adjust and slowly began to use shifts instead. The problem with that was, that once the body was used to that, it was difficult to pull out again. So it could happen easily that once one sat foot on their home planet after a long time gone, the body did not agree with day and night cycles any more. :: 

:: This was what happened to Jalana. After years away from Trill, she had arrived in her own felt midday which had been actually early night on Trill. So she had eaten late and talked for a little while with her mother who needed someone to keep her company. Afterwards she had retreated into her father's study. As soon as she entered it felt like she was sixteen again. Nothing had changed in the dark overpowering room, filled with dark wooden bookshelves, packed with knowledge of several lifetimes. Her father had never been joined so he had convinced himself he had to learn as much as possible to have a shot against the combined knowledge of a host. The same dark wood went through the whole furnishing, combined with black leather on the seating arrangements and dark green leather on top of the overloaded desk of a hard worker. :: 

:: It had taken a while in the big threatening chair behind the desk until Jalana had stopped thinking about that it was her father's and she had no room in here, while she went through his medical file. It had been a gut-wrenching experience. It was a miracle that his doctors had not force checked him into a hospital or a spa. The red headed Trill had gone through everything and filled half an old-fashioned notebook with notes and thoughts when she finally closed it and turned her head to the blinds in front of the window, rays of light shining through them. :: 

:: She rubbed over her face and along her neck to the back of it to massage it slightly. It reminded her of the time when she'd been a practising Medic. Long nights, little sleep, forgetting to eat and stubborn patients. What a time that had been. She missed it sometimes. :: 

:: She now leaned back and brushed her hand through her hair. What a long night it had been. Sometimes when everything became to quiet she had gone into the master bedroom to check on her father, but he had slept well through the night. She had just been so focused on her work, that the constant beeping of the vitals had become background noise which at some point she had not heard any more. It happened easily, but it hadn't made her less nervous to not hear the mechanical heart beat indications any more. :: 

:: She herself should get some sleep, but she was not sure if she could actually find the rest she needed for that. Maybe she should check how the supply run on the Constitution was going, but then thought T'Mar would possibly think Jalana didn't believe her to be able to do that simple task. So she scratched that thought. Her mind wandered to Jerry. They had a really nice time together when she had been called away and just now she realized, how she regretted that. Biting her bottom lip she looked to her father's computer and reached out to establish a connection with Jerry's personal terminal. :: 

:: She was not really surprised to be notified that nobody picked up. He most likely was working or enjoying himself in a holodeck. So she decided to just send a message, not realizing that the dark shadows around her eyes and a slightly paler complexion than she already head would make her look exhausted. With the press of a button, she started the recording. :: 

Rajel: Hi Jerry. ::A tired smile tugged at the corners of her mouth.:: I finally have a few moments to think of anything other than my father and I want to apologize to drop you like this. ::She raised her hand slightly as if to interrupt him, even though they did not talk in real time.:: I know you understand and you would want me to focus on this. But I have enjoyed spending time with you and hope we can continue that once I'm back. My father is at home and he has slept ever since I arrived. I went through his file and want to slap the doctors for not making him retire, but then I realize that he would never follow a doctor's order anyway. 

:: Once more Jalana's hand ran through her hair, getting stuck halfway in a nest of knots and she sighed, pulling her hand back and tried to hide that strand behind her ear. :: 

Rajel: And of course I called you looking like a mess. Well, guess you owe me a messy look of yours now. I hope the supply run doesn't cause any problems and make sure T'Mar is taking breaks she has a habit of getting lost in work and believe she doesn't need rest. ::Raising a hand to her mouth she hid a yawn and wondered if the same went for her.:: Sorry about that. It's been a long night. The sun is coming up now and I have not slept, because my body is on Conny time. I should catch up on that a little, before my father wakes up. I have yet to speak with him, so ... ::She had not told him about the tension between her and her father, and not the moment to do that now. :: ... that'll be something. I'll talk to you soon I hope. 

:: She tiredly smiled into the camera one more time and pressed the key to end recording. She quickly put in the destination of her message and sent it off. She felt too exhausted to go to her bedroom, so she leaned back in the big chair and closed her eyes. Just a few minutes. Or a few more... :: 


Captain Jalana Rajel
Commanding Officer
USS Constitution B
Image Team Facilitator

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