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Lt. Mirra Ezo & Lt. Antero Flynn - Big Trouble in Little Risa

Sal Taybrim

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((Flynn’s Beach House - Little Risa))


::Mirra Ezo laid on the ground, with her hair spread out in a fan around her head like a fiery halo. The last few days had been difficult, to say the least, and her empathic senses felt battered and bruised. With her eyes closed, she focused on her breathing in an attempt to recharge. While normally she would wander through the lush green of Central Park in the New York district, she currently found herself lounging on a beach towel, her bare toes digging into the warm sand as the artificial tide ebbed and flowed just below her..


She had come to track down a specific Risian...who for the last few days had made an art of avoiding her. Mirra had respected his need for space...to a point. Now it was just clear avoidance. It was time for action. She knew Flynn had just moved into a beach house in little Risa, and with a little bit of investigation, and a small amount of flirtation with the quartermaster, she found out his new address. So, while waiting for him to come home, she found herself enjoying the local scenery::


::The jubilance of finally living on a beach again mixed with the busy excitement of planning a party was just enough to keep Antero’s mind off of recent events. He had to admit that after a couple days of avoiding his friends (whom he knew would try to give him a ‘healthy’ talk about accepting reality), he was missing their company more than a little, and ready to cut loose. Seeing that telltale red hair on a nearby beach towel, a small smile creased onto the corner of his mouth and he walked toward his friend, still carrying the large crate of Rum he had been carrying to the mini bar on the deck. He set it down behind her head and used it as a seat, peering straight down at her with a smile.::


Flynn: You know this is a nude beach, right?


Ezo: ::eyes opening with a glare:: Not anymore, I took down your sign. ::flicking him in the knee:: YOU have been avoiding me.


Flynn: ::Adopting a look of mock confusion.:: Who me? That doesn’t sound right. Anyway, better get back to work, nice seeing you!


::Jumping up, Mirra stood before him, forcibly pushing down on his shoulders, causing him to flop back down on his makeshift seat.::


Ezo: Uh-uh beach boy, you aren’t getting away from me that easily. ::face softening in concern:: I’ve been really worried. You’ve stood me and Theo up twice now. Time to spill.


Flynn: I am sorry about that…::Smiling weakly:: I guess I’m not getting away so easy this time.


::Confident he would avoid a renewed attempt at escape, Mirra scooted next to him on the crate, laying her head on his shoulder. With a gentle shove, she looked up at him with a small smile.::


Ezo: It’s ok...you’re forgiven. ::sighing softly:: What’s going on with you?


Flynn: ::Pointing his thumb back toward the mini bar.:: Do you want a drink? We should get you a drink. How long have you been lying in the heat?


Ezo: ::snapping:: FLYNN!


::Antero had been doing his best to shove aside his feelings since he had heard the news. The accumulation of events made the best solution copious amounts of dangerously potent mixed drinks. It didn’t take long to realize that was no way to come to terms with anything. He knew he had close friends he could lean on, and figured it might be time to let someone in.::


Flynn: ::Sighing heavily:: You know...


::She did, in fact know. As she suspected, the reported disappearance of the Gorkon had brought up some rather unpleasant memories for her friend. Closing her eyes, nodded against his shoulder. Words weren’t necessary, he knew she understood.::


Flynn: I guess I just needed a couple days...oO and a couple drinks Oo. It’s not even just thinking about my brother, but those people we found down in the dungeon. ::He paused in a moment of reflection.:: I can still see them when I close my eyes. They state they were in…::he shook his head.::


Ezo: ::shuddering slightly:: I can only imagine. Well, I can vividly imagine, as I treated them in Sickbay directly after. ::pausing:: But your actions saved them Flynn. What you, Ensign Taelon and Commander Falcon discovered saved the lives of several men and women who otherwise...well..they have a much brighter future now thanks to you.


Flynn: ::Somberly:: We shouldn’t have had to. ::He admitted a small smile and looked to her.:: But thanks, it does feel good to have been able to help. Most of the credit goes to Falcon and Taelon though. They are both really something.


Ezo: ::smiling:: Oh I don’t doubt that, but I am sure they would say something similar about you.


::After a few moments of enjoying the peaceful scenery, both friends close, but one distant in his own thoughts, Mirra cleared her throat softly, in an attempt to help him find his way back home.::


Ezo: ::speaking softly:: When I was little, my mother once told me and my brother that when we’re born, we only have a piece of our souls. And while we only had a piece, we had a small collection of other pieces. And throughout our lives, the people we meet, well sometimes they might have a piece of us, and we might have a piece of them. It's what draws us together, and by knowing them, we become whole. ::smiling weakly, her voice getting thick::  And...when we lose them, we...lose a bit of ourselves as well. That loss...well it isn't something you ever truly get over. You...just learn to live with it as best you can….


::Touched, Antero let his gaze drift slowly to his friend. He could see in her eyes and by the strain in her voice that this was advice she had received at a time when she must have truly needed it. Feeling a tear edging to the corner of his eye, he wiped it away quickly.::


Flynn: That’s really beautiful…::He looked out at gently rolling water.:: I don’t think I’ll ever forget that.


::Slowly sitting up, Mirra unclasped the locket she was very rarely without, gently opening the well-worn latch, she held out the opened locket to him, smiling sadly. Inside was a picture of two little girls, locked in an embrace while laughing. One with red hair, the other a dark brown.::


Ezo: Her name was Melora. She was my best friend, ::taking a breath:: she died when I was ten. I know she’s gone, but I hold her close to my heart every day. I know it’s not the same as your brother...but…


::With that the Risian slowly began to realize how selfish he had been the past few days. Absorbed with his own pain, and being blind to what his friends, and his fellow crew might be going through after their mutual trials. It had always been his nature to comfort, and to be a source of support whenever it was needed. It was time to get back to that.::


Flynn: ::Interrupting:: No, of course it is. ::He took her hand and gave her a weak smile.:: Thank you for telling me about her, I know it must have been hard. I...I’m sorry I have been so self absorbed...


::Mirra stood, clasping her necklace, and absently re-centering it around her neck. She moved to the back of him and wrapped her arms around him, hugging close, with her head resuming its position on his shoulder.::


Ezo: You haven’t been. You needed some time, and you took it...just...maybe a little too long. ::sighing:: Don’t keep him buried and locked away Flynn. That’s the only way he’s ever truly gone.


::Antero nodded solemnly, looping patterns into the sand with his finger for several long seconds before responding.::


Flynn: Yeah, I guess it’s something I have to work on…


::Nodding, Mirra leaned up and kissed the top of his head. It was then that the “chair” caught her eye.::


Ezo: Uuh...Flynn? What exactly are you sitting on…?


Flynn: Hmm? ::Glancing absent mindedly down.:: Oh, it's just a crate of rum for the party.


Ezo: ::eyes widening:: A crate of rum?? I thought this was a “casual party”...?


Flynn: What? ::Absently.:: This is the last one, the other three are already set out.


Ezo: ::sputtering:: Three?? You have three additional crates??


Flynn: ::With a shrug:: Of rum..


::Watching her attempt to absorb the information, he was struck with the realization that he had not told Mirra the good news.::


Flynn: ::Brightening:: I didn’t tell you the good news! Gadget girl is here for a visit!


::Still stuck in the momentary shock of the sheer amount of pre-prepared alcohol, it took a few beats for Flynn’s words to cut through the haze.::


Ezo: ::brightening:: Your sister Zaina is here??


Flynn: Yeah! Can you believe it? She wanted to surprise me. ::Gesturing toward the house:: She is asleep inside right now. She practically begged to work the bar for the party, but is she around when it's time to stock it?


Ezo: ::laughing softly:: I’ll help, let her sleep. I am sure she needs it ::stopping suddenly, eyes narrowing:: You better not have put toast in her pocket…


Flynn: ::He looked her in the eye with a playful smirk.:: Hey, at Casa De La Flynn, we don't judge! ::He paused with a grimace.:: I’m never going to live that down, am I?


Ezo: ::grinning and linking her arm through his:: Nope. Never.


Lieutenant Mirra Ezo, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Starbase 118 Ops





Lieutenant Antero Flynn

CAG Officer

Starbase 118 Ops


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