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Poll of the Week: Praise the Borg!

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The Borg are feared throughout the galaxy. For anyone not Borg, they are seen as a terrible evil, assimilating unwilling creatures to join their Collective in what they see as a quest for perfection. But how could that be perfection, being part of a collective without any sense of individuality? Anyone, from any species within the Federation, would agree that their individuality is good, and that the Borg assimilation is a crime against all that is good. Anyone, right?

You are the captain of a starship. On one of your travels, you find a small freighter heading directly for Borg space. Upon intercepting them, their leader explains that they consider the Borg to be the ultimate evolution of living beings, as close to perfection as a human can get, and therefore they plan to ask the Borg to be assimilated. For all you know, they look like an organized sect adoring the Borg, with Borg themes all over the ship.

They claim to have the right to do so as free citizens. Tell us, would you let them go?

This is a new edition of our category Morals of Trek, where you are in the shoes of a Starfleet Captain facing a dilemma any of our favourite characters could have faced in Star Trek. If your crew has faced any such dilemmas and you want to see it featured in a Poll of the Week, let us know!

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