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PNPC Quiana - Turkey Shoot

Brayden Jorey

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(( Ready Room- United Orion Starship Devastator, orbiting Farius Prime))
:: Quiana sat in her large chair, her long legs crossed, her lips pursed. Much conversation was had that day concerning the upcoming assault on the Duronis sector. The sector was still hers to rule..she had made that perfectly clear, especially after killing the other Alpha female who opposed her. Quiana didn't like the [...] anyway. Killing her in a roomful of allies solidified her position as leader, and blood stained the dagger on her desk::
:: Truly, things had not gone well. Starfleet was no shrinking violet, especially those who manned the Embassy on Duronis. Risking her ships in a pitched battle was not her goal or her plan..she needed those to control her territory and make it impossible for Starfleet to even consider taking the planet away from her once she had it. One non member planet was not enough to risk a fleet to try to retake it::
:: She was one of many in the Syndicate who were planning to assault Starfleet in a manner in which to beat back the Federation from the fringes of the quadrant. The Syndicate was made to rule, to control. Life on Orion proved the strong survive, the weak perish and are subjugated. Quiana was once one of those, but clawed her way to the top, and she intended to stay there::
:: She was not happy when her door chime rang, especially since she asked not to be disturbed. Looking angrily at the door. she shouted::
:: It was her First Officer, Tauron::
Tauron: My apologies, my lady, but we have received a message from one of our operatives on Duronis...
:: Quiana had given strict orders for her operatives to maintain strict silence until she contacted them. This had better be important for them to contact her now::
Quiana: ENTER!
::The massive Orion entered. He was holding the Orion equivalant of a Starfleet PADD in his hand as he approached.  Stopping before her desk,he bowed slightly::
Tauron: My apologies again..but I think this is something you will want to see...
:: Handing over the PADD, Quiana read over the information. Admiral Wolf was coming to Duronis II. Taking him out would create a power vacuum..and also give her the opportunity to eliminate the troublesome Admiral, and perhaps her entire command staff. She had files on each of them, thanks to her friends in Starfleet, and she had committed the names to memory...Turner.....Waltas...Pavlova...Frazier...Parker. Each with a set of skills which defied logic. Each was battle tested, decorated. This was indeed a rare opportunity to strike a blow for the Syndicate...and for herself. Quiana immediately smelled a trap, a deadly one. She would not underestimate Starfleet again. Looking up from her PADD, she spoke::
Quiana: Has this been confirmed with our Starfleet contact?
Tauron: Not as of yet. Starbase 118 has not confirmed any information concerning Admiral Wolf's movements.
::A juicy target, seemingly placed in her lap. She didn't like it. Her first thought was to approve the attempt, but something about it smelled funny, like a wet Ferengi. Looking up at Tauron, Quiana spoke::
Quiana: It would seem to be a great opportunity to remove the command structure...
Tauron: It does indeed. It is, however, disappointing...
Quiana: Disappointing? How so?
Tauron: I had hoped to meet Parker in battle..he is their strongest warrior, one which I would love to see defeated...in chains and paraded across their networks. The long haired one..I wish to place his hair on my battle axe..after I cut his head off...
:: Quiana smiled. While it would be pleasing to her to break Starfleets' toughest warrior and see him in chains, the sight of Tauron decorating his axe with the hair of an enemy excited her just as much. However pleasing those thoughts were, her mind turned to the practical.if they could kill them all now, taking Duronis would be so much easier. Of course, such a mission would have to be run by The Council, the upper echelon of the Orion Syndicate. Nodding, she spoke::
Quiana: I will present it to The Council. However, I am not in favor of this plan..
::Tauron smiled.::
Tauron: You wish to give me the opportunity to defeat them?
Quiana::shaking her head:: No, it's not that simple. This looks like a trap, designed to bring our moles out in the open and eliminate them. So far, they have had great success in defeating our plans. We need our spies where they are, not exposed to such a risky endeavor.
Tauron: Perhaps so, my lady. I may yet have my opportunity to defeat them...
Quiana: Perhaps you will, Tauron. Now, allow me to present this to The Council..
Tauron: Yes, my lady.Will there be anything more?
Quiana: No...that will be all for now.
:: Bowing again, Tauron spoke::
Tauron: By your leave....
Quiana: Dismissed...
::Once her First Officer had left, Quiana contacted The Council, and requested an audience. Now, all she could do was wait until they contacted her to meet with them. For something this big, she knew she would not have to wait long for an audience.::
PNPC Quiana
Alpha Female
Orion Syndicate
As simmed by:
Major Hannibal Tiberious Parker
Marine CO
Acting Chief Of Security
USS Thunder-A/ Duronis II Embassy
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