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What Tech is next?


What Tech is next?   

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  1. 1. What Trek inspired technology will we see next?

    • Home Replicator - 3D printing for the masses. This one is almost true now just a jump or two away from being truly mass market.
    • Phaser Pistol - We have variations of laser weaponry in use already, will they soon be hand sized?
    • Holodeck - The entertainment industry is striving for it using holograms of celebrities for events and concerts. VR technology is also on the rise will we soon be seeing a combo of the two bring Holodecks into the real world?
    • Other - Tell us which trek tech you think will be in the real world soon.

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If you have been following the news or our own SB118 facebook links you may be aware of the fascinating tricorder xprize underway, to design a working version of Leonard McCoy’s medical scanning wand that can connect to a smartphone. Making you able to scan yourself and send the data to your doctor or emergency respondents. This got us thinking what now not so futuristic trek inspired technology do you think will we be seeing soon? Tell us and then tell us why you think so in the comments and how you can see it being used.


This Is the first post from our new category TrekTech & Science. This category will deal with questions regarding technology and science of star trek. They questions will not always relate to real world tech like this one did but that theme will pop up from time to time.

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Regenerator tech.  They already use laser technology to reduce inflammation/speed healing on wounds, so we're probably only a few steps away from true regenerator technology.

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Probably something similar to the replicator. 3D printing already allows us to build things from plastic, some metals, and even cells and organs. Probably can't make food anytime soon (knock on wood).

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