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Cpt Jalana Rajel - Familiarity


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"Time is a slippery thing: lose hold of it once, and its string might sail out of your hands forever."
~ Anthony Doerr

(( USS Blackadder ))

:: Perception had the habit of being quite subjective. Not only different from person to person, but also from situation to situation. It was never the same, ever changing, in a constant flux. It wouldn't pass in one event, but fly by faster than warp in the next. The same moment could be perceived differently by participating parties. It never was the same for everyone. ::

:: This ship housed over 300 people, who now believed this flight to be short. The distance between SB 11 and Trill would be covered in about half an hour, in contrast to over 4 days at max warp. Just one person stood at a window, staring at the passing colorful lines the Quantum Sliptream Drive made stars look like, and it passed like a snail crossing the street. And there was no time. Every second counted. She hated to wait. ::

:: Again and again she went through the conversation in her mind. Her father had a severe heart attack and for the first time in many years it had come evident to Jalana what she had always known, but pushed aside. Her parents wouldn't be there forever. The last thing she wanted was to lose her father without having spoken with him, maybe try to get a response other than sending her away. Every since he had learned that she wanted to become a doctor and not a diplomat like him he had refused to have any kind of conversation with her. Now he couldn't decide to hang up. She'd be right there and he would have to listen. And no matter what he would say, she would be there as his doctor as well. She needed to. And she knew it was her guilt talking, but she didn't care. ::

:: The view changed, the typical change when a ship slowed down. And then there it was, the view she wanted to have for the last half an hour. The purple waters glistening under swirls of white clouds dancing around the globe. Land masses in different areas of green pastures, deserts, snow covered mountains. The planet she had called home for a long time. The planet none but two of her previous hosts had ever left. Melancholy spread through her very being. She had missed the sight more than she admitted to herself. ::

Edmund: =/\= Captain Edmung to Rajel. Captain we have arrived. We can beam you to the surface whenever you are ready. =/\=

:: That pulled her out of her melancholy and the urgency with which she had began her travel, returned to her blood. ::

Rajel: =/\= Thank you, Captain. Would you please beam me to Leran Manev? I am ready. =/\=

Edmund: =/\= As you wish, Captain. One to beam to Leran Manev. =/\=

:: The Trill grabbed her bags and just a moment later she left the Blackadder in the signature blue glitter. ::

(( Leran Manev - Trill ))

:: A gust of wind welcomed Jalana to the streets of her home city. She had been born in Mak'ala, but when her father had become Ambassador, the whole family had moved to the capital city Leran Manev. She had been younger, oh so much younger it felt now. She hadn't been here for over 10 years. Back then she had left for Medical School, then moved to Vrans for her residency and then had taken on the long adventure of Starfleet. But in all that time this city hadn't changed. It still looked the same. It was full of people, not only Trill but also other species, buzzing in activity. Shops and other businesses had taken root; maybe some had changed but the overall feel welcomed her with familiarity. ::

:: They had dropped Jalana off in front of the Embassy, which meant that the estate, which had been her home for many years, was close. Without waiting, she pulled her suitcase behind her and walked along the Embassy's side wall towards the metal gate resting on a side-walk only a few hundred meters away. Another thing that hadn't changed at all. Her thumb found its way to the scanner at the gate and it opened without hesitation, which actually surprised her. She had expected to be removed from the access list, but the habit of using the entrance that way had proven her wrong. ::

:: The front garden was well taken care of, without a doubt by her mother, who always had loved her calling as a botanist. Briefly Jalana thought of Sherana, wondering if these two woman would have a connection through their work. She hadn't even reached the front door when it opened and the familiar calm face of Ilur, their butler appeared. He had been there for as long as she remembered, silent and obedient, but she had always known that he had covered her back more than once. Whenever her father didn't have time, he had been the one teaching her, all according to her father's plan of course. He was older, the gray her had won the fight over the black he had work before and canyons of wrinkles painted a fascinating landscape in his face. ::

Ilur: Miss Laxyn, it is a pleasure to see you again.

Rajel: ::She smiled gently, not even caring that he still called her by her birthname.:: Just as it is for me, Ilur. ::He stepped forward and took her luggage.:: Where is he?

Ilur: In the Master-bedroom. Mrs Laxyn asked me to send you up right away.

:: Jalana placed her hand on his forearm and gave him a thankful look and without hesitation hurried inside, ignoring the pompous hall and ran the long and elegantly swung stairs, two steps at a time, up to the next floor. She had walked the way to the bedrooms and the study so many times, that she did not even have to think, her body just followed the ingrained memory and with a gentle knock entered her parents' room. ::

:: The massive bed swallowed the frame of her father, usually standing proud and tall he now looked small and vulnerable. And asleep. Jalana's stomach sunk, not it plummeted into the basement. She had never seen him like that. Being a doctor never prepared one to see ones own parents in any role than a hero. Swallowing hard only added weight to the sinker her insides already were. Despite everything it hit her as a surprise how much this image in front of her weigh on her soul. ::

Caline Laxyn: Sweetheart!

:: Jalana had not even seen her mother in the room. Like in a trance she welcomed the taller woman in her arms and squeezed her gently, feeling the slight jerks in the embraced body, knowing that her mom was not able to hold back the tears. After so many years of not seeing each other, that was to be expected. Jalana had been a mother in several lifetimes. She could not only imagine, she knew. ::

Rajel: ::whispering:: How is he doing?

C. Laxyn: Sleeping. The Doctors brought him only 15 minutes ago, when they heard that you are coming. Geral says hello.

:: Geral had been a young doctor back when Jalana had so many questions about the profession. He had answered them all and was one of the factors that she had taken the plunge and she'd be forever grateful for that. ::

Rajel: ::nodding:: Did they leave his file?

C. Laxyn: Of course. It's in the study. But you should sit down and have a tea. Are you hungry?

:: Jalana looked from her father to her mother, seeing it in her eyes. She was worried, she was scared. She needed her to sit with her, just for a little time. Right now her father slept and she could hear the familiar beeping of the medical equipment watching over his vitals. If anything would go wrong, she would hear it. She had to push her worry aside, for just a little bit and squeezed her mother's hand, gulping down the upcoming tears, and told a little white lie; to be strong for her.. ::

Rajel: Starving.


Captain Jalana Rajel
Commanding Officer
USS Constitution B
Image Team Facilitator

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