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BONUS Lower Decks: Lt. Rustyy Hael, USS Constitution

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The title of this column is “Lower Decks,” hearkening back to the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode titled “Lower Decks,” in which junior officers aboard the Enterprise-D speculate on the reasons for recent unusual actions taken by the command crew near the Cardassian border.

Today we find ourselves at Starbase 11 where the USS Constitution is enjoying some R & R before heading off on what, no doubt, will be another interesting mission. Over the past year the ship has gone through a lot of interesting situations and we can thank one man for keeping the ship in one piece: The Chief Engineer Lieutenant Rustyy Hael – in the real world known as Noelle.

FIORR: First things first, where are you from and how is life over there?
HAEL: I live in Michigan on the Indiana/Michigan Border, though I was born in Sevierville, Tennessee – Home of the Hillbilly. And life is grand. I am happily married for 3 years, work in a terrible machine shop – but I work on second shift with an amazing crew so it works itself out, race Thoroughbred race horses! And no I’m not in the derby…. 2017 ~if anyones interested *Canttouch Jack*~ 😉 And farm. Constantly busy, but love it.

A busy life indeed, which makes me wonder even more what’s your relation is to Star-Trek and why you decided to join this group? What did you hope to find and more important, DID you find that or something else you like to share?
Star Trek and I have a very healthy relationship, no marriage counselor yet needed 😉 ::chuckles.:: Honestly I joined this group to have fun and socialize. ::nod.:: The best friendships come when you have things in common. It doesn’t matter if those people come over and eat your food or if you bring them into your home through technology. They’re still real friends. I’ve met some pretty amazing people here and if I could afford to travel all over the world I wouldn’t hesitate to crash on their couches.

In the past year I’ve known you as a dedicated writer and mentor to many on the Conny. What would you say is your greatest strength as a writer and mentor?
Google is my greatest strength…O_O. I think a strength of mine for being a mentor is my perseverance. And for a writer I would say my drive, or willingness, to research anything and everything. I love having realistic, dimensional, and comparative characters and information in my sims. Like I said… “google”. But I think having that extra urge, uh, is a good thing. ::nod.:: Most of the time. I have a PNPC who works in Sickbay and lemme tell ya I could have lived my entire life just fine without seeing certain things. But even then, I get an emotion reaction, so it works out… My PNPC has a stronger stomach than I do…

Your first and most known character is Lieutenant Hael. When you made him did you have someone in mind? Does he reflect you in real life or did something or someone else inspire you to create him?
“Reckon that there be h-a-e-l there buddy ol’ pal” – Rustyy Hael.

Actually.. A loooong time ago, a really good friend and I had this master plan to be famous writers. Well she the writer, I the artist. We worked together on a book, and we both had a character that was … Kind of like an alter ego. Truth be told the original characters were Carpathians – or Vampires that aren’t crazy ::chuckles.:: But the same personality that I’ve kept. I am totally crazy, in case you weren’t warned. ::chuckles.:: Rustyy is a voice in my head, when I write for him – he is the one writing. I need to bounce something off of someone or have company on a long drive I talk to him. So he’s totally real to me…. No I do not write when the doctors let me out of my straight jacket…LOL  But he is a rather developed and only had to change him to meet Star Trek standards, but only some. 🙂

What inspires you to write so many great sims?
Oh gosh… Everything! Life, things talked about, overheard, gossiped about, As Seen On TV. If you take a few seconds to look around, the things you will see. I was in Walmart one day, I don’t usually go during the day – I go late at night – but this was a special occasion. So I go through and am in the checkout line, everything is going great. The clerk is really chatty as she’s bagging my things. Which is totally fine, I’m all for the chatty. But I couldn’t help but notice that she had a booger coming out of her nose. Whatever – just don’t pay attention to it, right? Wrong! The more this woman talked the further down this booger… bounced out of her nose. ::chuckles.:: I cannot help but stare. Halfway into her checking me out, this massive glob of snot is now swinging down to her chin and she just… ::makes sniffing noses.:: Right back up like it was nothing. ::gag:: I lost my mind!!! But! I now have this uber nasty, totally funny… clip that I’ll one day use. And having those real experiences to fall back on to use I think is was plays such a huge role in my particular sims being halfway decent…. Could be that I lack imagination so it works out. 🙂 ::sigh.::

In the past year you’ve written a lot of sims. No doubt most (if not all) of them are great to write but what is one of your best sims so far? Or which one was the most fun to write?
Oh man.. I love all of the ones I write for Rustyy. He is just so much fun, I giggle as I write -which makes people stare at me like I’m crazy… The ones when he can be the most goofy though are my absolute favorites. He’s an idiot! And it just fits everything so well. I don’t have him not address major issues or deal with real problems, but how he handles them are all him. I would say the one when he calls home.. I’m laughing right now, to just think about it… I was really able to show why he kind of is… the way he is. Why he talks and walks and banters like he does. Why he says things like ““I’d’a be as pink as a newborn piglet on a purdy spring mornin’ and as proud as a waxed mustang cruising through town.”” instead of “”I’d be pleased too and I’m honored.”” And showed the life he left to join StarFleet. Not everyone left because of bad situations but because … It was more or less something new to do. Yeah… I think that would be my choice favorite. Though I’m sure *no one* really understood a word that was said in it. 🙂 

You’ve started to climb up in the ranks and no doubt you get yourself a few goals. Where would you like to be in a few years? Have a taste of command of your own? Or maybe join one of the great OOC groups?
I do a few OOC things, I like what I do. Though I’m going to have to give up judging top sims for while… Don’t worry! I’ll find a way to come back and bother all those poor folks. 🙂 ::laughs.:: Where do I see myself.. Hmmm. Uh, I made a comment in the Conny’s forums that I wanted to rule the world. I ~think~ that’s still in the cards… Maybe. If there’s unlimited coffee I’ll be all over it…  I definitely have high hopes to go far and be an active and in depth player both IC and OOC. Yes one day I truly hope to have a command of my own. ::smirks.:: But if not, I would be equally proud to be a helpful and supportive staffer of those most deserving of commanding ships. Not everyone can command, and if I get there and find it’s not for me I will be just as happy as Starfish in water to be a writer and behind the scenes type of gal.

It was an honor to have as our guest today this month.  And I think I can speak for all of us when I say we already look forward to your next sim!

You can read more about Lt. Hael on the wiki, as well as reading the Duronis II Embassy sims in our archives.

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