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USS Darwin-A defuses Borg threat

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POUIYEOG REGION — While examining a Borg threat to the shipping lanes supplying the new Outpost Unity, the USS Darwin-A found the result of a shocking Borg experiment.

On the unnamed planet PR-652, where the USS Darwin (NCC-99312-A) was tasked to investigate a strange Borg signature, three away teams were each facing their own trials. Investigating the crashed remains of a Borg sphere, the teams had each independently determined that the surviving Borg drones were disconnected from the hive mind of the Collective, and that nearly all of their nanoprobes had deserted them as a swarm of sentient nanites.

Fleet Captain Renos led a team to try and reason with the disconnected drones, but the attempt was a failure and almost led to personal tragedy for nir team. However, nir team did retrieve a piece of jury-rigged technology that might hold the secret to the nanite swarm’s sentience. Lt. Cmdr. Varaan’s team was tasked with ensuring that the Borg would not be able to re-establish a link with the Collective, and the team succeeded but not without difficulties.

Lt. Cmdr. Maxwell Traenor’s team was tasked with destroying a weapon’s installation that was firing into space upon the nanite swarm and the Darwin. This mission was unsuccessful, resulting in crew injuries, and the installation ultimately needed to be destroyed via orbital bombardment. Meanwhile, a team on the Darwin led by Counselor Didrik Stennes was able to establish a rapport with the sentient nanite swarm and determined their desire to be relocated to a planet in order to live out their existence in isolation.

The difficult and controversial decision was made to eradicate the Borg presence from the planet before relocating the nanite swarm to its new home, but not without some regrets about the morality of such a decision.

“I didn’t want to condemn [them] to death, but circumstances at the time were out of our hands,” stated Traenor when confronted by a fellow officer about the decision to destroy the remaining Borg drones. “Hindsight is a luxury that officers never have the benefit of in the heat of the moment. But that doesn’t mean that we aren’t human, and that regret isn’t the burden we bear for those actions.”

Finally, the Darwin returned to Outpost Unity for some much-needed rest and relaxation. Upon their return, the Darwin crew welcomed back some old friends from their sojourn on Earth, as well as some dignitaries from Duronis II.

Rear Admiral Toni Turner and Captain Tyr Waltas were selecting a new first officer for the embassy located there and had come to collect Lt. Cmdr. Brayden Jorey for the job. Treated to a couple evenings of festivities, the embassy visitors witnessed the awarding of several service ribbons to the Darwin crew. Then, time was spent at the Outpost nightclub in an evening of drinking and dancing.

The stress and the trauma of dealing with the Borg led to a lot of crew needing the services of Stennes’ Counseling department, as well as continued treatments in Sickbay from Drs. Graeme Cook and Isabel Pond for injuries sustained during the mission. In addition to the festivities on Outpost Unity, Darwin crew used several opportunities to unwind including holodeck adventures and martial arts classes. This shore leave period also saw the arrival of Outpost Unity’s new fighter squadron, the 302nd Tactical Fighter Wing. Drawing pilots from Outpost Unity, the Talaxians, and even from the Darwin, this furthest flung fighter wing in the Federation is being set up as the first line of defense for the fledgling outpost.

With shore leave nearing completion, the Darwin and its crew are nearly prepared to face their next mission.

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