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Ensign (Dr.) Alexa Dana & Ensign Jaxton Vee - How to gracefully exit a party

Tonya Lang

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((Casino Upper Deck - The Helase))
Gnarr: Now, now, doctor, we don’t want to be rude now do we?
::Alexa looked as if she was about to get physically sick. Her cheeks were flushed and she had a hand clutching at her stomach with the other holding on to the Dabo table to sturdy herself.::
Dana: Really…ummm no…I can’t…
Vee: Gnarr? 

::Jaxton tapped the Ferengi on the shoulder.::
::Dana peered over her shoulder and for a moment her expression was blank as her brain in the haze of alcohol tried to recognise the face that stared at her and Gnarr, then a large smile brushed over her lips.::
Dana: Veeee!!
Gnarr: Do I know you?
::Jaxton threw Dana a bemused look and gave her a reassuring smile before looking down at the Ferengi entwined around her waist.::
Vee: You might want to look at this message I just sent.
::He handed the Ferengi the PADD in his hand. The Ferengi was in a little bit of a pickle with one arm wrapped around Alexa and the other holding a drink. He unwrapped himself from Dr. Dana’s waist and took the PADD reading the file that was being displayed.::
::Something happened to Gnarr’s face as he read the contents. His left eye began to twitch and his lobes reddened as the blood in his face drained.::
Gnarr: Where did you get this? ::He nearly yelled only remembering to keep his tone level at the last second.::
::Relieved that the Ferengi had loosened his grip on her and amused suddenly at his expression, Dana couldn't help but start to giggle something she never did but then again she had never been drunk before. ::
Vee: You might want to review any previous contracts you might have recently entered into. Blox tells me the FIC percentages are at Eleven-Point-Seven percent for business conducted aboard the Helase. Not Ten percent as your standard contracts read. I would void any contracts with the wrong percentages before the liquidators arrive to investigate.
::The Ferengi read the message again his mouth tied up into a snarl. Jax threw Dana a wink while the Ferengi was distracted::

Gnarr: ::Scoffed:: You...how?

::Gnarr shot the human male a look that if it was more metaphorical daggers would of been flying from his eyes. He clenched his fist tightly.::

Gnarr: You can prove nothing. Business is business. ::Smiling that same smile he had given Dana.:: Besides, no harm. Now, how about a few games on the house and we forget about this?
Vee: ::Throwing the Ferengi an exaggerated look of shock:: Gnarr. We just met and you try to flatter me with bribery? ::He shook his head:: No. I’m touched but I follow the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition. In this particular case you should have remembered that Females and Finance do not mix. Rule 112 would also apply here.
::Gnarr scowled as he tossed the PADD back to the human.::
Gnarr: Very well, and take her with you. I will return all the latinum to her account as long as you forget about this. ::He paused, taking a step closer to Vee.:: But you have no idea who you have messed with Hu-mann.
Vee: It always a pleasure to do business with you Gnarr. 

::Jax coated his voice with politeness. It was probably the worst Ferengi insult he could think of.:: 

Vee: I would return the latinum sooner than later though. If I do not cancel that message in the next ten minutes it will be too late.
Vee: oO Mess with one of my crewmates again and I will hang you up by your ears. Oo
::Turning ignoring the young human's comment Gnarr walked off back into the fray of patrons. The Dabo girl looked at Vee and Dana her expression a mixture of shock and just a little bit of pleasure.::
Dabo girl: I would get out if I was you, he has a bad temper for a Ferengi.
Vee: Good advice. 

::Jaxton admitted, giving the Dabo girl an appreciative smile. Jaxton doubted anything would happen right away. Gnarr will be most likely spending the next three hours editing his accounts in order to pass any surprise inspections a liquidator might give. However, the good Doctor did not look like she had three hours of this type of fun left in her. He needed to get her out of the Casino before any of her crewmates found her in this condition.::
::Dana felt an arm scoop around her waist as she glanced to her side and saw Vee escorting her out of the casino. Her cheeks flushed slightly as she draped her arms around his neck.::
Dana: My hero.
::Jaxton laughed. His adrenaline was pumping. He had managed to bluff a Ferengi. Not an easy feat to accomplish. He never sent the message. The presence of a liquidator would anger the Captain of the Helase and undoubtedly sour whatever deal the Captain was attempting to make with him.::
::He was still not exactly sure how he had managed it. When he asked Blox what he knew about the Ferengi and offered him the latinum he had won in exchange. The older Ferengi spilled his guts. He learned more about Gnarr in two minutes than he thought was possible. Every dirty little secret the pit boss knew seemed to come gushing out.::
::They reached a turbolift and when the doors opened Jaxton looked at the very drunk woman in his arms. Her cheeks were flushed and she seemed to have a glow about her..::
Vee: oOThat smile! Oo

::She made a pretty drunk. A very dangerous combination he noted.::

Vee: oO Yeah. But dangerous for whom? Oo
Vee: Your Carriage awaits my lady. ::He said as the turbolift doors opened.::
::Alexa looked at Vee, then looked at the Turbolift and smiled as she took a slightly uneven step forward Jaxton still holding her head steady as he moved with her. Peering up at him she smiled still before slowly turning pressing her body a little tighter to his.::
Dana: You know. ::She paused.:: That was really sweet of you.
::Jaxton helped her inside the turbolift and waited for the doors to close. His mind was racing. Trying to think of how to get her out of the casino and back to her quarters with out anyone seeing her.::

((Turbolift - Ghe Helease))
Vee: I'm not as sweet as I use to be. ::It was something his Mother often quoted from an old movie.::
Vee: oO Jackson! Oo

::The solution to their problem became apparent to him.::
::She shook her head, and realised it wasn’t a good idea stopping quickly hoping the floor would stop tilting as well.::
Dana: No really...you saved me. ::This time she rested her hands on his chest, her voice suddenly getting a little softer.:: It was really sweet of you, I mean….
::A part of her stood watching herself and rolling her eyes, she was drunk and her inhibitions had completely gone out the window. But sadly the inebriated Dana was in full control at the moment and was not holding back on anything.::
::Before he could say another word, Dana pushed herself forward on her tiptoes and pressed her lips to his, albeit a little clumsily.::
Vee: Hmmmf... ::He had started to say something but suddenly he found himself kissing the woman.::

::The kiss was unexpected and awkward. He found himself falling into it despite himself for a moment. However his eyes opened wide as the turbolift doors opened and a Bolian stepped inside giving them a knowing smile. It was not the stranger however that had Jaxton worried. He saw past the Bolian,  and across the room. It looked like half the officers of the Gorkon were playing Dabo at a table with their backs to them. He wrapped his arm around Alexa’s waist and gently moved them to the right out of the view from the turbolift doors. He reached out behind her and pressed a button. The doors shut on command.::

Vee: Shuttlebay two. ::He said to the Turbolift after managing to pull his lips off of hers.::

::He stepped back for a moment to avoid giving her the opportunity to kiss him again. He should of known. All turbolifts stop on the Main Casino floor. It made perfect Ferengi business sense.::

Vee: oO I was right. She is a very dangerous drunk. Oo 

::His hands were shaking::

::Still sort of hanging on Vee, but also half now resting against the turbolifts walls, ahe saw for a moment some of the crew of the Gorkon as the doors opened and wanted to jump forward and shout out to them. She was not ready to call it a night, well her mind wasn’t but her body was screaming against the idea.:: 

Dana: Hi! ::She smiled at the Bolian and waved shortly.::

Bolian: You two make a cute couple.

Dana: ::Looking at Vee, her cheeks flushing deeply she bit her lower lip. Before pulling herself close to him.:: Thank you. 

::She peered at Vee out the corner of her eye, and drunkenly winked at him.::

Vee: Thank You. ::Was all Jaxton could manage. He was just grateful none of the Gorkon crew had been waiting for the Turbolift on the Main floor. As it was he did not believe anyone had seen them.::

Dana: You’re a good kisser. ::She leaned in a trying not to speak to loudly but failed as the Bolian glanced at them and only smiled hearing them chat.::

Vee: I was inspired. 

::He admitted, wishing the Bolian had never stepped into the Turbolift with them. He could of used the time to contact Jackson for the quick getaway. He put a protective arm around Alexa’s waist to help steady her as the turbolift began to move.::

::The turbolift moved quickly and for a moment there was silence, the Bolian sneaking glances at them every so often.::

::The silence was deafening for a moment and the turbolift seemed to crawl. He looked at Alexa and grinned::

Vee: oO She is going to have a very bad morning. Oo


Ensign Jaxton Vee
Medical Officer
USS Gorkon

Ensign (Dr.) Alexa Dana
Medical Officer
USS Gorkon

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