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The species we created: Laudeans

StarBase 118 Staff

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If you’ve been around our community for a while, you’ve undoubtedly run into a few Laudeans – a species unique to UFOP: StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG, and one of the central players of the Duronis II Embassy simming installation.

The Laudeans were created in the early aughts, OOC, as the main protagonists of the Embassy sim. They’re a humanoid species and the only native sapient species on Til’ahn (also known as Luxis II or Duronis II). Laudeans feature three sexes – male, female, and lomale – and while, as with most humanoid species, the male provides a sperm and the female the egg and carries the child, the lomale is required to copulate with both the male and the female in order to provide essential gene sequences and enzymes that neither the female nor the male can synthesize naturally. Lomales comprise only 3% of the totally Laudean population.

The Laudean people have been at the center of a political struggle since First Contact, which caused a great deal of upheaval on their planet. The constitutional monarchy which dominated the planet’s governance was overthrown after First Contact, and was replaced with a democratic world government. Some of the monarchy was able to escape the planet and are now refugees, guests of Betazoid.

Back on Til’ahn, the Laudeans were courted by Romulans, Zalkonians, and the United Federation of Planets, all three of which maintained an embassy on the planet. The UFP embassy remains, and is home to our Duronis II Embassy sim.

To learn more about the Laudeans, check out their wiki page!

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