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Captain Selene Faranfey - Lecturing Future In-Laws

Sabrina Holly

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(( Captain's Ready Room, Deck 1, USS Doyle-A ))


:: Selene had planned on contacting these people after she had some time to process the way she wanted to introduce herself and what she wanted to say. This introduction changed only slightly with her brother's instructions to propose to Alex in front of her parents. Apparently he thought he was being helpful with that suggestion. At this point, she needed to talk to her parents before he did, and told them that she had become feral or some other made up line to get him sympathy. :: :: When she thought about sympathy, her mind went back to Alex and his sister, and her mind got back to the work of protecting them. Short story, Alex had contacted his parents, and she got to be witness to one of the most cold, heartless people she had ever encountered, talking to her children. When he went to take his sister to her quarters, she got on the horn with a contact that she had on Earth, one she knew was about to be discharged, and wouldn't mind doing this for her. Since she had so much to do before the ball, she couldn't put the conversation on her calendar any sooner than the next day, which actually seemed to be good. ::


:: She received a message from the officer that they were just waiting for the father to get home. He had informed the mother that they were going to receive a very important call, and that it was best to have both of them present. This was per her orders, as she needed both of them there when she spoke to them. ::


:: Finally the commline activated, and she opened her end, so her face and uniform shown through. ::


Faranfey: Lieutenant Bailey, are they both there?


Bailey: Yes, sir.


:: That moment, the uniformed Lieutenant stepped to the side, and let the faces of Alex's parents show on the screen. ::


Faranfey: My name is Captain Selene Faranfey... :: She paused for effect. :: This would be easier to do in person, but unfortunately because I am in the Avalon sector, I am unable to be. :: The expression on her face was solemn. ::


Sean Bishop: What is this about?


Faranfey: I am the captain of the Doyle, and your son's commanding officer. :: A bit of twisted honesty poured out next. :: I really hate these kinds of calls. :: She paused again. :: Unfortunately, something happened...


:: She hesitated, again for effect, not letting her anger shine through as she spoke. Something did happen, the call between Alex, his sister and his mom, with her as a witness to the way the woman treated them. And now she was on the other end of the call, reacting to Selene's words. ::


Gwen Bishop: In two days? :: She turned to her husband. :: If he just joined the family practice...


Sean Bishop: We told him not to join Starfleet, this is not on us.


Faranfey: That's normally how I start next of kin notifications. The regrettable news, is that your children seem to have no next of kin.


:: The anger started showing in her eyes as she continued speaking to, no at, these two unfit parents. She couldn't understand what would cause a parent to not love their child, but these people had cut both Alex, and now Kaitlyn out, and she wasn't standing by and letting it happen without them getting some words from her. The Lieutenant on the other end was instructed to make sure the call did not terminate before she was ready, which left them forced to endure whatever she had to say. ::


Gwen Bishop: What did she just say?


Sean Bishop: Excuse me, Miss… Captain or whatever you called yourself, we’re his parents, so that would make us his next of kin.


Faranfey: :: She leaned in to the call, waiting for them to finish. :: I was present during your call the other day, and I as you seem uninterested in being part of their lives while they are alive, I thought you might benefit from being removed from their next of kin notification.

Sean Bishop: I didn’t speak to him recently… Did you?

Gwen Bishop: Wait, why would you remove us from next of kin when you are notifying us… unless...


Faranfey: Yes, they are very much alive, just feeling completely abandoned by their parents. Which is really a burden no child should have to endure. Anything can happen out here, that's the way it is, on top of the normal and natural things that can pretty much happy anywhere, we have all sort of exotic dangers, and I find it really hard to believe that you would not want the time you have. There are people out there who have lost parents or children without having a chance to say goodbye or make peace with them. You are the people who brought them into the world, and they look up to you. And when Alex joined Starfleet, you decided that he wasn't good enough to be part of your lives anymore. I can see you starting to do the same thing to Kaitlyn, for just missing him. He's her brother and you are pushing her away because she is the only one in your family that has a heart. Nope. I am not standing for it.


:: Her anger had gotten full through to her words and tone. This call was never about a professional courtesy, it was about standing up for Alex and his nearly broken sister, in a way that she felt herself qualified to. Not to mention the way they treated their kids, shutting them out, made her miss her parents. Parents who in her time, she didn't get the opportunity to say goodbye to. The whole world of Antosia was invaded by the Hunger, and she lost both of them before she even knew they were in danger. ::


Sean Bishop: Wait a second, woman, he was supposed to join my practice. We supported and encouraged him through medical school so that we could work together as a family. Then he goes on about needing his own path for himself, that we are too controlling.

Gwen Bishop: Just because you overheard one conversation between my children and I, you presume to know our relationship. How dare you. Who are you to judge us?


Faranfey: That's a good question, who exactly am I to call you out on this. I love your son, and he has asked me to marry him, and I am going to.. That's who I am. The daughter-in-law who is certain she doesn't want anything to do with parents that don't want to be part of their children's lives.


Gwen Bishop: I can’t imagine what our son sees in you… :: To her husband. :: He joined Starfleet and this is what happens. How do you turn this thing off.

Bailey: Sorry, Mrs Bishop, but I cannot permit that.


Sean Bishop: What do you mean you can’t, this is our home and we are done talking to this woman.

:: Selene could see she was getting under their skin, much in the way Alex’s mother’s words got under Kaitlyn’s skin the other day. ::

Faranfey: You can't choose who provides your genetic material, you can choose who you will be. Your children hurt from your abandonment parenting style, you had Kaitlyn crying at your harsh words, Mrs Bishop, but they will heal. My crew are like a family, and treat both of you children with the respect that comes with that. We protect and care for one another, and when one is attacked, we stand up for them. I am only hoping that with Kaitlyn being here, that we can work on the self centered and selfish attitude that your behavior has caused her to develop.


Gwen Bishop: So we’re responsible for her attitude as well? She liked to us about where she went, and it’s our fault. They want to be their own people, they can take responsibility for their own actions.


Sean Bishop: You’re upsetting my wife, I am not sure why my son is choosing to marry such a cold woman, but I hope you are happy together.


Faranfey: I am not cold, I am protective, and I will not let Alex be hurt by you any longer. :: She paused calming down a little bit. :: Now listen, they both love you, and would appreciate an apology from you and knowing you love them, but I am not holding my breath that you will be decent enough. However, if you choose to contact either of them after this, I had better not hear that they have been disrespected in any way.


:: She couldn't exactly terminate the call without letting them have an opportunity to redeem themselves. The look on Kaitlyn's face when she spoke to her mom, made Selene see how much damage the conversation did. The girl looked up to her mom and thought she was doing what was best for the family. With what she knew, these people had already disowned Alex, and were working towards either disowning Kaitlyn or pushing her away. ::


Gwen Bishop: Is she really giving us terms and conditions on when and how to speak to our children? :: To Selene. :: They are our children, and it is our relationships, not yours.

Sean Bishop: It’s alright Gwen. :: He said trying to sooth his wife. :: They are our children, we’ll just tell them how this woman verbally assaulted us with no cause.


Faranfey: And before you think about spreading through the rest of their family some sort of lie about Alex or Kaitlyn so they are disowned by the whole family, and not just you. I want you to know that I have a recording of the call that initiated my contact to you today as well as today's, just to set to story straight. Now, if you don't mind, I have to contact my parents, and let them know there has been an addition to the family.


Gwen Bishop: I hope… :: cut off in the middle of saying “I hope your mom is proud of you, you horrible woman.” ::

:: Both of them spoke at the same time, words getting cut off by Selene terminating the call. ::

Sean Bishop: Finally… :: cut off in the middle of saying “Finally, now I can get a drink to calm down.” ::


:: As Selene had nothing more to say to these people, she cut the call as they started to talk, not letting them finish. She felt satisfied in having spoken her piece, and making her position clear. It wasn't that she wanted to talk sense into the senseless people, but there was a part of her that hoped that putting the words out there would force them to come to terms with the fact that if they weren't nicer, they would end up alone. ::


PNPCs Gwen & Sean Bishop
As written (with Alexander Bishop's Permission) by:

Captain Selene Faranfey
Commanding Officer
USS Doyle-A, NCC-80221-A
Writer ID: A239001SF0
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