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JP Cpt Jalana Rajel - Ensign Akoni Soriano - Shift in the Topic


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(( Captain's Office ))


:: Jalana did not sit down, she didn't like the big desk between herself and her people when talking with them. Instead she sat down on the little couch to the side and patted the seat beside her with a smile on her face. She was curious, and it appeared talking under four eyes was the way to go. ::


Rajel: Come on, sit down.


::Akoni appreciated that the Captain was so genuine and considerate. However, that didn’t matter much in the current situation as she held back a frown. She eyed the spot wearily before slowly lowering herself onto the Starfleet regulated (if slightly more comfortable that her own bed) seats.::


Soriano: I assume this is about the purged code.


Rajel: ::turning to her:: I am curious and it appeared to me that you didn't talk in front of everyone so I thought that we could have a chat between us two.


Soriano: oO One on one, great. Oo What would you like to know?


Rajel: Well for starters, tell me more about that information you got. What was it you gave Dag and Rustyy?


Soriano: Well, ::She took in a deep breath and leaned back:: back when we were first looking for data on the Unity, Chelin managed to pull out a coded file, the one with the entity as Kalos and I found out later. While we knew we were battling ghosts, were never bothered to think or revert our thoughts back to the fact that all this started from an archive code. I called a friend that was helpful enough to give me the insight to realize that we needed to purge the code from our archives, just like we would a virus or malware content.


:: Jalana perked up and leaned in slightly. It was good to have friends, that had answers when oneself didn’t have any. She herself had asked her own a few times when she was stumped, and sometimes that was all it needed to get an idea. Mulling it over, brainstorming and some marbles started to unstuck. ::


Rajel: That is great, Akoni. Who is it, so I can thank him?


Soriano: His name? ::She paused. She couldn’t lie, but if there was anything she’d learned from the Vulcans, including growing up with her best friend, it was that you could manipulate the truth, and that wasn’t lying.:: Tom.


Rajel: It is nice of Tom to help you. Have you been friends for long?


Soriano: Just a good friend as of recent. Helped me with my acclimation to the Conny. He’s a good guy. ::Well, that was kind of a lie…::


Rajel: ::Smiling:: She sounds like it. But we got off trail.


Soriano: ::Shaking her head:: You’re right, my mind is wandering. Anyways, when I looked back into the decrypted file, I noticed that the file was not entirely nameless. It was more of a project file than regular file, called Alpha 1835. As soon as I read this, I contacted Dag and told him he should try purging it. I haven’t heard back from him since then.


Rajel: ::nodding:: From what I heard they are working on restoring power and have been able to drive off the entity. So that must have helped Dag and Rustyy.


Soriano: I'm honestly very glad to hear that ::she sighed in relief. Any little contribution to fixing the problem usually went a long way when helping each other.::


Rajel: I tried to get some information from SFI but I didn’t get anything apart from being told that all the information is classified. I’m glad that someone else got something useful, since they are no help.


Soriano: Yeah, they are sure are trouble ::she muttered. Silence fell over the two. Akoni wasn't completely inept at starting nor holding conversations, despite the rumor that often followed the science department, but in this situation, she almost wished the Captain would just pardon her before she really had to dig a hole out.::


:: Jalana leaned back and pulled her skirted legs up the couch, wrapping a hand around her booted ankle. She leaned her arm on the backrest and tried to hide a yawn. ::


Rajel: How are you feeling? Did that entity get to you as well?


::Akoni mentally sighed in relief yet again at the shift in the topic. She felt her composure relax once more.::


Soriano: It probably spooked most of us, but… ::she recalled the deathly horrifying moment where she'd ran from the not-really-a-child-but-more-like-a-demon-spawn, and the her brave encounter in which she was prepared to fight back against the other creature. That one should have scared her even more, but the Gods knew that Akoni would rather face monsters than children any day.:: I don't think it took too much of a toll. Is… Is it true that a crewman died? I heard someone talking about it in the hallway.


:: It didn’t come to a surprise, that people were talking. News like these traveled faster than light on a ship, no matter the size. Anyone could pick up on it, tell a friend, a colleague and it spiraled from there. News, especially bad ones, never stayed confined. Her voice dropped slightly, as regret filled her. ::


Rajel: Sadly it is true. Senior Chief Petty Officer Riyao has been victim to the entity on the Unity. It apparently got all of his energy in the end.


Soriano: ::Akoni dropped her head.:: oO Just like the woman we found in the dark. Oo :: There were men and women who were losing their lives in such honorable ways. But to what extent?:: I was afraid it was true. I heard he was a nice man. Probably had a family and people that loved and cared about him. It's just… ::sigh:: Do you think it was worth it? ::She waved her hand towards the view of space. The Stars were barely visible as various gases shifted and floated gracefully around the Constitution as it drifted around the nebula.::


:: Jalana followed the gesture and looked out of the window, the discharges danced their way through the shifting and billowing gases, something that one would never see if they had stayed on a planet. It was a terrifying and stunning view at the same time. ::


Rajel: It’s difficult to say in some moments. When we are losing a life it is one of them, that makes us wonder if it really is a better existence than if we had stayed where we were. But all the other moments, new worlds, species, cultures… We see so many things we could have never imagined had we stayed confined to our planets. I believe it is worth it. I’d just prefer that everyone would get out of it in one piece. ::She smiled wryly and looked back to Akoni.:: How about you? Do you think it’s worth it?


Soriano: I wouldn't have joined StarFleet if I hadn't believed in adventure and sacrifice to pursue knowledge and wisdom. The opportunity to travel and just to experience things is worth it's weight in gold.


:: The Trill watched Akoni as she spoke, tilting her head slightly as a smile danced over her lips.::


Rajel: I believe you have your answer then.


Soriano: ::smiling to herself:: I suppose you're right.


Rajel: And now that we have the gloomy part out of the way. Have you been able to settle in on the Conny before we got thrown into the deep end?


Soriano: I think I’m getting pretty comfortable here. I’ve been getting along great with the rest of the crew, though, ::she shrugged and exhaled through her nose:: I’ve been so busy lately. Even before this mission, I was working on sending my reports on time and dealing with officials concerning the Romulan-Klingon battle cruiser scare from the time jump. It’s a lot to deal with going on at once.


:: She could say that again. Jalana couldn’t help but smile. She didn’t think that she ever had nothing to do, ever since joining Starfleet. It was a rarity to have quiet times, but these times were lived to the fullest. Mostly because it was not clear when to get them again. ::


Rajel: I can agree with that.


Soriano: But you’re a Captain! You’ve got this all figured out. I’m not good at multi-tasking.


Rajel: ::laughing:: Oh, Akoni. ::She continued to smile.:: I am glad it looks like I have figured it all out, but just between the two of us… I’m winging it.


::Akoni barked out a laugh with her entire body, crossing her arms over her stomach as she leaned back against the couch.::


Soriano: Well than you make it look really easy! ::She regained her breath as Jalana went on.::


Rajel: I have just recently become CO, even less time as a Captain. I have to admit that multitasking is one thing I am good at though, which I assume comes with the job of being a Doctor.


::Akoni raised her eyebrows again, surprised to hear the new fact. Though it would make sense since, just as she said, she was good at multitasking with such fluidity.::


Soriano: So what you’re saying is that I should drop science and become a doctor ::she joked::. A doctor, a Captain, and a therapist!


Rajel: I might be new to being a Captain in this life, but I assure you, that I do what I have to do to protect the crew. And I have the greatest trust in everyone on board to help me with that.


::Akoni felt a true smile grace her features, wiping away any of the lines of worry that had found their way onto her face from the past events. She felt awed and inspired by the woman across from her. Akoni knew she had serious issues with trusting others, mainly due to her lack faith in people taking care of and respecting her. But perhaps in her time on the Conny, she could learn a lot from this marvelous woman sitting next to her.::


Rajel: ::Smiling she leaned forward again.:: And what are your plans?


Soriano: Well, hopefully we’ll live through until we leave the nebula, so I’ll probably be preparing a quick status report on the ion stor-


Rajel: Oh, I meant once we are back out of here, but go on, it’s always good to know what your intentions are on the job front. ::Smirking at Akoni.::


Soriano: Aha, oh ::Akoni leaned towards her knees and ducked her head, running her hand across the back of her neck while her cheeks tinted a slight red.:: Always ready for duty Captain ::She joked::. I’d like to spend some more time on the viewing deck. Watching the stars while listening to my Vulcan lyre songs usually gives me good peace of mind. ::Akoni inclined her head towards Jalana.:: What about you?


Rajel: I don’t know yet, other than relaxing and doing anything but reading stories about ghosts. ::she chuckled:: But if you are interested in music, maybe we could meet up and do something together. I’m playing the Trillian Flute and I’m sure it would sound nice together with the lyre.


Soriano: Really? I had no idea that you were interested in music instruments. What was it called? A Treel Floot?


Rajel: ::Chuckling:: Close. A Trillian Flute. It is an old traditional instrument on trill. A wooden air instrument, well breath more than air, I’ll have to blow it for tunes. ::grinning::


:: Akoni thought about all the instruments she’d seen in her lifetime, but when she tried to think of any that required breathing through it, her mind went blank.::


Soriano: Tunneling air to create vibrations and therefor music… that is quite wondrous! We must play together after this is all over!


Rajel: I would enjoy that. Of course only if you would like to, don’t feel obligated because I’m your captain or something. I prefer to be seen as an equal.


Soriano: Posh! I have no doubt that your musical talent is better than mine. I’ve been playing the lyre for 10 years, and I’m still on a beginners level.


Rajel: ::grinning:: Who knows, maybe it’ll catch on, just let me know when. ::She paused and clasped her hands. :: Well, I can imagine you have better things to do than sitting around here, chatting with me. At least while we are both on duty.


Soriano: oO Right… work…. Oo We should return.


Rajel: I really can’t wait to read that report on what happened down there in detail. I keep hearing bits and pieces, so I’m looking forward to the full picture.


Soriano: It ought to be quite interesting ::She agreed, feeling weary again.::


:: Jalana got up from the sofa, brushing over her skirt to bring it back in position. Akoni followed after her and swiped a few stray hairs back into the already-falling-apart bun.::


Rajel: Well then let’s head back out and get back to work. ::Walking towards the door she looked over her shoulder to Akoni.:: Oh and thank Tom from me for his help. ::She smiled and then headed back out to the bridge. ::



Ensign Akoni Soriano

Science Officer

USS Constitution-B





Captain Jalana Rajel

Commanding Officer

USS Constitution B

Image Team Facilitator


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