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Starfleet rescues passengers from hijacked starliner

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MENTHAR CORRIDOR — The starliner Charles Lindbergh, hijacked with its passengers held hostage, has been recovered by Starfleet with all passengers accounted.

The USS Tiger-A was ordered into radio silence to chase after the wayward transport vessel and sent security and rescue teams aboard the Lindbergh in an effort to capture colonial extremist and hijacking ringleader Gabriela Cariño and her associates before being alerted to the presence of explosives. The passengers of the Lindbergh were safely evacuated to Deep Space 10. Despite the heavy operation, the hijackers successfully escaped and remain at large.

“The hijackers have not made their intentions clear to us as of yet, but with their escape from capture, we are warning the general public that they may be armed and are highly dangerous,” said Starfleet Public Affairs officer Commander A.J. Ciaravolo in San Francisco.

Meanwhile, the USS Garuda and the USS Invicta were attacked by unidentified cloaked vessels. After working how to discover these vessels through their cloaks, Commander Roshanara Rahman sent a team to disable the ship from the inside. Though a small firefight ensued, the craft was captured without further incident. Charges are still to be laid with its crew facing interrogation.

After a successful mission, the crews of the Invicta Expedition have traveled to DSX for a well-deserved shore leave.

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