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Ensign Dag Sindri - It's never over.


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(( USS Conny - Main Engineering))
:: Success wasn't always the end. Just because you succeed at one thing didn’t mean the job was over, normally it just meant it was time to do something else just as urgent. ::
Hael: =/\= Other’n tha’ we be getting power back up. ain’ gonna be no smooth sailin’, but safe ‘nough to get us home. =/\=
Rajel: =/\= Great news. To get power back is fantastic =/\=
::The captain's voice over the comms suddenly reminded Dag that nobody was actually aware of what they had just achieved. He felt confident that it wasn’t his department but still a twinge of guilt ran through him.::
Hael: =/\= Nah, that there ain’ no problem, we done got the nasty lil’ bugger on off this ‘ere ship.::
Sindri: =/\= Roger That sir, readings are still clear across the board. =/\=
Rajel: =/\= Good grief, man, and you _just_ tell me that? You open with that! To have that thing off board is the most important part right now. How in all skies did you do that? =/\=
Hael:: =/\= Well’s it was a joint work. We isolated ‘ims frequency, and stuck kitty in a corner. =/\=
Sindri: =/\= Then threw it a donut! ::He giggled at the image of a huge space kitten leaping off the Constitution after a huge donut.:: =/\=
Rajel: =/\= You were eating donuts? =/\=
::[...]! Analogies only worked when you part of the conception.::
Sindri: =/\= Um.. More a virtual Donut,Sir. =/\=
Hael: =/\= Shieldin’ be on a differential rotatin’ frequency. It won’t be able to get back on, none. =/\=
Rajel: =/\= Oh, okay got it. And it'll stay off? =/\=
Hael: =/\= Unless what we done found be all wrong…. ::Pause:: Nah, it won’ be able to none.=/\=
Sindri: =/\= Definitely probably not sir. =/\=
Rajel: =/\= Good work. Let's hope it stays there, I'm not planning on taking it with us. Thank you Dag, Rustyy. I'll let you get to restoring the power. =/\=
Hael: Yepper’s boss lady. We be back to as full’uh power as we con be ‘ere fer you know’s it.=/\=
Sindri: =/\= We are looking real good on that front. A few more bugs that may need manual attention but otherwise we nearly back! =/\=
Hael: =/\= Hey’ya Diggity Dag! Got’s’a job fer ya. =/\=
Sindri: =/\= Of course you do. Thankfully I’m only really busy and I can squeeze in a bit more. ::sarcasm was mostly lost on Rustty but Dag had grown an affinity for the terran custom.:: =/\=
Hael: =/\= We be needin’ to get the warp drive check out completely, eh. Gotta make sure there ain’ nothin’ wrong with’r=/\=
Sindri: =/\= Oh Goody.. I haven't crawled through service tunnels or hung over railings for a few days now. ::Again.. Lost on him.:: =/\=
oO Suck it up Man… Breathe in… Hold….. Out. Oo
Sindri:: =/\= Ready when you are sir. =/\=
As simmed by:
Ensign Dag Sindri
Engineering officer
USS Constitution
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