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Col Nugra, Cptns Faranfey & Faranster - Selene's Decision

Dizmim ChNilmani

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(( Captain's Quarters, Deck 2, USS Doyle-A ))

:: After Cody left her Ready Room, to which she still hadn't gotten her command codes back, she looked over his whole file. The incident that he recounted was horrible, and she just asked more questions without showing a reaction to the answers. He probably saw her as callous, but that was just the exterior, the necessity of finding out what she needed to know. How similar were their circumstances? ::

:: The decision to take the time to reflect, didn't seem to work out for her. Until then she had made snap decisions, but this was the first time she was asked by the XO to start over, and it was also the first time she had to figure exactly what the chip on her shoulder regarding the XO position was. They had been thrust on her, by her overprotective brother, and so far, hadn't worked out. And now, with the note she received from the man... :: 

>> Captain Faranfey,
I trust this will find you in better health and a grounded mind. I took this assignment on behalf of Captain Faranster and Starfleet Command, not on your behalf. I enjoyed my brief time getting to know some of the crew, and now you and your crew are safe, I will be returning to Starfleet Command. It was an enlightening conversation. Make sure you pick who you want as your First Officer, and not pressured by either your brother or some outside party. As you had not requested me, but rather had me forced upon you, I have chosen to decline Faranster’s offer to take the office of executive first officer so you are free to choose who you’d like. I’ll be around on the starbase for a while, then arrange transportation back to Starbase 118. If you’d like to compare notes and swap stories, feel free to contact me. Perhaps we’ll grab lunch.
Commander David Cody<<

:: Now that she was coming to terms with him, or at least his personality. There was a whole big mess that happened while she was not officially in command of her ship regarding their prisoners, that someone would end up answering for. There was a nice human saying for that, about processed waste running downward. ::

:: But in the end, now she felt that she wanted him there as the XO, the decision was being pulled from her again. Probably to be replaced by yet another candidate of her brother's. As long as she was breathing, and had any say, that wasn't going to happen. Now that she had made the decision, and put the man through the ringer to make it, she would have to offer up more than just a job offer. ::

:: That was why she called Colonel Nugra, and her brother. ::

:: Nugra was still in a bit of shock when he got the summons to Captain Faranfey's quarters. Ndrassa was making herself comfortable in his quarters on the Doyle and her mentor, one of the younger dragon priests had also taken up an ajoining room. They both wore standard civilian clothing now and did not look any different than other gorns or species found on the starbase. Ringing the chime and entering was simple. He came to a quiet attention out of respect to the Antosian that was in there. ::

Nugra: Yes, Captain? 

Faranfey: I need something from you guys, that your connections might be able to get.

Nugra: Of course. What can I do for you, Ma’am? 

Faranster: You done being mad at me?

:: Selene stood up and walked in front of her brother, glaring up at him. He flinched slightly as her point set in that she hadn't yet forgiven him. ::

:: The Gorn noted the station's commanding officer who was also present and immediately felt as if he walked into a sibling war. Treading carefully was the best option at the moment. ::

Faranfey: Not yet. You need to stop picking my Executive Officers. You aren't the one who has to work with them, I am. :: She paused for a moment. ::

Faranster: I understand...

Faranfey: No, you don't. I have an unique background. I am no longer Sundassa, I haven't been for years, and all they get to know is this fabricated service record, and history, which don't explain me very well. They are put through the wringer, and they don't know why. They don't know why, because they haven't been read in, and they haven't been, because I don't ask for it. And you know why I don't ask for it?

:: The Gorn stepped a bit back to be on the sidelines (and out of the crosshairs) as the woman unloaded on her brother. He had seen this temper only once on Sundassa and that woman had nothing on Selene. ::

:: She looked between the two men in her living quarters. Her brother shook his head, but wisely decided to keep his mouth shut. ::

Faranfey: I don't ask for them to be read in, because I am too busy being mad that you played big brother to me, yet again, and ripped the decision from me that I don't get to know them or their service record enough to decide to.

Nugra: I’m sorry, but did something happen that I was not aware of? 

:: Nugra instantly regretted bringing those dark eyes to bear on him. ::

Faranfey: He quit... he quit because he knew it wasn't my decision to hire him. Yet another decision taken out of my hands.

Faranster: He didn't quit, he declined the offer.

Faranfey: The offer you gave him, the one that wasn't yours to give. :: Her voice raised as she expressed her irritation with her brother, while pacing away from him. :: I am so sick of decisions being made for me, that are mine to make. :: Before the argument could be made, she continued. :: I understand orders are orders, but these weren't Command's orders, these were you taking the liberty of choosing my staff. :: Stalking back towards him. :: You had the privilege to choose your own both as Commanding officer of a ship, and Commanding officer of the station, :: stopping in front of Shel again :: STOP doing it for the Doyle.

:: When the room got awkwardly quiet, she was pretty sure Nugra wondered why he was there for the berating of her brother. It wasn't something she had intended on doing in front of him, but her anger got the better of her after she read the note from Cody. ::

Faranfey: Between the two of you, I am sure you can get clearance for two people to be read in on the circumstances that brought me here.

Nugra: Admiral Greier has given me instructions when needed. 

Faranfey: Apparently I did myself no favors on our first day back, and am now having to undergo counseling. :: She said through clenched teeth. :: The joys of having Hunger related flashbacks while fevered. YAY me! :: Taking a deep breath. :: So, I need clearance for Ensign Michele Tonston, make sure you spell the name right... apparently there have been some mixups regarding another Tonston, and I don't want my files in the wrong hands.

Faranster: Alright, and the other?

Faranfey: Commander David Cody.

Nugra: Ma’am?

Faranfey: I made my decision, he might have declined Shel's offer, but I intend to give him one of my own. And, I need to be prepared to read him in, if he accepts.

Nugra: I’ll get the tentative clearance ASAP.

Faranfey: If he doesn't accept, then I don't read him in, and I get his clearance revoked. :: She shrugged. It was something that she had already decided. But she had to be prepared to be up front with Cody when she did. :: It's going to take you some time to get the clearance, so I'm actually assuming it will be done after the fact.

Nugra: I might know a few ways to expedite them. 

Faranfey: I might be able to do it myself, but I've already waited too long to talk to him, so I'm afraid I need to rely on you two.

Nugra: Captain, as I'm the leading classifier on the Hunger file, I can give you a letter authorizing you to speak under the necessity of command. It's a code black procedure so that classification does not jeopardize the ship and crew. It just requires you to be sure of the integrity of the person receiving the information. Would that work? 

Faranfey: Yes, thank you Colonel. :: To her brother. :: That means you don't have to do anything.

Faranster: Except get berated on...

:: Selene was still a bit angry at her brother, but now that she had a way to fix his intervention she was calming down a bit. ::

Faranfey: Pretty much.

Nugra: ::awkward:: Am I excused?

:: There was an almost panicked look on Shel's face, as she had been this composed in front of someone, what would she have done if the Colonel wasn't there. ::

Faranfey: I actually need to find the Commander, so this business is concluded. Thank you again Colonel.

:: The Gorn gave a stiff bow and quickly exited the room. Ndrassa could wait till later. ::

Colonel Nugra
Marine Commanding Officer
USS Doyle-A, NCC-80221-B
Podcast Team Facilitator
Deputy Commandant
Captain's Council Magistrate


PNPC Captain Shelther Faranster


Captain Selene Faranfey
Commanding Officer
USS Doyle-A, NCC-80221-A

Deputy Commandant, Starbase 118 Academy
Executive Council - Captain At Large
Writer ID: A239001SF0

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