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Captain Selene Faranfey - A Stress Test (Completed)

Alexander Bishop

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(( Captain's Quarters, Deck 2, USS Doyle-A ))
:: Selene was a bit groggy from the sedatives wearing off, again. They were unable to inject her with another dose for a few hours to prevent a possible overdose. Because she enjoyed having a clear mind, she didn't bother mentioning to anyone that her because her blood burned off infection and medications quicker, the likelihood of addiction was greater than overdose. ::
:: After she came out of her sedated stupor, she usually ended up in the bathroom. This time as she returned to her living room, she found Ensign Tonston waiting for her, with her brother leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. She still had a bone to pick with him, but she was working for a release from sedatives and a return to her command, one that would be obstructed by any further outburst. ::
Tonston:  How are you feeling?
:: She rolled her eyes at Shel as she took a seat on her sofa. So this was part of her mandatory counseling, being ambushed in her own quarters, while she was trying to relax. ::
Faranfey:  I am not sure what answer you are expecting.
Tonston:  Well you have been sedated for a while.  Why don’t you have something to drink?
Faranfey: I usually pour my own, thank you. 
:: She initially declined the juice, unsure what tactic they were trying here. Entering her quarters while she was in the bathroom, pouring her a drink knowing she was thirsty. They obviously wanted her to open up, and that made her suspicious of the liquid. ::
Faranster: Selene, just drink. You have to stay hydrated. :: He took the glass and took a sip, swallowing. :: See, no tricks. Now drink.
Faranfey: Alright, so why are you two here?
Tonston:  I am here for you.  The first day back on the Doyle you were exploding at everyone in the bridge.  I wanted to be here when you woke.
Faranfey: Have you looked at my chart? I was suffering an infection due to the conditions of that planet, I had significant blood loss, and we were suffering from lead and radiation poisoning, to varying degrees. :: Then she glanced up at her brother. :: Then, when the calvary came in my ship, some... :: she bit off the word :: someone else was calling themselves the Commanding Officer. Not acting Commanding Officer, mind you, but Commanding Officer. I just fought through hell for my crew, and in my condition I was hearing I had been replaced.
Faranster: It was properly done, Selene. He had my authorization to take command of the vessel, as we didn't know what had happened to the Sheffield or the crew. There needed to be an active command structure in the event things turned out differently.
Tonston: This...
Faranfey: I am very much in control of myself right now, but could you please have him removed for the duration of this conversation?
Tonston: Excellent idea. You need to go.
:: Shel pushed himself off the wall and threw up his hands in defeat. ::
Faranster: I understand, you need some time.
Tonston: Thank-you.
Faranster: Just call if you need me. :: With that, her brother exited her quarters, leaving her alone with the counselor. ::
Tonston: So about the comment...
:: She had been told once before about the statement she uttered on the bridge. The meaning of it, escaped anyone other than her. ::
Faranfey: Listen, I know what I said, but I don't know what I meant when I said "If you don't give me back my ship, we will surely perish. Only I know how to defeat them!" I was delusional with fever.
Tonston: But your statement was very clear and coherent.  Not the ramblings of a delusional person.
:: She took a sip of the juice from the cup her brother handed her. She didn't want to answer these questions, but she also wasn't permitted. Clearance needed to be given for certain answers. ::
Faranfey: It's great that you want to help, but if you look at my service record, you will find that you can't access more than half of it. This is because it's classified. Until you have access, I am not sure how much good you will be. I had a great childhood, my high school b'vira abandoned me for a joy ride so I joined Starfleet, had a great medical career, and fell in love again, and became a Starfleet Captain. We can go further in depth once you get those clearances.
Tonston: You can get me those clearances.  You are part if my responsibility.  I am not sure if I am comfortable allowing you back in command until I have the full picture.
Faranfey: My responsibility is to keep my ship and crew together and safe, I can't do that hiding in my quarters on sedatives. If in order to return to duty, I am being ordered to undergo counseling, then I will submit, get the clearance, and set-up the schedule. If I fail to show up, then I would expect to be removed from active duty again. If you would like, you can make sure someone keeps an eye on me until you are fully confident that I am meeting the expectations of this arrangement based on the trauma I have displayed.
Tonston: I want to to commit to seeing me at least once a day.  
::Selene looked over the counselor, internally baulking at the once a day requirement, but the woman looked serious. At the moment she had little choice. ::
Faranfey:  I suppose that's acceptable for the next week. Time isn't exactly plentiful for a Captain.
Tonston: I will decided when we can taper off.  This time is also outside of our regular 'Duty' Talk.  Deal?
:: Her eyes locked with the woman, who seemed to hold all the cards at the moment. Well that was provided she was able to get the security clearance. Not that she really doubted this much, as she was sure Command would want her to be as fit mentally as physically, and by now her outburst likely got back to ears of Admirals. ::
Faranfey: Fine. I'll make sure I have at least 30 minutes daily to talk about non-duty specific things. However, on duty time talks, I won't have time to talk about my inner feelings about what's going on and how it's affecting me.
:: She knew regardless, if something happened, the woman was going to go straight into counseling mode. It's what she was here for. But Selene was really good at compartmentalizing, and if she needed to react on something, she wouldn't have time to hash out her feelings. ::
Tonston: Apparently you do not need me here right now.  I will go to Captain Faranster and give him my clearance for you to return to duty.
:: She nodded, half tempted to throw in a message for her darling brother, but decided against it. She didn't want the counselor to change her mind on the deal and then Selene would have to go to counseling before she could return to duty. And the request for clearance could take some time. ::
Faranfey: Not that he won't stop babying me. :: She rolled her eyes before taking another drink, and continued drinking until the glass was empty. :: I hope you don't mind me not seeing you out, you know the way, and I need my rest.
:: With that the counselor left her quarters, leaving her in peace. She poured herself another drink and drained it too, dismissing the slightly off taste as her throat being a bit sore from the prolonged sedation. Then things got a bit weird and groggy for her, she could barely keep her eyes open and passed out on the couch. ::
Captain Selene Faranfey
Commanding Officer
USS Doyle-A, NCC-80221-A

Deputy Commandant, Starbase 118 Academy
Executive Council - Captain At Large

Writer ID: A239001SF0
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